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How to Recover Corrupted MKV File – With Effective Solution

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If so, this post will take care of this problem. No matter if MKV files are corrupted by a virus or due to technical reasons, we will surely resolve issues. You will learn here that how to recover corrupted MKV files.

Overview of MKV files

First, you have to be aware that MKV files are a multimedia container format that stores video, audio, and subtitles as a batch of one file and requires a codec to decode before its playback. However, there are times when the MKV file gets corrupted due to some technical glitches, or the media player does not support or recognize the .mkv file format. There could be some reasons behind them such as

  • Outdated video drivers
  • Missing basic codecs
  • Also corrupted MKV video

What Are the Causes of MKV Video File Corruption?

There can be several reasons why video files may become corrupted and not be able to play.

  1. Malware Attack: If the MKV files are stored in corrupted sectors or on computers infected with malware, there is a high chance that the MKV files may be corrupted.
  2. Technical Defects during Recording: If the video file is not saved correctly or if there is a problem with the low battery, the file may already be corrupted.
  3. File Corruption During Transfer: Sudden removal of an SD card, USB cable, or other storage devices while transferring files or copying files can corrupt MKV files.

Caution: If you find that MKV files are corrupted, do not use its storage device. Whenever a user performs any activity on that particular device then overwriting activities will occur on it. This way, the data on the drive, USB, or SD card cannot be overwritten or replaced. When overwritten, the option to recover corrupted MKV files is almost impossible in the case of MKV file recovery. In the below section we will talk about how to repair damaged mkv video file.

Method #1. Repair Minor MKV File Corruption Issues (VLC Media Player)

If your MKV files do not play on your media player, you should try the VLC media player as it may not be supported by your default media player. But you have to change the extension to .avi before proceeding to play.

  1. Open VLC media player first
  2. Then go to Tools >> Select Preferences >> Select Input / Codec Settings.
  3. Now select “Always fix” the corrupted AVI file from the input/codec.

Now if corruption issues are minor, they can be easily fixed and play the video. However, if the problem still persists then your MKV file has been badly damaged and you should use professional SoftwarePro SSD Data Recovery Software to recover data from SSD laptop.

Method #2. Repair Severe Corruption Issues With Data Recovery Software

Digital photos and videos can be deleted or corrupted accidentally due to some errors. In such a case, previously saved files cannot be accessed.
At this point, you need a Data Recovery utility. It is one of the most efficient utilities designed to conveniently perform MKV file recovery problems. It is the best tool to recover corrupted, deleted, lost, formatted photos and videos which are inaccessible from digital cameras, flash drive, SD card or any storage device. Exclusively designed by experts to save your photos and videos, and overcome the memory card corruption issue no matter what the cause.

Step 1. Download and Install the Data Recovery solution on Windows OS.

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Step 2. Select the drive and click on the Scan Mode option to recover permanently deleted files in Windows 10.
(For removal storage device, attack it and simply click on Refresh View option) How to Recover Corrupted MKV File

Step 3. Preview the recovered files and click on the desired files or all MKV files to restore.

How to repair damaged mkv video file

Step 4. Click on Save and provide the destination folder to save recovered MKV files. How to recover MKV files

Your MKV files are recovered. And now you know how to recover corrupted MKV files safely and securely.

Why MKV Files Become Inaccessible

MKV files become inaccessible due to the following reasons

  1. Due to a serious virus or malware attack.
  2. Mishandling of the device.
  3. The file system table gets corrupted
  4.  Because of physically damaged media.
  5. The header file is corrupted.

Unfortunately, if your MKV files are deleted or corrupted due to any of the above reasons and you don’t have a valid backup then you should go for Data Recovery software soon. Because later you take recovery action, lessen the chances of recovery.

Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure

One wrong move or slight negligence is enough to erase all the videos from the system. Though you can recover MKV files using the Data Recovery solution, we recommend that you take some steps to avoid encountering corruption issues.

  1. Never remove the storage device when it is in use.
  2. Always remove the external device safely.
  3. Do not record video when the battery is low.
  4. Be attentive while deleting the unwanted files
  5. Do not misuse your digital camera or memory card.


We have gone through the corruption causes, solutions, and preventive measures of MKV files. We hope that now you know that how to recover corrupted MKV file in your desired file location. Choose VLC to fix minor corruption issues and for severe issues go for an absolute data recovery solution.