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How to Migrate Google Sheets to Office 365 – A Complete Guide

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Published On June 21st, 2023
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The article showcases the method to migrate Google Sheets to Office 365. These methods will also work for docs, ppts, and other documents you wish to move to O365. All in all, you will know how to move all kinds of documents and sheets from Google Drive into O365 one drive for business without any hassle. So, let’s get started!

Methods to Migrate Google Sheets to Office 365

We will be explaining two different methods to do this. The manual method requires users to perform all the tasks but is a free method. It may take time if you have hundreds of files to move. The automated solution requires minimal user intervention but is not a free solution. Moreover, you can also use it to move Google Drive files to Onedrive. Make sure to read both methods before choosing one.

But before getting into the lengthy manual way, here is the alternative:

5 Quick Steps to Migrate Google Sheets to Office 365

  • Step 1. Download & Activate Software on PC.
  • Step 2. Opt G Suite & Office 365 from Setup.
  • Step 3. Check Documents & Apply Date Filter.
  • Step 4. Enter & Validate the Required Credentials.
  • Step 5. Import Users & Click Start Migration.

Manual Method to Perform Google Sheets to Office 365 Migration

Find the step-by-step method with screenshots in the following section:

I. Log in to G Suite

  • First, log in to your G Suite account.

log in g suite

  • Once logged in, open Google Drive from your account.

open drive

II. Download the Google Sheets

  • Now, choose the sheets that you wish to move to O365, right-click and download them.

download sheets

  • After clicking on the Download button, the file(s) will be automatically zipped.

get zipped files

  • The file will be downloaded onto the local system.

files are downloaded

III. Extract the Compressed File

  • You have the compressed Zip file on your system. Extract all the sheets from the compressed ZIP file.

extract sheets

IV. Log in to the Office 365 OneDrive account

  • To transfer G Suite sheets to Office 365, log in to the O365 account. And, open the OneDrive account from the list of applications.

open onedrive

V. Migrate Google Sheets to Office 365

  • Finally, choose the Upload button to upload all the Google sheets you downloaded from G Drive.

upload google sheets to o365

This completes the process. Using this method, you can move all docs, sheets, slides, and other documents into Office 365. This is the freeway to migrate Google Sheets to Office 365 for an individual account.

Migrate G Suite Sheets to Office 365 (Optional – Emails, Contacts, Calendars)

If your requirement is not limited to just 2-3 accounts but involves a majority of G Suite users, you may need to opt for a method that can process and move sheets from all those G Suite accounts at once.

For this, use the best possible method to migrate Google Workspace to Office 365. It is a secure way to transfer G Suite sheets to Office 365 account along with emails, contacts, and calendars – You can choose what to move.

This utility allows you to easily migrate multiple G Suite sheets into specified O365 user accounts. It also provides a filter to sort out the sheets and other category data items. The GUI of the tool comes packed with all the help contents you will need for tool operation. It is a Windows & Linux-oriented tool for G Suite administrators for data migration.

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What’s more – The tool is operable by G Suite admin. You can choose the data items (Mails, Calendars, Contacts, Documents-Sheets-Slides) to migrate to Office 365 account. The permissions imposed on the sheets are also carried over to the O365 account. Furthermore, features such as delta migration, concurrent migration, etc, make it a remarkable application.

Here’s how the software works:

Step 1. Download and Activate the application on your system. Select Source as G Suite and Destination as Office 365.

select g suite

Step 2. Place a checkmark on the Documents box and apply filters and other settings. Then click on the Next button.

select documents

Step 3. Enter and validate G Suite Email, Service Account credentials, and certificate file path. Then validate permissions and click on Next.

validate creds

Step 4. Enter Office 365 Admin email and application ID. Then validate permissions and click on Next.

enter o365 creds

Step 5. Add the list of users that are involved in the migration. You can use any of these three methods as shown in the image below, in order to add users into the software. Then validate permissions and click on Next.

import users

Step 6. Click Start Migration, to transfer Google Sheets to Office 365.

migrate google sheets to office 365

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Concluding Everything

There are plenty of situations where a user wants to migrate Google Sheets to Office 365. Therefore, we provided a manual method with simple steps to help transfer files without any hassle. Apart from this, many admins look for a way to do this collectively for multiple user accounts. Some even want to move other data items like emails, contacts, and calendars along with the sheets. For those users, we have also provided a professional method with easy-to-understand steps.