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How to Import Contacts from Excel to WhatsApp? Free Guide

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Published On October 3rd, 2023
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Searching for the solution to import contacts from Excel to WhatsApp? Then, this article will become helpful for you. In this technical guide, we are trying to provide you the best solution for how to add phone numbers from Excel to WhatsApp. So, read this article till the end for the hassle-free reliable solution. 

In today’s world, the smartphone is the best platform for keeping in touch with people. WhatsApp Messenger is a free application for all smartphones. It allows users to send messages, images, makes voice or video calls, shares location, documents, and contacts.

WhatsApp is a basic user need for personal and professional use. In this blog, we will provide quick tips and tricks to transfer Excel contacts to WhatsApp. Read on and get the best answer of how to import Excel contacts to WhatsApp group.

Let’s Take a Closer Look Using the User Query

Question 1: How do I create a Whatsapp group from an Excel list on my desktop, as the XLS file format stores data in tabular format and the contact list stores in vCard file format. I am using Windows 8 version.

Question 2: I have some contacts in an Excel sheet that I want to add contacts from Excel to WhatsApp. But I can’t do this. Can someone recommend the best technique? Thanks in advance.

Why Need to Import Contacts from Excel to WhatsApp?

As we know, as a global application, WhatsApp is available not only for smartphones, but also for Android, IOS, Windows, Symbian. You can use it to send documents, pictures, videos and more more easily. So Excel users can easily transfer their contacts into a VCF file and use the file on WhatsApp.

There are many reasons for importing contacts from Excel to WhatsApp. Some of them are-

  • The most annoying thing for all of us is ads while using something online. But on WhatsApp you don’t have such problems. It has no ads. Therefore, it is used by multiple users.
  • Unlike Excel data Sheet, here you can simply send your location to get in touch with your friends, family.
  • Moreover, it also offers the ability to send and receive voice calls, video calls and more.
  • Also with this application you can know the contact number in excel and know if someone is using Whatsapp.
  • Besides these, there are other reasons. But now let’s discuss the solutions to transfer contacts from Excel to WhatsApp.

Automatic Solution to Import Multiple Excel Files to WhatsApp

Unfortunately, there is no way to resolve the user query for how to add bulk contacts in WhatsApp group from Excel manually. So to achieve this task. First, you need to convert your multiple contact list in Excel to vCard format using Excel to vCard Converter Tool. Once this is done, import the resulting file into your WhatsApp application. With this tool, you can easily access your WhatsApp desktop or Excel contacts on your smartphone.

Complete Steps to Import Contacts from Excel to WhatsApp

This method is divided into two steps to resolve user queries about how to save contacts from Excel to WhatsApp: 

#Steps to Convert Excel Contacts to vCard File

In the following section, you will first learn how to convert Excel XLS XLSX to vCard VCF and then import the vCard file into WhatsApp. So let’s continue with the process. We offer a free demo edition for you to try. So download and use the below software –

  • First, Download and install it on your machine.
  • Next, Browse to load Excel Data files.

browse Excel file

  • Preview all Excel contacts details and press Next.

preview Excel files

  • Map Excel fields with vCard fields and click Next.

Map Excel fields

  • Select the vCard version 2.1, 3.0, or 4.0 as per your needs.

choose vCard version

  • Browse path to save vCard file and click the Convert button.

Browse path

  • Done! Your Excel contacts will be converted into vCard file format within a few moments. Now move to the transfer Excel contact list to WhatsApp process.

#Steps to Import vCard Contacts to WhatsApp

After converting Excel contacts to vCard VCF file format, you need to import vCard file into your phone by following the below steps:

  • Open your Phone Contacts.
  • Select “Import Contacts” to import Excel contacts to WhatsApp.

Import Contacts from Excel to WhatsApp

  • Choose the location where you want to save the imported contacts.Choose the location
  • Select the VCF file and click OK.
Select the VCF file
  • After processing, all the Excel sheet contacts listed in your phone contact lists.
phone contact lists

This is how you add contacts from Excel to WhatsApp.

Prominent Features of the Software 

There are multiple features in this conversion tool to make this task more easy for the user and some of those are:

  • Technical expertise not required as the software has a user-friendly interface.
  • Convert Excel contacts to vCard VCF file format with all saved details.
  • Mapping option to map Excel fields with vCard fields easily.
  • Option to create single .vcf file for each contact or single vcf for all contacts.
  • Import Contacts from Excel to WhatsApp, iPhone, iCloud, Outlook, Thunderbird via vCard.
  • Facility to convert multiple contacts from Excel to VCF in bulk without loss of data.
  • Supports vCard versions 2.1, 3.0 and 4.0 and installs on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, etc.
  • Supports to convert Excel XLS or XLSX file to vCard VCF file format.

Final Words

WhatsApp is useful for sending/receiving text messages, images, documents and making calls. In the present time, WhatsApp is already installed in all smartphones. Users can easily use WhatsApp via WhatsApp web on their PC. Now users want to import Excel contacts to WhatsApp and we have provided the best solution for this. WhatsApp does not support the .xls or .xlsx file format, it only support .vcf file format for importing contacts. Therefore, to resolve user queries about how to import contacts from Excel to WhatsApp web we first have to convert Excel contacts to vCard and then how to add bulk contacts in WhatsApp from Excel using the vCard file. Try out the above steps and transfer the Excel contact list to WhatsApp within a few simple clicks.


Q.1. Are there any limitations on the number of contacts I can import at once?

Ans. WhatsApp generally allows you to import a significant number of contacts at once. However, if you experience issues, consider breaking down the import into smaller batches or use the abovementioned tool to easily convert multiple excel files to Whatsapp-supported file format.

Q.2. Can I add contacts from Excel to WhatsApp on both Android and iPhone?

Ans. Yes, the process of how to import contacts from WhatsApp to Excel is similar on both Android and iPhone. However, the exact steps might vary slightly between the two platforms.

Q.3. Can I import contacts with additional details like email and profile pictures into WhatsApp?

Ans. WhatsApp allows you to import contacts with basic information. However, for additional details like email addresses and profile pictures, you might need to manually update each contact within the WhatsApp app after the initial import.