Recover Permanently Deleted Files In Windows 10- Complete Guide

Anuraag Singh | Last Modified: April 28th, 2020 | Data recovery

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Where Do Permanently Deleted Files Go?

Usually, these types of situations might occur when you cannot find your files on the location where you have kept them. You looked into the recycle bin, and you find it empty.

Now, you might think about what to do next to recover permanently deleted files in Windows 10.

In this post, you will get to know, how to restore permanently deleted folder in Windows 10.

What Can be the Reasons for Permanent File Loss

There can be different reasons for permanent data loss, some of the common causes are listed below:

  • Using “Shift + Delete” command files will permanently be deleted.
  • Accidently or intentionally deleting files stored in the recycle bin.
  • Viruses or any malware infection on your system can cause file corruption.
  • Due to mechanical damage of hard disk.
  • Files can also be deleted when there is a power failure.

Permanently deleted files can be recovered but the condition is that you should immediately stop using that device if you want to recover permanently deleted files in Windows 10. The files that are deleted will not be cleared from your system.

Actually, they are stored somewhere in the hard drive, which is not easy to recover without using any software. These files are treated as inaccessible data by the system. The system will overwrite the space occupied by the deleted files by the new files.

In this case, there are many ways to restore permanently deleted folders in Windows 10 which are given below.

Automated Solution To Recover Permanently Deleted Files In Windows 10

As we mentioned above, the multiple reasons that can cause Windows data file corruption. So, to avoid these problems we bring the most suitable data recovery software for the users.

Try out, SysTools Windows Data Recovery Software, which will definitely restore permanently deleted folder in Windows 10.

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The software can recover Shift + delete data and normal delete files in Windows easily. Some of the important features of the software which make it safer and trustworthy for the users are mentioned below-

  • The tool supports recovery from FAT and NTFS file format to restore permanently deleted folders in Windows 10.
  • Recover permanently deleted data including images, videos, docs, audio, etc.
  • This application provides SCAN and FORMATTED SCAN option to recover permanently deleted files in Windows 10.
  • Restore permanently deleted data from Windows GPT and MBR partition.
  • Once permanently deleted files are recovered, they will be highlighted in red color.
  • This utility recovers permanently deleted data from dynamic hard disk.
  • The tool easily detects the attached external device in a system.
  • The software supports multiple languages like English, Hindi, Bangla, Hungarian, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Japanese, and Russian.
  • This utility supports recovery from all versions of the Windows Operating System.
  • The tool contains an effective internal search option that allows users to find only the desired files.
  • It provides the feature to maintain the on-disk folder hierarchy.

Steps to Restore Permanently Deleted Folder In Windows 10

 Step 1:- Download SysTools Windows Data Recovery Software and install it on your system. The initial screen of the software will show as below.

Win recovery

Step 2:- Click on the SCAN option to start the scanning process to recover permanently deleted files.

download for free 2019

Step 3:- After scanning the selected drives, you can preview the recovered deleted files highlighted by the red color.

lost files

Step 4:- Now, you can SAVE your recovered files.

Windows data recovery 2019

You can either save selected files or a complete folder while recovering deleted files. The tool provides the demo version to test the functioning of the tool. But it doesn’t provide to save the recovered files. Therefore, if you want to save all your recovered files then you have to purchase the full version of the tool.

Let’s Wrap Up

In order to, resolve data loss problems make sure you always create a backup of your crucial data. Further, you can use Windows Data Recovery software which will definitely recover permanently deleted files in Windows 10.