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How to Recover Deleted VCF Files from Memory Card Instantly

Eva Mendis | Published: February 19, 2021|Data recovery | 4 Minutes Reading

Unfortunate events like data loss happen around us. Unluckily if some days it happens to you such as deletion of VCF files (Contact files) then you can definitely refer to this blog and learn how to recover deleted VCF files from memory card.

Our cellphones became the ultimate storage devices to store each kind of information such as contacts to a large extent.

VCF file aka vCard is an abbreviation of Virtual Contact File is the standard file format for electronic business cards. These VCF files can contain the name, address info, telephone number, email addresses, URLs, photograph, etc.

All My Contacts Disappeared!!

“Mistakenly I deleted my contact folder from my Mi2S phone, all of my contacts are gone. And unfortunately, I didn’t make a backup Google server… Grave mistake!! Now I am repenting… Please help me out to get them back.”

Culpable Reasons for VCF Files aka Contacts Deletion

  • Virus Infected Files:- Virus download from attachment or freeware applications/ games from unsecured sites.
  • Unintentional Format of Memory Card:- Sometimes due to virus infection or unreadable block on the SD card, the system compels the user to format the memory card.
  • Deletion by Mistake:- Due to inadequate knowledge the user mistakenly deletes the VCF file folder. And later he realizes when the contacts do not display in the contact list.

Preventive Measure to Be Taken

  1. Instantly remove the memory card from the phone and keep it safe without any physical damage.
  2. Avoid making any kind of changes in the files stored and do not add any new information or folder in it. It will only worsen the situation and cause overwriting.
  3. Download the Data recovery solution on your Windows system and execute the recovery steps.
  4. While recovering process going-on, do not interrupt the process. It will damage the VCF files.
  5. After recovery of VCF files save them in other destination locations other than the SD card.

Solution #1 Recover Deleted VCF Files from Memory Card

If you have made a backup of your Android Phone contacts on the clouds or any other drives then you can absolutely copy them all back from the backup.

Just attach the storage device or download from the cloud platform to choose location and export to SD card and synchronize with phone contact list.

Solution #2 Recover Deleted VCF Files from Memory Card via Reliable Solution

Download SD card recovery software on Windows machine and complete the installation. Follow these steps to recover vCard files from memory card of your phone.

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Step 1 – Run the Recovery Application and Attach the Memory Card

Use memory card reader to attach the SD card to the system and click on the Refresh View to detect the memory card on the platform.

how to retrieve vcf file

Step 2 – Scanning and recovery from Memory Card

Afterward, select the SD card and click on Scan mode to recover deleted files and photos from SD Card at the same time.

Recover Deleted VCF Files from Memory Card

Step 3 – Retrieve Deleted Contacts from SD card

When the scanning and recovery process completes, select the VCF files from the recovery panel or type “VCF” / “vCard” on the search column.

Then click on the Save button and select storage location to restore the deleted VCF files.

How to Recover Deleted VCF Files from Memory Card

Now you have learned how to recover deleted VCF files from memory cards instantly without data loss.

Prominent Features of VCF Recovery Software

  1. Recover VCF files after deletion, corruption, and formatting of memory card
  2. Supportive for all brands of SD cards to recover accidentally deleted files from SD card 
  3. Instant recovery from all sized SD cards without any limitation.
  4. Also support pen drives, USB drives of all brands and sizes.
  5. Recover other multimedia files along with VCF files in a single go.
  6. Compatible with all Windows editions including Windows 10/7/8 and prior versions.

Heighten the Contacts Safety

  1. Keep a regular backup of your contact other than your main device. For example either on the cloud or any other storage device such pen drive.
  2. Scan your memory card regularly to check a virus presence and use virus removal tool if found any.
  3. Keep contact synchronized with Google application, and keep them updated once in a while.
  4. Always pay attention while deleting the files, delete the VCF files only after your confirmation to it.
  5. Do not save the contacts directly into the SD card after recovery.

Conclusion Words

Contacts play a vital role in business growth and in personal life. VCF files hold all of your contacts and if they delete due to any reason then it became necessary to search that how to recover deleted VCF files from memory card.

Follow all precautionary steps mentioned in the blog to maximize the recovery of contacts. Do not underestimate the backup of contacts, keep them organized and updated.