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How to Import Excel Spreadsheet to Outlook Contacts?

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Published On January 25th, 2023
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Import Excel Spreadsheet to Outlook ContactsNowadays multiple users are seeking a solution to import Excel spreadsheet to Outlook contacts. The main reason why users want to move MS Excel contacts to Outlook is that Outlook is a widely used email client all over the world that provides so many advanced features and functionalities to enhance the productivity and collaboration of your work. The Outlook is one of the simplest and safest email clients that stores contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc.

Therefore MS Excel users want to import their contacts from Excel spreadsheets to Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013. But they face various problems during the data transfer. Don’t worry! Here we will be going to discuss the simplest and most reliable method to execute such a task.

We all know that networking is very important in our lives, both personally and professionally. Many users prefer to store these in tables. But when users need to import address book from Excel to MS Outlook, they may face many problems. In fact, this is no easy task. Therefore, the next part of this article will guide you through manual and professional methods to efficiently transfer all Excel contacts to MS Outlook.

Methods to Import Excel File to Outlook Account

We have two solution that assists you to transfer Contacts from Outlook to Excel both of them are described in the upcoming section of this article, read them one by one and choose accordingly.

Both the solutions are described in detail check them out.

Manual Method to Import Excel Spreadsheet to Outlook Contacts 

First, we will talk about the process of the book. To simplify the concept, we divide the process into three stages:

First Step to Convert Contact from MS Excel

To move contacts from Excel files to Outlook, you need to save the Excel contacts to supported file

  • In the Excel program, go to the “File” tab and click on the “Save As” option

Select the save as Option

  • Set a destination to save contact information
  • In the Save as field, select the {Comma separated file option}. Then save the file

select the CSV option

  • If Available appears in the field, select Got it.

select the CSV option

You now have a copy of your Excel contacts in CSV format. You can keep the original Excel file as a backup in a safe location. The next step is to import contacts to Outlook



Second Steps: Import Converted File to Outlook

  • To access contacts in Outlook, start and go to the “Information” tab
  • Select Open & Export, then select Import/Export from the menu that appears

select Import/Export

  • Pick the Import from another program or file and Press the “Next” icon

import the file

  • Then select Comma Separated Values and click the Next icon

  • To import a converted file, press the Browse icon and hover over the file. Select the option where you want to select Outlook to manage and replace contact information and click the Next icon. We selected the Replace duplicates with imported projects option. This will replace duplicate contacts in Outlook

replace duplicate contacts in Outlook

  • After selecting the folder you want to import contact information from, press the Next icon. The target folder might be the contacts folder, but you can choose another folder where contact information is stored.

Once the process is completed open Outlook and checks the contacts. This manual procedure has some limitations like it lacks when you need to import multiple contacts. It doesn’t maintain the original folder structure throughout the process and there is a high risk of data tampering and data loss.

Automatic Solution to Import Excel Contacts to Outlook 2021, 2019, 2019

If the above method is a bit tedious and time consuming, then using an automated solution is highly recommended. The name of this program is Excel Converter Tool. Batch transfer of address book data from Excel file to Outlook is easy with the help of this tool. The utility that also gives you the ability to convert Excel file to HTML, PDF, TXT, vCard and multiple formats.

It is a smart automatic program that convert Excel spreadsheet to vCard format, a universally supported format where you can open Excel contacts in Outlook, mobile phones and on multiple platforms. In general, experts find the best professional solutions that are reliable and ensure secure data transfer. After using this program, when you get your contacts in VCF format, you can open Excel contacts in Outlook

Import Excel Spreadsheet to Outlook Contacts in 4 Steps

  • First, Download and Run the Tool
  • Then,  Select on the Browse Button to Load Excel Files

download Excel contacts Converter

  • Preview all Excel file using the browse button to the panel

Preview Excel file

  • Now, Select the Outlook Supported PST format Export option and then choose the location

click on PST File

  • At the final step, Hit on the Export to start the process.

start the precess

Summering Up

Multiple users were searching for the complete solution to import Excel spreadsheet to Outlook contacts. Therefore in this article, we described both the methods to execute such tasks. The manual solution has some limitations therefore we suggest you opt for the automated tool that is the professional way to move or transfer Excel documents directly into Outlook without any technical support.