A Simple Way to Copy Text from Secured PDF File

Anuraag Singh | February 16th, 2019 | PDF Updates, Updates

There are certain PDF documents like credit cards, bank statements, phone bills, journals, e-books, magazines which are not only password protected but also locked for any modifications. But, at times a user wants to copy and paste the text from these protected PDF files to MS Word. But, due to restrictions present on these document users can’t copy from PDF. Therefore, to resolve users problem here we have discussed the best solution which could help them to copy text from secured PDF file to Office Word. But, before moving towards the solution let’s discuss different types of PDF protection.

2 Different Types of PDF Security

Basically, there are two different ways to secure PDF files. One is by adding user level password and the other one is by applying owner level password. To know more about these passwords continue reading the blog:

User Level Password:

It is also known as document open password. Basically, it is added to restrict someone from opening PDF files until and unless the appropriate password is supplied. Without entering the correct password the user cannot open, copy, print or edit the PDF document.

Owner Level Password:

It is also known as the Master Password. This type of password security is mainly used when a user wants to apply restrictions on the PDF document. Let us understand it more clearly by an example.

“If you don’t want to allow someone to copy text from PDF document or if you don’t want to allow PDF data extraction. Then, in such cases you can apply copying restrictions to the PDF document. Once the restrictions are applied to the PDF document other users cannot copy data from locked PDF document.”

From the below screenshot you can easily see that the PDFfile has content copying restrictions. Along with this, other types of security is also added to a PDF file.

Why Users Want to Copy Text from Secured PDF to Office Word

“I received some files from CA & from these documents I decided to save some important data. But, later I have found that I was unable to copy text from protected PDF file. Though I tried several tools none of them could help to perform the process successfully. I would be grateful if someone suggests me a good technique to copy text from secured PDF to Office Word. Thanks in Advance.”

“Can anyone tell me why I can’t I use the Select Text Tool to copy data from PDF document? I need to copy some important data from PDF files but, it does not give me respective permissions. So, please suggest any simple solution for it.”

Best Solution for Copying Text from Secured PDF File to Office Word

In order to copy data from locked PDF files, it is suggested to remove security from PDF document first. For this, you can use the professional Adobe PDF Unlocker Application by SysTools. This software not only allows the user to remove PDF restrictions but also remove password security from PDF files. If the file is password secured then, in the beginning, the user has to enter it & after that tool will unrestrict PDF file. Once the file gets unsecured, it won’t ask you to enter the password while opening. Moreover, it is also available for Mac users to unlock PDF file on Mac Operating Systems.

However, when the PDF gets unsecured users can easily copy text from secured PDF file to Office Word. Also, along with copying permissions user can also enable printing, signing, commenting permissions. To know the complete working of the tool read the below section.

How Tool Helps to Copy Text from Locked PDF File

There are many times when the user wants to copy text from secured PDF file to Office Word, but due to restrictions, they are unable to do that. Thus, to remove copy restrictions from PDF document follow these simple steps:

1- Download and install the software

2- Add PDF file which you want to copy content

3- View restrictions on PDF file in ‘Before’ & ‘After’ column

4- Click Unlock PDF button

Now, the file gets unrestricted and the user can easily copy text from secured PDF file to Office Word.

The Bottom Line

The feature to add security in PDF documents is a great way to keep personal information safe from prying eyes. Especially when you want to control who is and who isn’t permitted to see the contents of a file. But on the contrary, what do you do if you want to remove the security so that file can be easily copied, printed, edited. So, in such circumstances, it is suggested to use a third party tool which could help you to remove these kinds of restrictions. For that, we have described the best solution which could help you to remove PDF restrictions. However, once you have removed the PDF security you can easily copy text from secured PDF file to Office Word. This software is the perfect solution to copy data from locked PDF file.