Outlook Crashes When Importing Contacts? This is What to do Next!

Anuraag Singh | Last Modified: May 25th, 2020 | Outlook, Tips

“I am using Office 2013 with Microsoft Outlook on my Windows 10 computer. Recently I have exported a CSV from my Google Contacts that comprises around 4000 contacts. Now, whenever I’m importing this CSV to MS Outlook, the application crashes within 10 seconds with mapi32.dll file error log. After checking Outlook 2013 crashes when importing contacts error on the web, I found there are so many queries related to the same but no solution. I renamed the contact file to mapi32.old and repaired Office but nothing happened. I tried to clean up some contact fields from my CSV file also and tried to import DOS version of CSV. It seems like mapi32.dll has so many issues but I have no idea how to get rid of this. Please help!”

Are you experiencing Outlook Crash issue while importing contacts and don’t know how to fix this? If your answer is YES, then this article is for you only. Here we will discuss the most common reasons responsible for Outlook crashes while importing contacts error and solutions to fix it.

outlook crashes when importing contacts

Why Outlook Crashes When Importing Contacts and How to Fix This Manually?

There might be several possible reasons that can result in Outlook crash while importing contacts CSV issue and some of the common reasons are as following:

  • The CSV you are trying to import to Outlook is corrupted or inaccessible due to which Outlook is unable to access and import it. So, first, open the contact CSV in MS Excel and save it with a new file name.
  • You are not mapping CSV fields properly with Outlook fields during the import process. Wrongly mapped fields are creating conflict and crashing Outlook while importing contacts.
  • The contact CSV does not contain a “Header Row” that comprises the name of all the contact fields. If this is the case, then there will be no contact fields for mapping and it will result in issues like Outlook 2016 crashes when importing contacts.
  • There is some issue with your Outlook Contacts folder and so try to set up a new Contacts folder.
  • The MS Outlook version you are using needs to be updated or there is some problem with your Outlook profile. So, either update your Outlook or uninstall and re-install MS Outlook on your system. After that, create a new Outlook profile and try to import CSV to Outlook.

The Ultimate Solution to Fix Outlook Crashes When Importing Contacts Error

If none of the above-described solutions works for you, then converting your contact CSV to vCard (VCF) is the only option you are left with. Because vCard is a standard file format to save contact information and MS Outlook allows to import contacts from vCard file also. Follow the guidelines given below to convert CSV to VCF safely:

  • Download Excel to vCard Converter on your Windows OS X computer and launch it

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Note: If you are a Mac OS X user then, it is recommended to download CSV to vCard Converter for Mac to fix Outlook crashes while importing contacts issue.


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  • Click on the Browse button and navigate to the location where your contact CSV is saved. Add the CSV file in the software and click Open

outlook 2010 crashes when importing contacts

  • The software will load the CSV file and preview the entire content with all contact details. If CSV looks fine in the preview pane, click Next

outlook crashes while importing contacts

  • Now, select a CSV contact field and choose the respective column from vCard Fields section. Click Add and map all the CSV fields with vCard. After mapping all the CSV fields with vCard, the tool will display the entire list of mapped contact fields. Click Next

outlook 2016 crashes when importing contacts

  • Select vCard version 2.1 / 3.0 / 4.0 and check Create Single vCard option. Click Change and browse a destination location for output vCard. Hit the Convert button to proceed

outlook crashes when importing contacts

  • CSV contacts will start converting into vCard file format right after this and the software will display the live status of the on-going process

Search Results Web results Outlook keeps crashing while importing contacts from a cvs file

Once CSV is converted into vCard, you are ready to import it into your Outlook Contacts. Below is how this can be done:

  • Launch MS Outlook on your computer
  • Click File >> Open&Export >> Import and Export

outlook 2013 crashes when importing contacts

  • Highlight Import a vCard File (.vcf) option, click Next

  • Navigate and select the converted vCard. Click Open

outlook 2010 crashes when importing contacts

  • All the vCard contacts will be imported and synced with your Outlook Contacts and can be accessed easily without any hassle

Concluding Lines

In this blog, we have discussed a common technical error i.e., Outlook crashes when importing contacts. All the possible manual and automated solutions to fix this issue are described here. The solutions mentioned here are simple and require no technical assistance. All the users facing Outlook crashes while importing contacts error can opt any of the given solutions and import CSV to Outlook successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is my Microsoft Outlook keep crashing?

A. There could be multiple reasons due to which your Outlook keep crashing. For example: PST file gets corrupted, missing directory files, corrupted Outlook profile etc.

Q. How do I stop Outlook from closing when I minimize?

A. Open Task bar, click on Show hidden icon. In the icons box, hit a right click on the Outlook icon and uncheck the Hide When Minimized option from the list. After this, your Outlook won’t crash after minimizing it.

Q. How to get Outlook to run in the background?

A. Open Outlook. Hit a right-click on Outlook icon and click on Hide when minimized. Now, don’t quit the application but minimize and it will start running in the background.