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VBA Password Remover to Remove VBA Project Password Easily

Jaspreet Singh | Modified: December 9, 2022|Password Remover | 4 Minutes Reading

Are you here searching for the most reliable software to remove VBA password? If yes? Then there is no need to puzzle. We are here with the best VBA password remover software recommended by experts to remove passwords from the VBA project. In this article, we have mentioned the software and the top key features and software working. So, stay tuned till the end of this blog.

VBA Password Remover Software

Here we have the best software to break the VBA password named VBA Password Remover Software. This software is having a simple interface, user-friendly and safe, and secure to use. Hence, this software is also reviewed by our technical experts who are having great knowledge about the tech for 15 years. And they simply said that this software is worth using.

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In the next paragraph, you will find out some more advantages of this software and what makes this software unique from other applications available in the market.

What Makes VBA Password Remover Different From Other Applications

  • This software removes VBA passwords from PowerPoint, Word, MS Access, and Excel.
  • Can easily break the VBA password of single and multiple VBA files.
  • This software has a very good feature to delete the old password and generate a new password automatically.
  • The complete progress report is also provided by this software.
  • It also allows for the removal of the password of multiple languages and of any length.
  • This software can easily perform with Windows OS and MS Office.

The above are some of the prominent features of the VBA password remover. In the below section, we will give detailed knowledge about the software features. So, stay tuned.

VBA Password Remover Features Explained in Detail Manner

  • Remove Forgotten VBA Password

While using the VBA password breaker users can easily remove the VBA password from the VBA projects and files. In a scenario, if you have forgotten your VBA project password then this software is perfect to solve this query.

  • Automatically New Password Generation

This is the best prominent feature available in this tool to remove the old password and generate a new password automatically. This feature helps the user to fix the query easily without wasting any time.

  • Any Length and Type of Password Removed

This good feature helps to remove passwords of any length whether it is small or large and of any type easily. Also, this software is capable to remove the VBA password from Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.

  • Remove VBA Password in Multilingual

This feature is designed with the recommendation of tech experts because this feature helps to remove XLSM VBA password of multiple languages, alphabets, and symbols securely.

  • Remove Password from VBA Macro

VBA password unlocker helps in removing visual basic macro passwords. And also able to remove VBA project passwords in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Access file macro passwords.

  • Complete Progress Report of Removing

When the process of removing the VBA password starts. This feature helps in showing a complete progress report of VBA password removal. And this report is very important to set a new password.

How VBA Password Remover Works – Software Working

Step 1. First, install and run the tool.

VBA Password Remover
Step 2. Then, remove the lost VBA password by browsing the file.

VBA Password Breaker
Step 3. When the above process is done, simply click on the reset button to set a password.

VBA Password Remover
Step 4. In the end, preview the progress report.

VBA Password Unlocker


A lot of users on the web are querying about how to remove the VBA password. Is there any secure and advanced solution for removing the VBA password? So, in this write-up, we have come up with the most recommended VBA password remover software. Here we have described the proper working of the software with its best features explained in detail.