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Outlook Not Responding While Sending Mail -Top Six Methods

Anuraag Singh | Modified: February 21, 2023|Outlook, Updates | 6 Minutes Reading

Everyone knows that the fundamental task of any emails client is sending and receiving emails. And Outlook does the same but have you ever been in a situation where you are not able to send emails? If your answer is yes and looking for the solution to fix this error, then here in this blog we are going to discuss the all then possible method that going to help you in order to fix Outlook not responding while sending mail.

We all know that Outlook is one of the most popular emails application. Hence this issue is quite big because during the writing of this article we have done some research. And we found that there are many users experiencing this and for the solution, they repeating this issue on various forums. Let’s see some of the users’ queries!

Well, the above user query is asked by the Outlook 2016 users on the Microsoft community. Now, this is not the single user we have seen there are many of them looking for the solution. So after considering the requirement we have come up with a solution.

But before going toward the solution let’s have a look at the causes that help you to understand the what is reasons for this error and how to save yourself from getting this error again in the future.

Reason for Outlook Not Responding While Sending Mail

  • The very first reason for this error is the outdated Outlook application.
  • If you are running more than one program using the PST file, then you will notice this error.
  • Add-in that conflicts with the Outlook program.
  • Corrupted Outlook data files or folder is also the reason for this issue.
  • Antivirus confliction with Outlook program

Now, after knowing the reasons let’s resolve this error by solving the causes one by one.

Troubleshooting Methods to Fix Outlook Not Responding While Sending Mail

Tip 1: Check For Internet Connectivity

If your Outlook gets stuck while sending the mail, then before going to tweak any settings of Outlook first check for your internet connection. Now, to check the internet connectivity first your router and if everything is okay, then open any browser and search for any keyword to check it the internet is working or not.

Now, if your internet is working fine, and you still facing the issue, then move the next method to fix the Outlook not responding while sending mail.

Tip 2: Install the Update

As we said above is the reason part that outdated Outlook version can be also the reason for this error. So, if your Microsoft Office is out of date, then simply update your Outlook application. Because if you install critical, suggested, and optional updates, you can always resolve problems by changing out-of-date files and fixing vulnerabilities. As a consequence, ensure that you have the latest recent Outlook updates.

Tip 3: Examine the Event Viewer

When this error message “Outlook error failure” is received, users should check the Event Viewer. Using an event viewer, users may rapidly sort the problems. Simply consider the following:

1. Actions Click “Start menu” in the search field and type “Event.”

2. Select “View event viewer” or “View event logs” from the search results.

3. Now, navigate to Event Viewer >> Logs >> Application Windows Logs.

In the program’s “Source” column, look for “Windows Error Reporting” or “Request Error.”

The issue will be visible in recent logs, and you will be able to remedy it if you can identify the fault.

However, you may not always acquire useful information. In that case, you must implement the following solution.

Tip 4: End the Conflicted Programs

If any program is scanning or using an Outlook data file, then you will notice an error like this. So it is very to end all teh applications that creating issues. Now to do this simply follow the below steps:

First, you have to open the Task Manager and to open it press the Ctrl+Alt+Del button.

Now, select the Task Manager option.

After this go to the Processes tab

Now, search for Outlook select it and click on the End Process.

Tip 5: Disable Unnecessary Outlook Add-ins.

Faulty add-ins can also cause a number of issues, including an inability of Outlook to respond. As a result, removing unnecessary installed add-ins is preferred. Take steps to disable add-ins.

1. The first step is to launch Outlook securely.

2. Simply type “outlook.exe /safe” and press the window key together with the R key.”

3. Navigate to File >>Add-ins>.

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4. Unnecessary dialogue box add-ins are disabled. And change your perception.

Tip 6: Repair Outlook Data File

Well after trying all the above troubleshooting methods if you are still getting this issue, then there is a chance that you are facing a corruption issue with your Outlook data file. Now to fix this error you have to repair the Outlook PST file.

The best thing is that Outlook has its own Inbox repair tool that helps users to repair the Outlook data file. Now to use the ScanPST first you have to find the location of ScanPST

1. In Windows Explorer, look for the “Scanpst” 2 option. Then, using the navigation button, choose a corrupted file.

2. Then, using the browse button, choose a corrupted file.

3. After viewing the file, click the ‘Start’ option. The scanning procedure will begin.

4. Finally, hit the ‘Repair’ button to begin the repair operation.

5. Finally, restart Outlook and check to see whether everything is working properly.

Alternative Method for Repairing an Outlook PST File

After using the Outlook inbox repair tool if you are still getting the issue, then there is a chance that the Outlook data file is highly corrupted. So, in that case, you can use an automated solution to extract PST files in only a few clicks. Outlook PST Repair Tool this automatic tool comes with a number of features. You can instantly repair your corrupt PST file with only a few clicks.

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Furthermore, this tool is capable of completely retrieving lost e-mails from Outlook PST files and restoring all e-mails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, and so on with only a few clicks.

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Let’s Wrap Up

Not responding to email clients always affects work productivity. Now, if you are facing the same issue with Outlook, then here in this blog we have discussed five troubleshooting methods that help you in order to fix Outlook not responding while sending mail.