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Know How to Enable PDF Printing- Unlock PDF For Printing

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Published On January 25th, 2024
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Wondering how come PDF print disabled? One can add certain restrictions to secure the PDF document. Sometimes, the creator of the PDF file adds print restrictions that disallow the other users from printing the document. In some scenarios, it becomes a really challenging task for the user to enable PDF printing or unlock PDF for printing. Thus, to make it simple for the users, we have discussed two different scenarios along with the suitable solutions which will help users to print protected PDF files.

PDF Print Disabled in Adobe Acrobat or Google Chrome- Here’s Why

One of the major reasons why the user is not able to print a PDF document using different platforms such as Adobe Acrobat or Google Chrome can be “Print Restriction”. When the print restriction is applied to the PDF file the print option becomes disabled or greyed out.

Therefore, in this case, it is necessary to remove document restrictions from PDF.

Now, The Question Crops Up:

How to Enable PDF Printing in Protected PDF

In this section, we are going to discuss solutions according to two different scenarios. The user can opt for the solution as per the situation he/she is facing.

Case 1: Permission Password is Known by the User

If the user knows the permission password associated with PDF document then he/she can follow the method explained below. With this method, one can easily enable printing in the password-protected PDF documents by entering the permission password. Now, follow these steps:

Note: Firstly, download the trial version of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

1. Open the password-protected PDF file using Adobe Acrobat.
2. Now, you need to click on File > Properties.
3. A Document Properties dialogue box will appear. Here, you need to click on the Security tab and then select the ‘No Security’ option by clicking on the drop-down button next to the Security Method field.
4. Next, you have to enter the password to enable PDF printing and click on the OK button.
5. You will be asked if you want to remove the security from the document, click on the OK button.
6. To save the PDF document with all the changes, press Ctrl+S and print the document without issue.

Case 2: How to Unlock PDF For Printing When Permission Password is Unknown

“Recently, my Manager asked to print PDF file containing confidential information. When I opened the PDF file, I saw that the PDF print function disabled. Then I got to know that the print restrictions are associated with the PDF file. I have to submit the printed PDF file to my Manager as soon as possible. Please tell me how to enable PDF printing for free .

Sometimes, the user is not aware of the print restrictions associated with the PDF file. Moreover, the password is applied to the PDF file to protect it. In such a situation, the user has to rely on PDF Password Unlocker Tool. With this utility, a user can easily enable printing in password-protected PDF documents even if the permission is known by the user.

However, with the demo version of the software a user can enable PDF printing option from the first 5  PDF documents. But, for bulk process orders the business or enterprise license of the software.

Along with this, it can also remove copying, editing, printing, form filling, and page extraction restrictions. One can also remove the comment restriction and document assembly restriction from the PDF files. Additionally, the user can also eliminate the signature restrictions via the software.

Another advantageous feature offered by the software is that it allows users to print locked PDF documents. Its Print option helps in printing protected PDF files directly from the tool itself. Moreover, the software also provides the option to retain the original PDF password in the resultant PDF.

Simple Steps to Print Protected PDF Document

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1. Download & open the software to enable PDF printing free.

2. Select the PDF file on which you want to enable the print function.

add pdf files

3. Choose a Print option (as per the need).

4. Now, click on the Change button to select the location to save the unlocked file.


5. Finally, you have to click on the Unlock button to enable the print function in PDF documents.

unlock button

6- Finally, the software will display the process completion message.

completion message

Now, you can see that you have successfully enabled printing in the password-protected PDF documents.

Note: This software is also available for Mac users. So, use the Mac version of the tool also to unlock PDF file on Mac for printing, copying, editing, etc.

Important Point: This software discussed here also comes within a toolkit of 6 PDF tools of $49. This PDF Toolkit contains several utilities that help users to split/merge PDF, recover PDF, extract PDF data, fill up the form, and watermark PDF. Also, there is another PDF toolkit containing 10 PDF tools for easy PDF file organization.

Finally, Users Can Print Protected PDF Files


In this blog, we explained the best two methods on how to print a locked PDF using Adobe Acrobat and the PDF. Sometimes, the user is not able to print locked PDF files due to print restrictions associated with the file. To carry out the print task, it becomes important for the user to eliminate the restrictions. Thus, in this blog, we have introduced two different solutions that will let you know how to enable PDF printing. The user can opt for any of the solutions according to the requirements and situation.