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How to Remove PDF Restrictions Without Password

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Published On August 31st, 2022
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Remove PDF Restrictions Without Password

Are you looking for a solution that can remove PDF restrictions without password? Do not know how to take a printout of a protected .pdf file without using any password? Then, do not worry anymore! In this technical post, we are going to show a method that enables users to eliminate all the protections from an Adobe PDF without any problem.

If you are searching for the same, then this write-up is just for you.

As we know, PDF (short for Portable Document Format) is one of the best formats to save an electronic document. And, share .pdf file across the different platforms by keeping their content and formatting intact. Due to this characteristic, people use PDF files over other file types such as .doc, and .odt. Additionally, the PDF file can be easily secured by Owner-Level security.

In such a situation when the file is owner-locked, the user becomes unable to print, copy and edit the .pdf document. Hence, the original password is required to remove PDF restrictions without password. So, there are many users who want to eliminate all the restrictions applied to a PDF file without using a password. Thus, after considering this situation, in this post, we will illustrate a relevant solution through which users can smoothly remove document restrictions from PDF files without passwords.

Well, first, let’s have a brief idea about a real-life situation to understand the need to eliminate restrictions from a document.

User Query

“Hello everyone, I am a college professor and often used online study material for teaching purposes. Most of the documents that I have found are in PDF extensions. But, whenever I try to take a printout of that file, it does not print due to owner-level security. Due to this, I need to again type the whole content on a new word file which again leads to a time-consuming task. I would like to know that is there any way that can remove PDF restrictions easily.”

Now, let’s have a look at the technique that can unlock a secured PDF without any hassle.

Expert Way to Remove PDF Restrictions Without Password

A user can use Adobe Acrobat software in order to remove the security from PDF files. But, it requires a fully licensed version of Acrobat. And, it is not worth purchasing such an expensive utility to just remove document restrictions from Adobe PDF files. However, Adobe also requires the password to change the permissions. So, it is better to go with a cost-effective and efficient automated tool named Adobe PDF Unlocker.

For Windows: 

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For Mac: 

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The Adobe PDF Restriction Remover tool can easily crack the owner-level password security without any hassle. Also, you can unlock PDF for printing, copying, editing, and extracting the information from a portable document file. This software is beneficial for those users who want to remove document restrictions from PDF without a password. Also, the tool has a straightforward and self-guided user interface to make the entire process facile. Apart from this, the tool possesses various highlighted features:

  • Able to crack the password of multiple PDF files.
  • Capable to eliminate document assembly restrictions.
  • Successfully erase Comment and Signature restrictions.
  • Allows PDF page extraction, form filling, printing, etc.
  • Do not require the assistance of Adobe Acrobat software.
  • Available for Windows as well as Mac platforms.

Steps to Remove PDF Restrictions Without Password

1. Download the tool and install it on the Windows system.

remove pdf restrictions without password
2. Now, click on Add Files / Add Folder button to upload the owner-locked PDF documents.

remove pdf restrictions without password

3. Click on the Save button &  hit the Change button for providing a location under the Select Destination section for the resultant unlocked file.

remove pdf restrictions without password

4. A user can select an existing folder in order to save unrestricted .pdf files. Otherwise, with the help of the Make New Folder option, a user can create a new folder and save the file in it.

remove pdf restrictions without password

6. Once the process gets completed, you can see a pop message will be displayed.

remove pdf restrictions without password

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have discussed a relevant approach for both Windows and Mac PDF Unlocker, that can easily remove PDF restrictions without password. It is a proficient tool that can remove any type of permission from a Portable Document Format file in a matter of minutes. If a user does not want to waste their money and valuable time, then it is advised to show their trust in the PDF Cracker tool. It is an advanced utility to remove document restrictions from Adobe PDF without any data loss.


If you want to perform other PDF operations also along with unlocking PDF files. Then, instead of buying individual software, you can switch to the PDF Toolkit for doing various operations on PDF files at a minimal cost.

remove pdf restrictions without password

Additional Features Provided by ToolKit

  • PDF Recovery:– Repair and Recover corrupted PDF files and save them into a new file.
  • Split and Merge PDF:- Software to split and combine PDF files simultaneously.
  • PDF Toolbox:– Provides options to compress, extract, and convert PDF files.
  • Watermark PDF:- Add watermark to Protected PDF files in bulk.
  • PDF Form Filler:- Tool to fill, edit, and clear PDF forms.

Note: If you buy these products individually the cost would be approx $102 but the price of this all-in-one toolkit is only $49.