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How to Split iPhone Contacts – Most Effective Method

Aldrich Calvin | Modified: August 5, 2022|How to, VCF File | 3 Minutes Reading

Are you stuck in the scenario, where you are searching for the solution on how to split iPhone contacts in a hassle-free manner?  You will get the finest technique to split your iPhone contacts, you will get an instant solution to resolve the query in a hassle-free technique. The mentioned conversion process is easily reliable and compatible for the users.

Sometimes we store all our contacts in a separate iPhone contacts file, ignoring the fact that some phone numbers are confidential and cannot be shared with anyone else. When you need to share some contacts (stored in a vCard file), you can’t do it because of that sensitive contact. Here you need to split multiple iPhone contact files. This may be one reason, but there are other reasons why people split iPhone Contacts into multiple files. Have a look.

Why Need Divide iPhone Contacts Data into Multiple Files?

When you need a split contacts file for everyone’s personal information. Your phone book contains all the important details of a person, such as company name, job title, zip code, address, mobile phone number, and email address.

And you have saved tons of contacts with all this important information in a single contacts file. Now you might consider separating each person’s contact information by splitting the contacts file into several.

A Reliable Solution to Split iPhone Contacts

SysTools vCard Split & Merge Tool is an advanced solution designed to merge vcf contacts into one file of any size. It has a user-friendly interface that gives you an enhanced experience to sort all contacts into your desired folder. With this tool, you can easily divide iPhone contacts data into multiple contacts files in no time. All of your contact information is also retained after the split.

Download Now

For all this, you just need to follow a little process and your task will be done. We have a complete guide for you, so check it out and get the job done quickly with confidence.

Suggestion: We strongly recommend that you need to use the free demo version of this software. The demo version lets you experience the working process, and then you will see how easy it is to complete the task. So you have to test the demo.

Detailed Process to Split iPhone Contacts in Multiple Files

  • First, Download and Run the Tool on the Windows platform from the link given.

  • Click the Open tab, then click Add file or folder. 

  • Now after selecting the add file option, Browse the files which you want to convert.

  • Choose the Export button on your left and now your files get split. 

  • Now, select the vCard split option and go to the next step.

  • Press the “Export” Option to start the export process.

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In this blog, we provide complete iPhone contact troubleshooting solutions. With this solution, you can split iPhone contacts with all contact details. then let us know if you are satisfied with the solution. If you have any questions about this software, then feel free to contact us.