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How to Import Excel Contacts into Gmail Account? Direct Method

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Published On October 6th, 2023
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Stuck in a situation! where you have to import Excel contacts into Gmail account. If yes, then you click on the right article. In this write-up, we discuss the various techniques to import Excel contacts, and we compare manual and automated procedures to provide you best solution to resolve your query. So, without wasting any time let’s get started. 

What Does Importing Excel Contacts to Gmail Mean?

Excel is a well-known program that is used to store and manage various types of data information. Most users prefer to store their contacts in an Excel spreadsheet, which contains information such as first and last names, phone numbers, email addresses, and more.

The Google Contacts web app is a secure place where users can store their contacts. Using Gmail, users can also easily import and share their contacts through the Google Contacts application. Synchronize. So there are some users who want to import contacts to Excel from local drive, from Excel file to their Gmail/Google contacts account.

For managing and uploading Excel contacts to Gmail contacts, MS Excel is the preferred choice of all users. The reason being it helps the users to arrange contacts and the related fields in the tabular form. But sometimes, users want to convert Excel files into Gmail format due to some reason.  If there is a need to import Excel Contacts into Gmail, then there is no direct method available. So, in that case, first, there is a need to convert the Excel file to CSV and then the user can easily import this vCard file into the Gmail platform.

But before proceeding with the procedure, you should know Excel stores their file in (XLS/ XLSX) format. And Gmail does not support XLS files, so, before starting the procedure you have to convert Excel files into CSV file format. So, let’s discuss the solution for importing contacts into Google contacts from Excel one by one. 

Manual Way to Import Excel Contacts into Gmail

As we know, Gmail does not support Excel files. So first, we are gonna discuss the solution of how to import Excel files into CSV file format to save contacts from Excel to Google Contacts. This Manual solution is divided into 2 steps, check out both steps to convert Excel files into Gmail free. 

Step 1: Convert Excel (XLS) Files into CSV Format 

  • Get your Excel file ready and Open the Excel sheet which you want to convert
  • In the next step, select the File option on your top left and choose Save As option

Select Save as Options

  • After selecting Save as an option, click the CSV option

click CSV File

  • Now, you selected Excel files successfully converted into CSV format. 

Step 2: Import Convert Files into Gmail  

  • First, enter your Gmail credentials and Log in to your account
  • After this, click on the App icon & select contacts
  • Then, click on the Import option to import contacts

click import option

  • Go to contact wizard & select the converted CSV file

select your CVS File

  • At last, click the Import button to complete the process.

select import option to import excel contacts into gmail

Drawbacks of Manually Importing Contacts into Gmail from Excel

There are some drawbacks to using a manual approach to solve queries about how to export contacts from Excel to Google Contacts:

  • Drawback-1. Without using any additional tools, manually importing contacts into Gmail from Excel may result in duplication of contacts. Therefore, it will be very hard and very challenging for you to identify and remove duplicates manually from Gmail.
  • Drawback-2. Excel and Gmail may have different formatting requirements. For instance, certain fields may need to be formatted differently to import Excel contacts into Gmail account, and because a manual approach might not ensure consistency and is not a good choice for efficient contact migration, it will lead to import issues.
  • Drawback-3. Manually importing contacts to Gmail from Excel can be a very time-consuming task especially if you have a large number of contact lists saved in an Excel file. For batch conversion of Excel contacts to Gmail-supported vCard files, we will recommend using a smart automated solution given below in the next section.

Automatic Solution to Import Excel Contacts to Gmail 

The mentioned manual solution is capable to complete the process to transfer Excel contacts to Gmail account. However, there are limitations to this manual solution to solve user queries about how to import contacts to Gmail from Excel. We bring the Best Excel to vCard Converter Tool. Use this tool to easily export multiple Excel files to vCard without losing any data or information. It works with all versions of Excel and all Windows operating systems, including Windows 11.

Complete Guide to Import Excel Contacts into Gmail 

  • First, Install and Run this software on your device and select the Browse button to select the files which you want to convert

Browse Excel File to import excel contacts into gmail

  • Select the desired MS Excel file and click the Open button

  • On the next screen, you will see a Preview of selected files

Preview all Excel file

  • After this, select vCard versions

select vCard version

  • Select the Change button to provide the Destination for the converted file

choose destination

  • At last, click the Convert option to complete the process

click on convert button to import excel contacts into gmail

More Benefits This Tool Provides

  • Tip-1. This tool is capable of merging all contacts to a single vCard/VCF file and also it can make different vCard files for different contacts to easily import Excel contacts into Gmail.
  • Tip-2. With the help abovementioned tool, you can export any type of Excel file to vCard. After that, it becomes really easy to import the vCard/VCF file in both the iCloud contact folder and iPhone. However, the software is capable of creating VCF files in v3.0. and v4.0., which is easily supported by iCloud and iPhone. 
  • Tip-3. Use the mapping option to transform the information in each column into a vCard field. The drop-down menu for the Excel field will list all columns once the entire Excel file has been loaded by the XLSX to VCF converter.


The direct conversion of Excel contacts into Gmail is not possible. So, users have to follow a two-step conversion i.e first they have to export contacts from Excel to vCard and then this vCard can be easily imported into Gmail account.

We have discussed the drawbacks of the manual method and why the user with an automated tool always has more benefits to importing phone numbers from Excel to Google Contacts. Therefore, in this blog traverse the stepwise guide to import contacts from Excel to Gmail without any loss of data.


Que-1. Are there any privacy concerns with importing contacts?

Ans. Gmail follows strict privacy and security protocols so all your imported contacts are secure within the platform, and Gmail adheres to industry standards for data protection.

Que-2. Why use an automated solution for importing Excel contacts into Gmail?

Ans. Automated solutions, like the mentioned tool, overcome manual drawbacks. They ensure consistency, avoid duplication, and are efficient for batch conversions of Excel contacts.

Que-3. Why would someone want to import Excel contacts into Gmail?

Ans. Users often store contact information in Excel, and importing it into Gmail enables easy access, sharing, and synchronization of contacts through the Google Contacts application.