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Opt For Excel to vCard Converter Tool For Windows & Mac OS

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Published On October 20th, 2023
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Are you having trouble converting your Excel workbook? Want to convert an Excel spreadsheet to vCard? To overcome these problems, we have come up with professional tools. MS Excel to vCard Converter Software is a simple software that helps users export Excel workbooks to vCard format. It changes all the contact details, like name, phone number, email address, location, and many more. Don’t cross any lines. This software supports multiple platforms, like Android and iPhone.

Microsoft Excel is the most widely used program by professionals and students. It is known for its user-friendly features. Many people like to keep important information, such as their contacts, in an Excel spreadsheet to keep a good copy of their contacts and other information. However, sometimes users need to import Excel contacts into Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Yahoo, etc. Most of the users who have been using Excel workbooks for a long time to store contacts and information now import all their contacts and other information into a vCard file.

Why Users Need to Export Excel File to vCard Format?

While MS Excel is commonly used to store and manage large amounts of data, storing contacts in Excel workbooks has been an old trend. A single Excel file can hold multiple contacts, but you cannot share them individually via email or other media. If we talk about a vCard file, it can easily store individual contacts in a standard format that can be easily shared or transferred between computers and networks. Since vCard files are so widely supported by numerous devices, online and offline email clients, and all popular platforms, vCard files have replaced Excel workbooks for storing contacts.

Excel to vCard Converter Software to Save Excel File to VCF

XLSX to VCF Converter Software is an advanced tool to convert Excel spreadsheets to vCard format. This application supports multiple Excel file formats (.xlsx, .xls, .xlsm, .xltx, .xltm, .xlt, .xlam, .xla) and converts them to vCard/ VCF files. The application ensures data integrity during conversion.

It has many unique features and provides an easy-to-use interface, so you can efficiently export Excel contact files to vCard/VCF format without any technical knowledge. Moreover, the software is designed so that anyone can use it without any difficulty. Therefore, you don’t need any high-level technical knowledge to handle these operations. Using it, you can directly add bulk Excel contacts to VCF.

Steps to Export Excel Contacts to vCard

Follow the quick steps below to convert multiple Excel files to vCard:

  • Download and Run XLSX to VCF Converter Application
  • Press the Browse button to select the MS Excel spreadsheet file

Browse Excel file in Excel to vCard converter

  • The software will then display the following screen. Choose the appropriate MS Excel contacts file and click Open.

Select MS excel files

  • After that, the software allows you to preview the entire content of the selected Excel XLSX file.

Preview all Excel files

  • Select Excel Fields on the left side of the screen.

Select Excel fields

  • Then click Add after matching the fields. The tool will now display a list of matching properties. After that, click Next.

map attributes

  • After that, Apply the setting if you want Check this box to allow the import of blank email addresses.
  • You can choose to merge all your MS Excel contacts into a single vCard file. By default, the software creates a separate VCF file for each contact.

Select apply vCard settings

  • Then specify the location to save the resulting file. Click the Change button.

save the location

  • After that, Pick the “ConvertOption to start the conversion process.

complete the conversion task

  • The file has been converted, click Yes to view it.

completed conversion process to convert Excel to vCard converter

Why Choose Desktop Converters Over Excel to vCard Converter Online Free

There are many pitfalls of the Excel to vCard converter online, which can lead users to frustration, data leaks, and harm their online privacy. Here are some drawbacks to online converter tools:

  • Excel file online converters always require an Internet Connection to convert Excel data and contacts.
  • When you convert Excel to vCard using free online tools, you simply forget that your Private Contact Information is exposed.
  • There are Restrictions on the size of Excel files that users want to convert using these online Excel to vCard tools because they do not support large Excel files.
  • Excel to vCard online free tool just provides Limited Functions to customize and manage complex data.

Benefits of Using Desktop Excel to vCard Converter

  • Safe Tool for XLS to VCF Conversion: Despite all these features, the software does not cause any damage to any files. All files will remain safe and accessible after conversion. It can convert XLSX to vCard format to keep the data in files secure. So you can access your converted files on any system.
  • Dual Mode Available for Conversion: This software offers two file conversion modes: standard and advanced. In the standard conversion mode, the entire Excel file will be selected and converted to the required format. However, if you only want to convert a few selected columns, you can choose the advanced mode. You can use what you want.
  • Infinite Sizes: Perfectly distinguish Excel files from any filling. Double sheets of Excel can be exported simultaneously to save nicely.
  • Download Demo Version: In this free version, you can export the first 10 connection lines to a VCF file. To remove the restriction, you must purchase an updated version of the software.
  • Compatible With All MS Excel Files: The software supports multiple Excel formats (.xlsx, .xls, .xlsm, .xlsb, .xltx, .xltm, .xlt, .xlam, .xla). It is good to convert Excel files without destroying the resulting data. Moreover, this software converts Excel files into vCard, CSV, and TXT formats.
  • Works on All Versions of Windows & Mac: This tool is capable of working with the latest versions of Mac OS X, including Mac OS X 10.8 and all versions above. Also, you can use this software on Windows OS versions 11, 10, 8, and 7. In addition, the user interface is very simple and easy to navigate. You can use this software without instructions.


In the above blog, we have mentioned all the details about the MS Excel to vCard Converter. Whenever users want to convert multiple Excel files to vCard memory, they can use this program. Users will get all the information about the software so that they can use the device easily. That’s why we also offer you automated technology to make these changes without problems or with a few clicks.


Q.1. What is the best Excel to vCard tool?

A.1. Desktop converter tools are the best choice to convert Excel files to vCard, as they provide advanced features and bulk conversion of files to vCard without any Internet connection.

Q.2. Is there any manual method to convert Excel files to vCard?

A.2. Yes, follow the steps to manually convert Excel to vCard:

Step-1. Open the Excel file in Excel and save the file as CSV.

Step-2. Press the Windows button and search for contacts in search bar.

Step-3. Then click import option and select the CSV file.

Step-4. At last, click finish to convert Excel CSV to vCard.

Q.3. How do I safely convert Excel to vCard for free?

A.3. To safely convert Excel files, use the mentioned tool. This tool also provides a free demo to convert Excel files to vCard.