Import Excel Spreadsheet to Outlook Contacts – Automated Tool

Aldrich Calvin | Last Modified: October 9th, 2020 | Excel, Outlook

Nowadays multiple users are seeking a solution to import excel spreadsheet to Outlook contacts. The main reason why users want to move MS Excel contacts to Outlook is that MS Outlook is a widely used email client all over the world that provides so many advanced features and functionalities to enhances the productivity and collaboration of your work. The MS Outlook is one of the simplest and safest email clients that stores contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc. Therefore MS excel users want to migrate their contacts from excel spreadsheet to Outlook contacts. But they face various problems during the data transfer. Don’t worry! Here we will be going to discuss the most simplest and reliable method to execute such a task.

Possible Method to Migrate Excel Spreadsheet 

We have two solution that assists you to import excel spreadsheet to Outlook contacts both of them are described in the upcoming section of this article, read them one by one and choose accordingly.

  • Automated Tool
  • Manual Solution

Both the solutions are described in detail check them out.

Import Excel Spreadsheet to Outlook Contacts in 5 Steps

Simplest and fasted method to migrate excels spreadsheet to Outlook in 5 simple steps. The automated tool is designed in such a way that a non-technical person can easily use the tool. With the help of this software, one can easily transfer an excel spreadsheet to Outlook contacts and it will exclude the duplicate contacts during the conversion process. The tool also maps the contacts in various fields and directly exports the contacts into Outlook. To know the working of the tool checks the below section.

Migrate MS Excel Contacts to Outlook

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  • Add the Excel file using the browse button to the panel

add media

  • Now, preview the excel file content before conversion

preview contacts

  • Map the Attributes ( Excel Fields or Outlook Attribute) accordingly

Map Attributes

  • Hit the Next button to begin the process

Next button

Wait for a while, once the software completed the process open MS Outlook and check the contacts are successfully imported or not. This is how one can successfully import an excel spreadsheet to Outlook contacts in a trouble-free manner.

Manual Method to Transfer Excel Spreadsheet to Outlook

It is a 2 step process in Step 1 you need to export contacts as CSV file format from MS Excel and in Step 2 you will able to import the CSV file into your Outlook account. A quite lengthy and time-consuming method for a non-technical person because you have to follow both the methods in a sequential manner. Read the upcoming section to know the working of the manual solution.

Step 1: Export Excel Contacts as CSV

  • Open MS Excel and select the file menu and then Save As option
  • Browse the destination folder to store the resultant file
  • Now, select the CSV file format from the drop-down menu
  • Hit the Save button to proceed further
  • Afterward, select the OK button and click on the Yes button to save the CSV files

Now, follow Step 2 to import that CSV file into Outlook Account.

Step 2: Import CSV file to Outlook Account 

Once step 1 is completed follow step 2 to import an excel spreadsheet to Outlook contacts.

  • Open MS Outlook and go to Export and Import option
  • Then, choose Import from another program or file option
  • Afterward, choose the CSV file format and hit the Next button to move further
  • Now, choose the folder to export contacts or you can create a new one
  • Finally hit the Finish button to begin the procedure

Once the process is completed open MS Outlook and checks the contacts. This manual procedure has some limitations like it lacks when you need to import multiple contacts. It doesn’t maintain the original folder structure throughout the process and there is a high risk of data tampering and data loss.

Summering Up

Multiple users were searching about the complete solution to import excel spreadsheet to Outlook contacts. Therefore in this article, we described both the methods to execute such tasks. The manual solution has some limitations therefore we suggest you opt for the automated tool that is the professional way to move or transfer excel documents directly into MS Outlook without any technical support.