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How to Import Gmail Contacts to Nextcloud?

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Published On March 29th, 2024
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Overview: Looking for an easy way to import Gmail contacts to Nextcloud? Can’t find the proper way? no problem. This article describes a simple step-by-step solution to transfer contacts from Gmail to Nextcloud. The method presented here is simple, safe and 100% effective. So, go ahead and check it out!

Nextcloud is a file-sharing and collaboration platform. With Nextcloud, you can set up a virtual private server for your company or organization to share files internally. Or, you can use it to privately store files on your computer. The is an open-source software platform that you can install on your server. This means that you control the hardware, the operating system, and all the software involved in running it. You can use it with the cloud web hosting provided by Sectorlink. Or you can set it up on your home server.

Since this is an amazing data storage service so, most Google users are inclined towards it searching the solution for queries like how can I make my Nextcloud sync Google Contacts. To resolve the queries like this, we have come up with this article. In the subsequent section, we will show you a simple solution to move the Gmail contacts file to Nextcloud.

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Reason to Import Gmail Contacts into Nextcloud?

Transferring Google contacts to Nextcloud assists users put all their contacts, whether personal or professional, in one place, making it simpler to manage and update to enhance productivity. By importing their Gmail contacts into Nextcloud, users can simply open and manage them from any device with an internet connection. This will assist users in not replying to a particular email application or platform to open their contacts. Moreover, nextcloud provides advanced features for contact management, including the ability to generate groups and share contacts with colleagues or family members.

And…here we go!

Solution to Import Gmail Contacts to Nextcloud

Nextcloud does not provide a direct option to transfer Gmail contacts files to Nextcloud. So, the complete export of Google Contacts to Nextcloud is categorized into three major steps. It is highly recommended to follow each step carefully to avoid any kind of data loss situation:

Quick Steps to Import Gmail Contacts to Nextcloud

  • Step 1. Download Contacts from Gmail in a CSV File.
  • Step 2. Convert Gmail CSV files to vCard by using Software.
  • Step 3. Select the vCard/VCF Version in Software UI.
  • Step 4. Now, Easily Import the Resultant File to Nextcloud using the Import Option.

#Step 1: Export Contacts from Gmail

  • First of all, log in to your Google account from which you want to sync or import contacts to Nextcloud
  • Click on the Google Apps icon and select the Contacts option

Import Gmail Contacts to Nextcloud

  • Your Google Contacts will be listed on your screen. Select all the contacts you want to make Nextcloud sync Google Contacts

Transfer Gmail Contacts to Nextcloud

  • Click Export and select Google CSV as the export option. Hit the Export button

Move Gmail Contacts to Nextcloud

Once users have converted their Gmail contacts, users are ready to import them into Nextcloud.

Reasons Not to Export Contacts to vCard from Gmail Directly

Transferring Gmail contacts to Nextcloud is generally not a direct procedure, and users may encounter a few common problems along this method. Here are a few causes to not save Gmail contacts directly to the vCard file format.

Firstly, make sure users export their Gmail contacts in a format compatible with Nextcloud, like vCard. However, it is advised not to select the vCard file format when saving Gmail contacts because if users select the VCF file, users will get several vCard files for every one of their Gmail contacts.

Because users are converting directly to VCF, users will see various problems, such as wrongly mapped fields, contact details that are missing, connection errors, etc. By keeping these causes in mind, users can overcome any problems that may arise during the transfer procedure and ensure a smooth procedure of transferring their Gmail contacts to Nextcloud.

Alert: It is advised not to select vCard(.vcf) as an export option as you will get multiple .vcf files for each of your Gmail Contacts and then, importing these .vcf files into Nextcloud will be tedious. Also, doing this might keep you up with issues like mismatched contact fields, wrongly mapped fields, and missing contact information.

#Step 2: Convert CSV Contacts into vCard

Now, you have a .csv file with all your Gmail Contacts but, you cannot import this file directly into your Nextcloud account as it supports .vcf file only. therefore you can help Excel to vCard Converter Tool.

  • Download and launch Software on any Computer System
  • Click on the Browse button and add the CSV file

Move Google contacts to nextcloud

  • Preview your contacts along with the entire contact details. If CSV seems fine, click Next

Import Gmail contacts to nextcloud

  • Select the CSV Contact Field and map it with an appropriate vCard contact field. Do the same until all the CSV fields get mapped with vCard fields. Once done, click Next

Move Gmail Contacts to Nextcloud

  • Select vCard v3.0 or v4.0 and check Allow to export empty email addresses, Create a single vCard for all contacts options

Import Gmail Contacts to Nextcloud

  • Browse a location to save the resultant file, click Convert

Move Google contacts to Nextcloud

  • All the Gmail Contact fields will get converted into vCard file format right after this and you are ready to make your Nextcloud sync Google Contacts.

#Step 3: Import vCard Contacts to Nextcloud

  • Find “Settings” next to the gear button at the bottom of the left sidebar

TRransfer Google Contacts to Nextcloud

  • Click the gear button. The Contacts app Import button will appear

Import Gmail Contacts to Nextcloud

Note: The Contacts app only supports importing vCards versions 3.0 and 4.0.

  • Click the “Import” button and upload your VCF/Vcard file
  • After the import is complete, you will see your new contacts in your address book.

Right after this, all the Gmail Contacts will get imported into your Nextcloud account and you can access them easily from all the devices through your Nextcloud account.

Wasn’t that easy? Yes, right!

Wrapping Things Up!

Today most of us use cloud storage to make our database available 24*7 and for that, we use various cloud services including Google and Nextcloud. Moreover, sometimes we need to sync our cloud accounts to access their data from a commonplace. This is why in this write-up, we have discussed one such user requirement i.e., Nextcloud sync Google Contacts. If you are one of those users who’re searching for a solution for the same issue, then read this article and find out how to import Gmail contacts to Nextcloud effortlessly.


Q.1. What format do I import contacts into Nextcloud?

A.1. Nextcloud only supports the vCard/VCF file format to import contacts. You can easily export and import large contact files to Nextcloud using the vCard file format.

Q.2. Can I convert multiple Gmail CSV files to vCard using Converter Software?

A.2. Yes, you can easily do bulk conversion of CSV files to vCard without any data error or data loss by using the software mentioned above.

Q.3. Can I import Gmail contacts into Nextcloud from a mobile device?

A.3. Yes, you can import Gmail contacts into Nextcloud from a mobile device by using the same tool, but the steps are different for mobile users.