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ImportExportTools Alternative – Comparison with ImportExportTools NG Add-on

Aldrich Calvin | Modified: 2022-05-07T06:53:42+00:00|Mozilla Thunderbird | 4 Minutes Reading

ImportExportTools NG is the best add-on for the Mozilla Thunderbird email client. It provides so many additional functionalities to the Thunderbird application, that it became the best extension for users.

But there is no tool that’s perfect. Everything has flaws!

Likewise, ImportExportTools has its own flaws, most particularly the lack of exporting attachments along with emails. Below, we will compare the ImportExportTools with its alternative and try to find the advantages and disadvantages of both these tools.

ImportExportTools NG Add on & Its Alternative – Comparison

ImportExportTools Add-on Functionalities

  • Export all folders
  • Export all folders with folder structure
  • Search and Export
  • Export folder in zip format
  • Export folder with subfolder (no structure)
  • Extract all emails to MBOX, EML, HTML(with / without attachments), Plain text, single text file, CSV, PDF(no attachments)

The important functionalities are:

  • Import MBOX file
  • Import messages (EML)
  • Messages from the directory and subdirectories
  • Not applicable to IMAP accounts

Alternative – MBOX Data Extractor (For Exporting Purpose)

  • Export all folders
  • Export all folders with folder structure
  • Date-Range Filters
  • Naming Convention
  • Advanced PDF settings
  • Export all/selected messages
  • Preview messages
  • Export MBOX emails to PST, EML, MSG, NSF, PDF & HTML – all with attachments
  • Also available for Mac

It is clear from the features that the alternative for exporting is much more efficient than the ImportExportTools NG addon. It preserves attachments and provides the most important export format missing in the ImportExportTools i.e., PST format. Along with the date-range filter, name convention, and other advanced settings, this is certainly the best alternative to ImportExportTools.

Alternative – Thunderbird Import Tool (For Importing Purpose)

  • Import MBOX file, MBS, MBX
  • Import EML, Maildir (Import messages)
  • Messages from the directory and subdirectories (from SBD folders)
  • Not applicable to IMAP accounts

When it comes to importing emails, there is not much difference in both ImportExportTools NG and its alternative. However, the alternative provides a wide range of email files to import emails from. So in that category, it is certainly the best alternative to ImportExportTools.

Working with Thunderbird ImportExportTools NG Add-on

This is a free add-on that needs to be installed and used in 3 different ways. Here we will only explain the general steps to use the add-on and not the complete method as it is fairly self-explanatory.

  • Go to Tools and select Add-ons

  • Search for ‘ImportExportTools’ in the search bar and press Enter key.

  • Now look for ImportExportTools NG and click Add to Thunderbird.

  • Restart Thunderbird once the add-on is installed successfully.

To use the add-on, do one of the following:

  1. Right-click on the email account name to get a variety of options in ImportExportTools
  2. Right-click on individual folders such as Inbox to get a variety of options.
  3. Righ-click on the email message(s) and select “Save selected message” to get a variety of options.

Keep in mind:

ImportExportTools add-on only works for Thunderbird 60 & lower versions.

ImportExportTools NG (v10) add-on work with 68.0-78.* versions.

The latest ImportExportTools NG (11.0) add-on works with 91.0-94.0 versions.

Working With ImportExportTools Alternative for Exporting Messages

This alternative has obvious advantages over the ImportExportTools add-on. As to how this tool works, find the steps below:

  • Download, Install and Launch the application on your Windows system.

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  • Click Add File on the welcome screen.

  • Select Thunderbird + Default profile settings and click on the Next button.

  • Select the account from which you want to process and export emails.

  • The software will preview all the emails. If you want to export only selective emails, click the checkbox button and right-click to choose the Export option.

  • If you want to export all emails, directly click on the Export button from the ribbon bar.

  • Now, select the format to export emails: EML, PST, PDF, MSG, NSF, HTML.

  • Each format has its own advanced settings such as Date-range filters, name conventions, and split files.
  • Finally, select the location to save the converted file and click the Export button for successful conversion.

Working with ImportExportTools add-on for Import functionality

  • Download, Install and Run the Alternative tool on your Windows system.

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  • Click Add File/Add Folder button.

  • Import the files and click Next.

  • Select Local folders and apply filters, then click Import.

  • The process is successful. Restart Thunderbird to view the imported files in Local folders.


The article compares the Thunderbird ImportExportTools add-on with two of its alternatives. Each alternative is a dedicated tool for Export and Import functionality respectively. Hence, they are much more efficient and worthwhile compared to ImportExportTools. The only shortcoming would be these alternatives are paid tools. However, the advantages are more than enough to give value to the trivial amount paid. Use the ImportExportTools alternative as per your requirements.