Add G Suite to Outlook with Top 3 Methods

Aldrich Calvin | Last Modified: October 8th, 2021 | G Suite

Ever since the cloud was introduced, a large number of users and sectors have flocked from local applications to cloud services. Even the management of emails can be done on the cloud with platforms such as G Suite and Office 365. However, there has been an increase in queries regarding the connection between Google G Suite and Microsoft Outlook. This connection allows a user to work with the G Suite data in Microsoft Outlook email application. So, here we will explore how to add G Suite email to Outlook depending on the user requirements.

Basically, one of the apps of MS Office Suite is Outlook, which is a well-known email client. The special thing about Outlook is that we can access it offline! Even without an Internet connection, we can analyze data, read messages, and access them.

Most companies plan to use MS Outlook, for example for commercial purposes, email sharing, etc. As a result, Outlook has become a milestone in achieving this goal. Now the question is how to add the emails of G Suite to Outlook?

Methods to Manually Add G Suite Email to Outlook

There are several methods to take care of this task. For a better understanding of what method to use for adding G Suite email to Outlook, read below:

  1. Manual Method I: To add G Suite account in Outlook to be able to work on both Gmail and Outlook, one can use the first method. It configures the account in the Outlook app and lets you synchronize the data between them.
  2. Manual Method II: For users who have exported the G suite data via Takeout and wish to add this email data in Outlook, the second method is the best.
  3. Advance Method: This is applicable for users who wish to export the G Suite data and access it in Outlook. This method is also the suggested way for backup up of G Suite emails.

Now, its clear what situations these three solutions solve, so let us move on with the methods in detail.

Method 1. Add G Suite Mail in Outlook

Install and run Outlook

Do the following to set up your Outlook account with a G Suite account:

1. Fire up Outlook, click “Tools >>”, then “Account Settings

2. In the Email tab, select New

3. To choose an e-mail service, select the following: IMAP >> Next.

4. Enter your data: name, email ID, password.


For the Gmail ID: enter @

For the G Suite ID:

5. Check the box “Manually configure server settings or other types of servers” >> Internet E-mail

6. In “Settings“: enter your name, e-mail address

7. Select “IMAP” from the “Account type” section.

  • Incoming server name:
  • Outgoing server name (SMTP):

8. Provide your full Gmail address in the Username field.

9. Click on “Next“.

10. Go to Tools >> Select Options >> Select Mail Settings.

11. Internal e-mail account >> Click on E-mail account.

12. Select the account you wish to create >> click “Edit

13. Press More Settings >> Advanced Tab

  • Incoming server-993, with SSL/TLS encryption.
  • Outgoing Server-465 with SSL/TLS encryption.

save the settings

14. Now select the Outgoing Server tab, select “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” and select “Use the same settings as my incoming mail server”

authenticate SMTP

15. Press OK >> Next >> End >> Close >> OK

test account settings

After completing the above configuration, you can easily access added G Suite email to Outlook.

If the solution is NOT working, try to Enable less secure app or generate and use password for Outlook in the G Suite Mail authentication menu.

Method 2 Use Google Takeaway

Google Takeout helps move data out of G Suite. It’s simple to run and the interface is straightforward, so any user can run it.

Note: Outlook cannot read MBOX files created by Google Takeout. We need other third-party applications to import MBOX files into Outlook. If you haven’t already used Takeout, choose from other methods to add G Suite email to Outlook.

Users must follow this procedure to use this utility:

  1. Log in to your G Suite account.
  2. Go to My Account >> Select Personal Information and Security >> Select Create Archive
  3. Select the data items to be included in the G Suite archive file >> Click Next
  4. Select the file type (.zip) and the maximum archive size
  5. Select the option to send the download link by e-mail >> click on Create Archive
  6. Once the archive is complete, download and unzip the Zip file

google takeout

Disadvantages of the manual method

  • The manual method is free, but not easy. These also have some disadvantages. Perform manual methods carefully in a sequential manner, otherwise, serious failure may occur.
  • Manual methods take a long time. It is not that easy to move the data as the synchronization is a time-consuming process.
  • When performing manual steps, there is always the possibility of data corruption.

Advanced Solution: Easily Add G Suite Email to Outlook

Note: The previous method allows synchronization of G Suite account to Outlook. But this solution moves G Suite mailbox items to Outlook by directly converting them into PST files.

As an alternative and better solution for G Suite email and data migration, users can use G Suite backup tool. It is a safe, reliable, and fast solution for instant data backup. The software contains multiple formats for backing up emails, such as MBOX, PST, EML, and MSG. What you require to access the emails in Outlook is to export the messages in the PST file format.

Or you can opt for the new and improved tool recommended in the Google Workspace Backup GuideSysTools Backup & Restore. It is the best way to import G Suite emails to Outlook by converting all the added G Suite user accounts’ mailbox to PST file(s). It provides date-filters, category selection, delta backup, and many other features for easy admin use. Download it here –

Free Download
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As a recommendation, use the free version of the tool before using the full version.

1. Install the software, select G Suite and choose the category that you want to move to Outlook.

select g suite


2. Regardless of whether you wish to move one or more accounts, enter the G Suite admin creds and other information. (Refer to the Guide provided on the main website).

provide creds


3. Choose the path where you want to save the PST files after conversion.

provide pst path


4. Add the list of users that you want to move to Outlook, and validate them in the next window.

add users

5. Click “Start backup >> Start” for successful export.

start converting g suite to pst


6. Import the PST file into MS Outlook 2019/16/13/10/07/03.


This method doesn’t add G Suite to Outlook but actually transfer Google emails to Outlook for offline access.

 Bottom line

After a thorough analysis, we knew the various ways to add G Suite email to Outlook. The manual method is useful and automatic solutions are also discussed here. Users can mainly search for manual solutions, but if the amount of data to migrate is high, they can choose a risk-free automated solution. Also, go through the situation in which the given methods are more beneficial and practical to use.

Can I add G Suite to Outlook?

Yes, you can easily add G Suite to Outlook and access all its emails on the desktop email client.

Can I access the data indefinitely after adding the account?

Yes, the mailbox can be accessed for as long as you desire. There are methods that can work as One-time access as well as regular-access of G suite account in Outlook.