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How Do I Unlock a PDF File on A Mac PC – A Complete Guide

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Published On August 30th, 2022
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How Do I Unlock a PDF File on A Mac PC

PDF stands for Portable Document File format. This file format was introduced to ease the sharing of important documents between computers and across operating system platforms. This PDF file format allows the user to exchange important documents reliably, independent of the software, hardware, or operating system. The PDF file can also be used to store confidential data. The best way to secure your confidential information is to add password protection. But sometimes the user search queries like- how do I unlock a PDF file on a Mac PC? So that the document can be easily viewed by everyone.

“Hello everyone! I am using a mac book air computer. Yesterday someone has sent me a password-protected PDF file. Every time I have to enter the password just to open this file. Can anyone tell me how to unlock a secured PDF file in the Mac system? Is there any appropriate solution to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance!”

Instant Solution: PDF Restrictions Remover for Mac is the best solution to unlock a PDF file on Mac OS. This tool can remove restrictions from multiple PDF files efficiently.

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Types of Password Restrictions

1. User level – This allows preventing people from copying, editing, and printing a PDF document. No password is required to view the file

2. Owner Level – It requires a user’s password to unlock the PDF document. This allows editing, copying text and images, and printing password-protected PDF documents. PDF file owner has the power to restrict others to view or copy the content of a PDF file.

Why Does The user want to Remove Password Restrictions from PDF documents?

1. If the user wants to view the PDF documents encrypted with passwords. For this, The user has to enter the password of the PDF file every time. In such situations, users want to remove the password restrictions to save themselves from inconvenience.

2. Due to security users are unable to copy text from secured PDF document. So copying the content manually is a time-consuming process. So the need to know how do I unlock a PDF file on a Mac machine arises.

Know-How to Unlock a locked PDF on Mac System Manually Using Preview

The user can remove the password from the PDF file manually by using the Preview. For this, the user has to follow the given instructions.

  1. Just right-click on the PDF file you want to unlock.
  2. Choose “Open with” Followed by “Preview”.
  3. Now the user has to type the password and press enter.
  4. Once the file is opened. Now click on the File menu followed by Save.
  5. Provide the location to Save the password-protected PDF file.
  6. Make sure to uncheck the encrypt option before saving the PDF document.
  7. Now just click on the Save button for the PDF file.

Limitations of Manual Method Unlock a PDF File on a Mac System

The above-discussed manual method to know how to unlock a secured PDF file Mac PC has some major limitations like it requires strong technical skills to perform this process. Also if the user wants to remove password restrictions from bulk PDF files at a time then in such situations this method get fails. Also, it will be a time-consuming process for the user to process each file. Therefore, in such cases, the user can take the help of an expert solution.

Expert Solution to Resolve How do I Unlock a PDF File on a Mac Issue

To overcome the limitations of the Manual method the user can take the help of the PDF File Password Remover Tool. This software gives the option to remove password restrictions from multiple PDF files. By using this utility the user can remove the Owner and known user-level password security easily. Adobe Acrobat is not required to remove the password restriction. This software is compatible with Mac OS 10.8 and above versions.

Read More: If you want to remove Document Restrictions From PDF Without Password using the windows version.

Follow The Mentioned Steps to Know How to Unlock a Locked PDF on Mac Computer

1. In the beginning, Download and Install Software on Mac PC.

how do I unlock a PDF file on a mac
2. Now click on Add file or Add folders button to add the PDF files.

how do I unlock a PDF file on a mac
3. After adding the PDF files and the user has to enter the password and click on Next.

how do I unlock a PDF file on a mac

4. Finally, click on the Unlock button to remove the Password restrictions.

how do I unlock a PDF file on a mac

Summing Up

Considering the issue faced by many users “How do I Unlock a PDF File on a Mac System? We have given the solution to this problem with the help of manual and automated solutions. But the manual method has some limitations. Therefore, to avoid all limitations the user can take the help of an automated solution to unlock a locked PDF file on Mac OS X.