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How to Export Outlook Address Book to VCF? – Guide

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Summary: If you are looking for ways to export Outlook address book to VCF format, then you have landed at the right place. In this write-up, we will provide you methods to achieve your tasks.

MS Outlook is a popular email client which happens to be one of the user’s primary choices. The address book of Outlook contains the information to communicate with them or some personal data. A VCF (Virtual Contact File) is an electronic business card that you can conveniently use to share the address book from your Outlook account.

Let’s straight dive into the practices that you can adopt to create a VCF file from the address book.

How Can You Export Outlook Address Book to VCF Format?

In the subsequent section, you will learn about-

1. The method is chosen by the professionals
2. The manual method

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Smart Solution

The Pcvita Outlook to vCard converter tool is the perfect solution to this query. This is the most preferred way of the consumers because it is an effective strategy and the results can be achieved in minimal time. The software recommended here helps you export even the corrupted source file. If you have an orphaned PST file, you can export them as well. It supports password-protected files too.

In case you have an address book that you had formerly deleted, with the help of this software, you can very easily convert it into the VCF file.

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Steps for Exporting Outlook Address Book to VCF:

1: Download the tool and add the PST file you want to export


: Now, the software will scan the PST file for any damage and will provide the details of the files for you to view.


: After this, choose the vCard file format and provide a location to save the file.


: Lastly, hit the Export button for the process to begin.


The VCF file has been successfully created. You can use these online business cards for various purposes like sharing them with other accounts or other email applications. For example, you can import contacts from Outlook to eM Client or import Outlook contacts to G Suite.

Manually Export Outlook Address Book to VCF

The same task can be achieved manually as well. But there are certain limitations to it. If the user has multiple address book files, then to export them all, they will need to perform the entire process for each file. That’s the reason why most people and organizations go for software as they are worthy of their time and much more convenient.

To export Outlook address book to VCF, follow thee steps:

1: Launch Outlook application and select File>> Open & Export
2: Choose Import/Export and then choose to Export to a File
3: Hit the Next button and choose the CSV file format>> Next
4: Now, choose the folder containing contacts and click on Next
5: Search for a location to save this CSV file & map the custom fields

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in this blog, we discussed ways to export Outlook address book to VCF. The manual practice would require you a sound technical knowledge of Outlook and its working. As it requires a lot of steps to be followed, the chances of errors increases. On the other hand, the tool is a wise choice as it provides various features. Considering the fact that an address book contains lots of details, the software preserves them throughout the procedure. Users can also use the free demo version of the utility to test efficiently export Outlook contact book to VCF.