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Google Workspace Backup Guide for G Suite Users

Aldrich Calvin | Modified: January 11, 2023|G Suite | 5 Minutes Reading

Want to make sure you have a local or backup copy of G Suite archives? Let us go through an array of options and backup mission-critical business emails, contacts, calendars, and documents. Find the best Google Workspace backup solutions in this article.

Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite), is a collaboration of tools on the cloud such as Gmail, Docs, Contacts, Calendars, etc. People who move to the cloud generally don’t ever go back to using a standalone email application. It is because of the seamless benefits that it provides.

Many users are bothered by the problem. How to backup a Google Workspace account? Although Google has a staggering record of managing data, it cannot save it from cyber attacks, hacking, and other cybercrimes. There is also the possibility of getting locked out of your own account.

Many Google apps accounts have critical business data that makes a backup of G Suite data extremely important.  We will discuss a number of approaches to take regular backups of G Suite emails.

Method 1: Backup Google Workspace Data with Forwarding of Emails

The easiest way to save Google apps data, although less secure than other methods, is to opt for forwarding of emails. The concept is to process and forward all the emails that come into your Google Workspace account to another email account. So, even if the G Suite account is compromised in some way, you will have all your emails on your other account.

Do note that only after you do this, will the emails start getting backed up in the other account. So, it won’t back up your previous Google Workspace emails. Also, it works only for incoming emails, not outgoing ones. Follow below mentioned steps to forwarding Google workspace emails.

  1. Open your Google Workspace email account.
  2. Click the Gear icon and go to Settings.
  3. Choose Filter and Blocked Addresses>> Create a new filter >> enter @ in ‘From’ >> Create filter.
  4. Tick Forward to and add forwarding address then click Create Filter.
  5. Proceed to finish the creation of filters.

Now, all the new incoming emails will automatically be processed and sent to the forwarding address. Thus, creating a backup of Google Workspace data in other email accounts.

Method 2:- Backup Google Workspace Data with G Suite Export Tool

  1. Sign in to Google Workspace admin profile.
  2. Go to Admin Console, then click the < button.
  3. Select Tools >>Data Export.
  4. Hit on the Start button to initiate the Google Workspace backup process.
  5. It will take up to 9 days for Google to process and provide you with a confirmation email. Open this email and hit the Access archive button.
  6. Now download the Google Workspace backup file of all users one by one.

Do note that this G Suite Export tool is not preferred by users due to the lack of any custom options. A user cannot stop the process, request for another backup in the next 30 days, and cannot back up only specific data types or data items, plus it takes a lot of time to complete. Only one export format is available that cannot be changed.

Method 3: Google Workspace Data Backup with Google Workspace Backup Tool

With this professional SysTools G Suite backup tool, it is possible to backup Google Workspace email into the local machine. It is capable enough to add G Suite emails to Outlook file formats. Further, it can backup not only emails. Also contacts, calendars, and documents from your Google workspace account.

Google Workspace backup tool can also be considered as a one-time backup tool with its flexibility to export data onto the local machine.It provides filters, data category selection, and multiple other options not available in the one-time backup methods.

It provides the option to save multiple Google Workspace accounts (domain) at once. It has a boatload of features that make it a handy backup tool for both beginners and professionals. Free download this tool on your PC and follow the tool steps mentioned in the next section.

Simple Steps to Backup Google Workspace Emails:

1. Download and Run Google Workspace Backup Tool.

2. Select “G Suite“ & “Outlook”.

3. Choose the backup category: Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Docs.


4. Enter your Google admin id and other details (that you will get during prerequisites).


5. Select the path where the software will save the backup file.

email id

6. Click on “Fetch Users” to fetch the list of user accounts from your domain and only select those accounts that you wish to backup.


7. Click “Start” to start the process.


8. Once the process finishes, you can download the report for future purposes.



It is clear that there are various methods to save your Google Workspace data. Some can backup only emails, while others save contacts, calendars, and documents as well. Users can choose the method as per the preference of location to save data such as Google Workspace backup to download G Suite emails to the local system.