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Google Vault Export to PST File Format – Export G-Vault Emails Safely

Dexter Morgan | Published: December 14, 2022|Google Vault | 6 Minutes Reading

Google Vault export to PST

Summary: In this guide, users can learn the Google Vault export to PST file operation using all the available options. Yes, users may find it difficult to export their Google Vault data when need it. However, with the right set o tools & knowledge, this task is just a piece of cake. Technology is made by us; “Humans”. Therefore, we can make it better as well. Here we’re going to learn both modern & manual methods in depth.

Does Google Vault keep deleted emails? Yes, it does. Google Vault is another tremendous solution from Google for the e-Discovery of files to get rid of retention policies. It keeps the data files for users to access even after the deletion or expiration of the retention period.

Learning how to export Google Vault to Outlook PST task is not complex if users opt for this automated solution. There are several features as well as disadvantages in these tools that we are also mentioning below. Read this complete guide till the end to get answers to all of your questions.

Why Users Perform Google Vault Email Export Task – Reasons

The reason why users want to export data files from Google Vault is common for almost all users. Let’s have a look at these reasons before we proceed further to the next section having the manual solution.

  • There are scenarios, where users want their data files in the Outlook accounts. For sending data to different teams/departments or any other purpose, users want to get the files in Outlook. Therefore, they need to execute this Google Vault export to PST file task as Outlook supports the PST format.
  • The first reason has a work purpose intent. However, there are times when users accidentally delete their data files. Moreover, the retention period of the files is another issue. Therefore, users require these files due to deletion or removal from the primary mailbox. Hence, they want to export the data to their local system.

Manual Method for Google Vault Export to PST File Format

Now, we have the manual method or the direct method available for users. Let’s understand it’s working then we can proceed further toward the drawback that users need to be aware of. Although experts do not suggest opting for this method, still a few users demand the manual solution.

  1. Create a “Matter” in the Google Vault application.
  2. Search the Data Files from the bar on the left side. 
  3. Set your Search Options accordingly and proceed.
  4. Run Search Query and Select the files you require.
  5. Export these data files into MBOX or PST Format.

We get questions from a lot of users asking: “Does Google Vault keep deleted emails?”. Well yes, it does for a certain period of time. Now, users know how to get these data files back.

Below are images mentioned that show how this solution provides the results to users. The first one shows the Email results & the second one is for the Drive results.

Email Results:

mail results

Drive Results:

drive result

Drawbacks to Export Emails of Google Vault to Outlook PST Manually

There are plenty of drawbacks for users if they try to opt for the manual method. A lot of users always get stuck in between because of these critical drawbacks. Let’s have a look at them to know more about this solution.

  • Limitations in the File Size
    Users can not export PST files more than 1GB in size. Whereas, in the case of MBOX, the size limit is 20 GB only which can be frustrating for users.
  • Export Stuck at 95 Issue
    Google Vault export stuck at 95 is an issue that plenty of users reported. However, Google never confirmed this issue from their side.
  • No Previews for Data File
    There are no features for users to preview the entire data files in Google Vault app. Users need to manually search & find the data file.
  • Lack of Modern Features
    This solution is good for e-Discovery but does not come with the latest features for Google Vault email export to PST task.  It lacks various filters like date & category.
  • Bulk Export Option Missing
    There is no option for bulk data export in this method. Users can run a maximum of 20 operations simultaneously at a time. For large enterprises, this limit is of no use.

Google Vault Export to PST File Using the Automated Solution

Let’s quickly learn the automated solution in order to solve the issue in a smart manner. The automated solution that we have is way better than what is available currently. Here. users need to download the Google Vault Downloader software to Retrieve Data from Google Vault app.

Download Now Purchase Now

Download this utility for free & then install it in your system. Follow the five simple steps below for Google Vault email export without any error or restriction.

Step-1. Open the Software & Activate the Licence Key first.

setp-1. launch tool

Step-2. Select the MBOX / PST file format for the destination.

setp-2. select file fromat

Step-3. Choose Categories; Email or/and Documents here.

setp-3. select categories

Step-4. Log In using the Admin Credentials for your account.

setp-4. enter credentials

Step-5. Click on the Start Download button to finish the task.

Step-5. Google Vault export to PST finish


  • Without the License Key, you’ll be using the demo version of this tool that only allows users to download data for 2 users only.
  • Once a user export Google Vault emails to PST, they can also download the status report at the end for further analysis.
  • Users need to create Google Console Project, Enable API & Add Scopes first. Read More to learn all this easily.

Features of the Modern Day Automated Software

Let’s quickly go through the features of this automated tool for Google Vault email export operation. This is necessary for two reasons basically. The first one is to know the tool in depth. The other one is to use this software to the utmost potential for better resource utilization.

  • Users can get the data files for the entire export task in MBOX & PST formats.
  • Selective Google Vault export to PST task is simple with the date filter feature.
  • The category also contributes to the selective export task as per users’ needs.
  • For fetching the users list here, this modern tool provides two options to users.
  • It’s possible to preview the data files here without searching for the files at first.
  • The modern GUI-enabled dashboard makes it suitable for users to export files.
  • The software can split large-sized data into two files & prevents data corruption.
  • Does Google Vault keep deleted emails? Yes, it does with lightning-fast speed.
  • The summary report help users & data analyst to further examine the process.
  • Windows 11(64 Bit), Windows 10, & Windows Server 2012/16 are compatible.


Among the two solutions for Google Vault export to PST task, users can select any one as per their preference. All they need to do is just keep the advantages & consequences of each method in mind while selecting the method. Therefore. this way they can get their desired results.

As per our advice, the automated solution has clearly an upper edge. Thus, the Google Vault email export task is highly recommended to users to get the perfect solution.