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How to Retrieve Data from Google Vault? – G Suite Admin Tips

Aldrich Calvin | Modified: December 14, 2022|G Suite, Google Vault | 5 Minutes Reading

retrieve data from Google vault

Google Vault is one of the Google Apps that allows users to retain, search, archive, and export their organization’s data. It can be used for e-discovery and compliance needs. After selecting the data user needs, they can retrieve data from Google vault on a local computer for offline reading or sharing purposes.

Google provides its own methods to learn how to retrieve data from Google Vault by using e-discovery and compliance centers. Using this Admin can export the required Google Vault emails in PST & MBOX format and download drive data locally. See the Google method.

Although using the method provided by Google, the user can export their vault data but both methods are too much time-consuming. A single archive request can take too much time & downloading them take a different amount of time. Therefore to assist you in such scenarios we recommend taking the help of professional utilities for Google Vault export to PST format task.

How to Retrieve Data From Google Vault Via Automated Tool?

SysTools Google Vault downloader is an advanced utility that allows you to export both emails and documents from the vault. The tool can retrieve Google vault emails in PST & MBOX formats, whereas it downloads the Google vault data to the chosen location.

Apart from just an easy export process, the tool also provides a date-range filter to retrieve data of a certain date range from the Google vault account.

Quick steps to retrieve Google Drive data are:

Step-1. First, Download and Install Google Vault Downloader.

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Step-2. Launch the tool and click on the Activate button to enter the activation code. However, if not activated, then click on “how to activate” to know more.


Step-3. After successful activation, select the format in which you wish to retrieve Google vault emails. The tool provides two standard options: Outlook (PST) and MBOX format.

Step-4. Now, from the workload section, enter the select Category of items to download from Google vault and set data-range filters.

retrieve data from Google Vault

Step-5. In the next step, enter the Google Vault Admin Id, service account Id & p12 file. The tool will guide you on how to set up a project, click on the Project Settings button to view it.

Step-6. After Validation, in the destination tab, browse the location where you wish to store retrieved data from Google Vault.

Step-7. Choose the option for selecting the source user account, after that click on the Validate button.

Step-8. After validation is complete for all users, click on the Start Download button to begin the process to retrieve data from Google Vault.

Step-9. The tool will quickly download the data from Google Vault account and show you the live progress.

Step-10. If any item is left out or failed to download (due to internet connectivity), users can view it in Report and perform Re-Download or Retry Download. It will download that specific data without duplicates.

Prominent Feature of Automated Tool

Download Email Formats: The automated tool offers the option to retrieve Google vault email in Outlook PST & MBOX file formats. From the destination section, Admin can choose any option and download all Google Vault emails in the selected format. This is why learning how to retrieve data from Google vault automatically is beneficial for users.

Filter Data Before Downloading: To save store space & time, the tool offers filter options for both emails and documents. Using this, Admin will be able to download data of a particular date range from all user accounts.

Re-Run Download Options: If any item got failed to download or any item is left-out while selecting data to be retrieved, the tool offers the Re-Run Download option. This section feature contains an option for each case:

  • Retry Failed Items: It will look for the failed items in the last attempt and then download all those failed items again.
  • Re-Run Full Download: This option will run a counter for each item of a category and download them without duplicates.

Generates Download Report: After completion of the job, the tool provides an option to download the export report. It will help Admin to analyze the failed or left items in the future.

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Why Do We Care?

Google Vault Admin can use the eDiscovery & Compliance center for downloading Google Vault data. However, there are some complications user generally faces during the process. Therefore, learning how to retrieve data from Google Vault is quite tough. Thus, we have explained an easy tool above.

It overcomes all the limitations imposed by a manual solution such as Download Report generation, slow download process, etc. You can choose any method you find easy and perform the task. For testing the tool first, then download the Vault Downloader for free and retrieve the complete data of two user accounts.