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How to Recover Deleted PEF Files in Windows – Get Instant Solution

Eva Mendis | Published: 2022-06-17T12:16:17+00:00|Recovery | 4 Minutes Reading

Huge uncompressed PEF files deleted mistakenly? Or got lost data during the move, because of formatting memory card errors? It does not matter what is the reason behind it, restore PEF files with HDD deleted data recovery software. Restore PEF files from pen drive, USB drive, external and internal hard drive, and an SSD drive.

What is A PEF File?

PEF stands for Pentax electronic format and is a default file format of Pentax digital cameras. It is used by the Pentax digital camera which signifies all the raw data clicked by the camera. Users need to know that the PEF files are named RAW because they are not processed files and they are not ready for the printout. In fact, users can never edit the PEF files on a bitmap graphics editor. These files comprise all the vital detail about the photos i.e. date and time, Metadata, etc. These are small files that do not need huge space in the memory.

Reasons behind PEF Files Gets Damaged

You should know that there are multiple factors that are responsible for data loss state. A few of the crucial points have been mentioned below:-

  • Mistakenly Deletion: – Users require to know that human errors are the biggest reason for the photo loss situations. If users will mistakenly choose all the files while deleting the unwanted ones then users will lose all the files permanently.
  • Virus Infection: – Sometimes, your PC will be affected by virus or malware threats. If users will download free tools from unreliable sources. In such a case, all the files will get corrupted harshly.
  • Changing Extension of Files: – Most users try to change the file extensions manually by renaming them. It can reason severe damage to all the files and they will stop responding.
  • Sudden Termination of PC:- Because of power disruption, occasionally computer gets terminated abruptly when PEF file is in use. It can outcomes in damage to the active files.
  • Read/Write Failure:- If any unwanted interruption occurs during the file move process then it will fail the read or write operation. In such a case, users chosen files can get damaged severely.

Error Messages after Loss of PEF Files

You need to know that floods of error messages will start to display on the screen when PEF files get damaged or deleted. A few of the common warning alerts have been mentioned below:

  1. An unidentified error happened while opening the file
  2. Users are trying to open an incompatible file format
  3. Do users want to format the drive
  4. Not able to complete the operation. Please try again later
  5. Folder is empty
  6. Read/Write operation failed

The above-mentioned error messages are fully annoying and nobody wants to face but it is possible every time. However, users need to know that it is now possible to restore the deleted or corrupted files but only if users have taken a few precautions rapidly after the file loss situation. A few of the precaution tips have been discussed below:-

  • Stop using your drive instantly. Where your file has been deleted
  • Do not overwrite the space of deleted file with any other data
  • Stop using the Pentax camera for sometime
  • Try the most reliable software to restore your deleted data

Trusted Software to Recover Deleted PEF Files in Windows PC

Hard drive data deletion is one of the most annoying issues. This can be done knowingly or unknowingly. But in reality, the crucial files are gone. In such a situation, users require a trusted method to restore shift deleted data from the hard drive. So, to make the recovery procedure simply try SysTools RAW Photos Recovery Software users can recover formatted, corrupted, and deleted VCF files from memory card. Users can rapidly recover pictures that are lost because of accidentally storage device format or corruption. This tool provides support of restore raw files EPS, CAB, NEF, PEF, FH9, FH11, XLSB, XLSM, XLTM, XLTX, ICO, INDD, PS, RAF, PAT, and X3F files.

Steps to Restore Deleted PEF Files in Windows

Follow the below-mentioned steps to recover deleted PEF photos from the computer.


If PEF photo files are deleted or lost in any situation, as described earlier data recovery tool can be very convenient. Be it unintentional deletion of PEF files, PEF files lost during transfer, files lost due to formatting, files lost due to virus attacks, and many other scenarios are supported by this software.