Recover Files from Crashed Hard Drive by Using Crashed Hard Drive Recovery

Anuraag Singh | Last Modified: June 10th, 2020 | Recovery
crash hard drive recovery

                                              Recover Files from Crash Hard Drive

To recover files from crashed hard drive depends on several factors associated with a hard drive crash. Term “Crashed Hard Drive” refers to physical failure. It is really difficult to operate or recover files from crash hard drive as the computer can not access any data on the device. Hard disk drives have various types: PATA, SATA, SCSI, SSD and have different drawbacks. The latest one is SSD which is mostly used in personal computers.

This Solid State Drive comes in history when other drives start crashing although it is light in weight. The problems also associated with SSD. Know the data recovery techniques for SSD.

Some of Common Reason By which hard drive crash

When the blue screen appears there is a boot issue, now you have to restart the system and have to lose most or all of the data you would be trying to accomplish. It might make you irritating. Let us take an example, if your hard drive is old or having a large amount of reallocated sectors, it will become more difficult and costly to perform to Crashed Hard Drive Recovery and get back the lost files in an integrated form.

Mainly it has been seen that recovery of data depends upon what type of hard drive crash There are two types of hard drive failure Logical and Physical. It is possible to recover files even after formatting disk.

The Logical crashed hard drive occurs when your data can not be read by the computer. This means is not visible but the hard drive still does proper functioning. This is called a random software error. The computer will run the recovery software which searches your hard drive and makes continues call to read each file. This may take time, but recover every bit of files as possible.

recover files from crashed internal hard drive

The Physical crash hard drive occurs when your physical part of hard drive breaks. A hard drive is made up of a spinning metal platter which has all the data stored in it. If your hardware gets damaged, then send your crashed hard drive to the data recovery software company to fix the broken part in it.

Despite that, if a hard drive crash due to any virus infection or software defect such as outdated operating systems, then you can get back those data easily, sometimes there is no need for a data recovery tool.

Mistakes That Cause Hard Drive Crash in Windows Computer

  • PSU (Power Supply Unit) Issues which is one of the common issues.
    Mechanical damage happens when you do not use your system properly.
  • Malware or Virus attack is a basic problem. To keep avoiding this use antivirus in your system.
  • Careless Disk handling may definitely cause loss of data.
  • Re-creating partition- if you delete the partition it does not mean that data is deleted. File become inaccessible but it is still there. Users try to recreate the partition to access data but this does not work. however, it becomes harder to recover files.
  • File System error which is again a problem to recover because this may make your system hold and you would not be able to access it.

Must-Try These Methods Which will Surely Recover Files from Crashed Disk

You guys are might aware that hard drive failures are unavoidable. The great fact is that there are lots of recovery methods and tools are available in the market and I would like to share them with you. Before sharing I would like to recommend you to please try to make a backup routine of your important data and information.

crashed hard drive recovery

If you would like you may buy the external hard drive to make backup easier, and this would be easy to handle or carry with you, otherwise you need to recover files from crashed hard drives Software.

Method 1: Connect The Crashed Hard Drive With Another Computer

Before proceeding any work on the crashed hard drive recovery you need to remove it from the current machine and connect it to another machine as a secondary drive. The best way to do this is to buy the USB to SATA adapter and use it. This is cheap in price and easily available in the market.

  • This is having a multi-functional USB3 option.
  • To recover files from crashed hard drive.
  • Recover files such as documents, pictures, videos, etc.
  • To connect the hard drive via USB
  • Now, you can simply use that and can transfer your all file. As a secondary device or external device, you may use this with another computer and retrieve data from crashed hard drive.

Method 2: Does Your Window Acknowledge Your Hard Drive?

When you can hear your drive is spinning, or maybe it is completely dead. To point this type of damage, try to do a manual check whether your computer is recognizing the drive or not?
You can also do this via a basic input-output system(BIOS) only if is the primary hard drive and your computer no longer boots.
Turn on the computer, enter the BIOS by pressing a trigger key, which could be DEL, ESC, F2, F10, depending on the manufacturer. It navigates through the available menu to find it indirectly under boot settings.
Note: If you find up the driver to another computer, no need to access BIOS.

  • Click WINDOWS+R, and launch run input window.
  • Type cmd and open it.
  • Here type disk part and hit enter, now type list volume to get all drives connected to your computers.
  • If the drive is recognized in any form, it means available in disk part but not accessible.

Method 3: Recover Files from Crashed Hard Drive Using Crashed Hard Drive Recovery Tool

If you did not get your files you can take the help of expert i.e., a professional tool for crashed hard drive recovery. This will surely find your data directly without any trouble, you can use SysTool Software, it is easy and safe to use, you need to follow few easy steps to get back your files from crashed Internal hard drive. This tool helps to recover deleted data from GPT and MBR hard disk efficiently.

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Steps You Need to Keep an Eye are Below:

  1. Download and install Crashed Hard Drive Recovery Software.
  2. Press the Window menu and open a crashed recovery program.
  3. Select the partition and click on the Formatted Scan button.
  4. This software will give you a scanning report.
  5. After the completion, Preview of Recovered records will display.
  6. You can save your recovered crashed files.

 Final Verdict

If you did not find any satisfying method to recover crash files than you need to take help from the expert. I have a better expert for you to regain all crashed files within a minute. Recover files from crashed hard drive using SysTools software. This software is effective as well as time savior. The tool will open your partition in clean space, it also solid credentials, as well as magnificent recommendations. This is a trustworthy tool that keeps your private data safe with you. In spite of that make a habit of having back up files.


How do I fix a crashed hard drive?

You can fix a crashed hard drive by using the above-mentioned blog. This is very helpful to overcome these situations.

How can I recover my hard drive data?

If you are a non-technical user and you want to recover your hard drive data then you can try above-described software to get rid from these situations.