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How to Import VCF File to Gmail? Here Is The Free Solution

Eva Mendis | Modified: December 31, 2021|Contacts, Conversion, VCF File | 4 Minutes Reading

Many users want to know how to import VCF file to Gmail. However, finding a suitable solution is as difficult as applying the method. Therefore, to get them out of this problematic situation, we have come up with a way to transfer various VCF files to Gmail to solve this task. But first, it is important to know about VCF files.

A VCF file is an electronic business card that stores contact information such as email address, contact number, full name, photo, website address, etc.

Why is it Necessary to Import VCF into Gmail?

  • Gmail is easy to use and helps manage the data you store easily.
  • Gmail is one of the most powerful web email systems that Google has developed. Worldwide, millions of users use their Gmail account to send and receive email
  • You can access Gmail from your desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or library computer or from a friend’s house.
  • It allows sending and receiving e-mail over the Internet.

Manual Method to Import VCF File to Gmail 

To complete this task manually, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your  Gmail account, click on top-left corner and from drop down menu, and select “Contacts

select Contacts

  • From the Contacts window, click “More”–>”Import” then the Import Wizard is opened.

click import options

  • In the Import Wizard window, choose the path of all_in_one.vcf file.

choose the path vcf file

  • Last, all your contacts will be imported to the Gmail account.

Limitations of Manually Import VCF Contacts File to Gmail

There are certain limitations when manually transferring VCF file to Gmail. You cannot bulk convert contacts from VCF contact to Gmail by manual method. With it, you can only convert one contact file at a time. Therefore, it is a tedious and monotonous task. There is no guarantee that VCF contacts will successfully move to Gmail.

Automatic Solution to Import VCF File to Gmail Account

As the manual method has some limitations, you can use automated tool such as SysTools VCF to CSV Converter Tool. This conversion tool makes it easy to convert multiple contacts from VCF to Google CSV files without problems of size and data loss. This software is compatible with all VCF versions. The software has a simple interface so that even novice users can operate it easily without any prior knowledge.

First, you need to convert VCF contact file to Google CSV, then import Google CSV file to Gmail

1- Convert VCF Contact File to Google CSV

  • Download and Install SysTools Software on your Window Machine

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  • Choose the Add File & Add Folder

Add VCF file or Folder

  •  Click the Radio button for the Google CSV file, and click the “Browse” button.

click the CSV file

  • Select on the Export button

Export CSV file

2Import Google CSV File to Gmail Account

  • Now, you need to import the CSV file into your Gmail contacts. To do this, log into the Gmail account where you want to import the CSV

login Gmail Account

  • Then, Open the Google Contacts box

open contacts

  • Click on the settings icon and select Import options

import option

  • The Contact Import Wizard will appear after this. Click the Select file button. Click Import

Select File button

  • All vCard contacts will start importing into your Google Contacts account and all imported contacts will automatically sync with the Google Contacts list.


Advanced Feature of this Software

  • It also provides options to split large VCF files and merge multiple VCF files
  • Software convert multiple VCF files to PDF and other file format
  • The tool Supports to import VCF to Google contacts & Yahoo, etc.
  • The application is compatible with all VCF versions like 2.1, 3.0, 4.0, etc.
  • It supports converting VCF files from G Suite, Gmail, iCloud, Skype, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, WhatsApp, etc.
  • It is compatible with all versions of Windows OS 11, 10 and earlier


Gmail is a platform that needs no introduction. Also, some users want to import VCF file to Gmail. We have covered a direct manual method for importing VCF files into Gmail. With this approach, one can easily import VCF to google contacts, but it has some drawbacks that we have listed above. Also, we have suggested an alternative solution called VCF file conversion software. It is the right solution that allows users to import multiple VCF contacts files without any risk or data loss.