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How to Recover Deleted Videos from USB Drive? 4 Best Solutions 2024

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Published On June 13th, 2024
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A USB flash drive is the best storage device to store precious data like images, multimedia, audio, videos, files, folders, etc. Sometimes you accidentally delete videos from the USB flash drive. But can you recover deleted videos from USB drive? Of course, you can! In this post, we will tell you the best method to restore lost videos from flash drives easily and effectively.

Essentially, the data loss problem from a USB drive is a tiresome situation to face for anyone. But don’t worry, because it is possible to restore deleted videos from pendrive quickly. But, before proceeding towards the solution initially, go through the below-stated one of the user’s queries to understand the topic more. The following scenario is taken from the forum website.

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User Query:

“I had stored my wedding videos on my USB flash drive. After a few days, my relatives came to my home. They wanted to see my wedding videos. When I connected my USB flash drive to my laptop, I saw there were no videos. Please, can anyone tell me how to retrieve deleted videos from pen drive?”

You might have the same or similar queries as the one mentioned above. If so, continue further in the article and check out the solutions shared to accomplish the task. Let’s get started.

Top 3 Manual Ways to Recover Deleted Videos from USB Drive

  1. Retrieve deleted videos from flash drive using CMD
  2. Using previous versions to recover deleted videos from Windows 10
  3. Using the Backup & Restore feature to recover deleted video from USB

So, these are the top three solutions you can opt for to recover your deleted videos from a USB Drive without any hassle. Further in the article, we are going to explain each of these solutions in detail. However, if you are not willing to pursue any manual solution to steer clear from all the hassle that comes with it, feel free to jump straight to the expert-suggested solution for a smooth-sailing process.

1: Retrieve Deleted Videos from Flash Drive using CMD

The first technique is to use CMD, which allows you to recover deleted videos from thumb drive or USB drive. If there are no photo or video files on your USB drive, they may be hidden. You can use Command Prompt/CMD to view and access files.

1: Connect the USB drive to your computer > In the Start menu, type cmd > Press Enter.

2: In the Command Prompt window, type: chkdsk H: /f > Press Enter. (Replace H with the letter of your USB drive.)

3: Now type Y > press Enter to continue > type H and press Enter.

4: Finally, type ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D H:*.* > press Enter. Wait for the process to complete.

If successful, the files will be created in a new folder on the thumb drive. You may have to change the file extension to make it accessible to your application.

2: Recover Deleted Videos from Windows 10 using Previous Versions

The Restore Previous Versions feature found in all recent versions of the Windows operating system, including Windows 7, 8, and 10, allows you to recover deleted videos from pen drive without third-party tools, but it only works if you enable it before deleting the file.

1: Connect the USB drive to your computer > Press Windows + E to open Windows Explorer > Click This PC > Select the USB drive from which the data will be erased.

2: Right-click the folder > select Properties or Restore Previous Versions.

3: Opt for the previous version you need > choose the “Restore” button.

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3: Retrieve Deleted Video from USB with Backup and Restore feature

Windows 7 users can recover deleted USB files using this backup tool. However, this only works if Windows backup is allowed or enabled on your system. If you already have a backup, follow these steps to recover your deleted media files using Backup and Restore:

1: Choose for the Control Panel option in the search bar > open it.

2: Click System and Security > Backup and Restore (Windows 7).

3: On the Recovery tab, click Recover My Files.

4: Select Browse for File or Browse for Folder to view the contents of the backup > select a location to save the backup.

Expert Suggestion on Successfully Recovering Deleted Videos from a USB Drive

If you want to quickly recover permanently deleted videos from a USB drive, technical experts strongly recommend using Pen Drive Deleted Data Recovery Software to recover deleted files from Pen drive without losing any information. This is a very advanced solution with several useful features, which make it a personal favorite of countless technical professionals.

The expert utility is primarily famous for its user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface that even a novice user can use without requiring any external supervision or guidance. This tool swiftly recovers formatted data from a pen drive and videos, photos, documents, etc. from a USB or thumb drive. Moreover, it is compatible with all the latest and prior versions of Windows OS.

Time to Wrap It Up

In this article, we shared how to recover deleted videos from a USB flash drive. To accomplish the task, we explained three famous manual solutions. However, not every user has the required technical aptitude to deal with manual solutions, and that too, without any external guidance. Therefore, we have also shared an expert tip toward the end of the article. If you also want to steer clear from the hassle associated with manual solutions, opt for the above-shared expert solution for secure and reliable results.

Questions and Answers

Q1: How to get back deleted videos from USB?

With the Pen Drive Recovery tool, you can recover deleted videos from USB drives.

Q2. What should I do if the video file on my USB drive is lost?

  1. Stop using the USB storage device to prevent files from being overwritten.
  2. Safely remove the drive from the computer.
  3. Do not try to copy USB data to other places.

Q3: Where do deleted video files from a USB drive go?

They’re not going anywhere! When you delete a file from a USB drive, it physically still exists on the drive, but the space it occupies is marked as empty. This is why deleted files that have not been overwritten can be recovered using USB recovery software.

Q4: Can you retrieve deleted or lost video from USB drive without software?

There are several ways to recover deleted files from a USB drive without software. They may have certain limitations, but in most cases, they work. This solution includes the attrib command, the chkdsk command, and restoring the previous version.