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How to Import Excel File Contacts to Android Get Flawless Solution

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Published On April 29th, 2024
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Summary: Most users search for the query to import Excel file contacts to Android. This article is here with the best procedure to complete the conversion process in the best hassle-free manner. In this article, you will get some knowledge about Excel applications and the conversion technique for the hassle-free conversion process. 

Nowadays, Mobile phones are the most important part of our lives, every single person uses Android phones which are running on the Android Operating System. The majority of people use mobile for communication, storing data, and managing all contact information but some professionals who contain lots of data, store their contact files in Excel files like numbers, names, etc. That’s why users search for a solution to transfer Excel contacts files to Android.

On the other hand, Excel is mainly used for business or professional purposes to store data in huge amounts. Excel is prepared to store these types of data and multiple users search for the solution. If you are one of them, then this article is made up for you. Without wasting any time let’s get started with the conversion process. 

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Why Need to Transfer Contacts List from Excel to Android Phone

  • Contact Management: Many customers use Excel to manage information. Excel is a raw program that is easy to use to analyze raw data into reports. That’s why people use Excel to manage their contact information and then want to go back to their mobile phones.
  • Email Contacts and Customers: Most email and email account computer programs support CSV contact information that can be easily entered in Excel. That’s why people are looking for solutions like transferring contacts from Excel to phone solutions.
  • Synchronize Contacts With the Internet: Another reason to import a contact list from Excel to an Android phone is that you can use it to synchronize your contacts with the Internet so that you can update them when needed.

Expert Solution to Import Excel File Contacts to Android

Excel to vCard Converter Software allows you to import contacts from Excel spreadsheets to vCard files. This software has a simple layout and many advantages. You can easily import any exported version of an Excel contact file to your Android phone without any problem. This product supports many platforms including iPhone. You can use the product on both Windows and Mac computers.

With it, you can easily add Excel contact numbers to your Android phone. Beyond that, you have several options for saving your contacts to a Microsoft Excel file. At the same time, you will be given the option to select and import your contacts.  XLS to VCF Converter Free allows users to convert the first 25 contacts of Excel files by inserting the demo into Word. Convert Excel file to vCard/VCF format with Full Version Excel to VCF Converter.

Few Easy Steps to Import Contact List from Excel to Android Phone

In this section, we are going to start the conversion process, but before starting the process. You should know that this process is divided into 2 steps because Excel saves its files in XLS format and Android doesn’t support XLS files. So, first, we have to convert XLS files into vCard format and after this, we transfer the contacts list from Excel to an Android phone.

This section will show you the easiest way to import your contacts from Excel to your Android phone. The complete procedure falls into two main steps:

  1. Convert Excel Contact Sheet to vCard (.vcf)
  2. Import vCard files to Android phone

Step 1: Convert XLS Files to Android Supportable 

As we said above, android doesn’t support XLS format files before transferring Excel to an Android phone we have to convert Excel files to make these files android supportable. In this section of this article, we are going to convert Excel files to vCard format, there is no other solution to convert Excel files. But we are here with the best automatic software for quick and hassle-free conversion.  

  • Firstly, Run the software on your device and select the Browse option for the selection of files that need to be converted

transfer contacts list from excel to android phone

  • After that, you will have the Preview display of your selected files

import contacts from excel to android phone

  • Then, match the Fields with vCard fields by selecting Excel and vCard fields

import contact list from excel to android phone

  • Now, select the vCard version in which you need to convert

import contact list from excel to android phone

  • Then, hit the Convert button and end the conversion process. 

how do i transfer contacts from excel to phone

Step 2: Import Converted Excel Files into Android 

In the above section, we make Excel files compatible with Android. So now, we are going to elaborate on the process of importing vCard files to an Android phone. Follow the mentioned below steps one by one for the complete conversion process. 

  • First, open the contacts icon on your Android phone

import contacts from excel to android phone

  • Then, you will see the 3 dots on your left and select the Import/Export option

import contact list from excel to android phone

  • After this, you will get import from .vcf file option & browse vCard selected files

how to transfer contacts list from excel to android phone

  • Select the vCard file from the selected location and the process of importing Excel file contacts to Android will start

how do i transfer contacts from excel to phone

  • Lastly, you can access the Excel contacts on your Android phone

import contacts from excel to android phone

Export Excel File into CSV

  1. Open the Excel workbook (XLS/XLSX) on their PC which users are required to export into CSV file format.
  2. Hit the office icon and select save as >> other formats
  3. Navigate a destination to save a new CSV file and enter a name for this. Now, choose save as type: CSV (comma delimited) (*.CSV) option and hit on the save option.
  4. A message will be displayed if the chosen workbook comprises several Excel sheets. Hit the OK button to save only the active sheet.
  5. One more wizard will come out on their screen and hit on Yes to save the selected workbook in the same.

Extract Contacts from CSV

After converting the Excel workbook into CSV file format, users are required to transfer the contacts from this CSV file. Below are the steps for the same.

  1. On their PC, click the Windows logo button and write contacts in the search box. Hit the contacts option under the programs list.
  2. The contacts wizard will be opened on their screen. To transfer the contacts from the CSV file, choose the import tab.
  3. In the Import to Windows Contacts pop-up, choose CSV (Comma comma-separated values) from the menu list and click on the import button to continue further.
  4. Next, add the CSV file to transfer. Hit on browse to locate the file.
  5. Select the CSV file from which from want to import the contacts to their PC. Hit on open.
  6. The chosen CSV will be mentioned in the edit box. Hit on next to continue.
  7. All the text along with contact fields will be shown here. Now, map them appropriately. For instance, hit on the name of the employee field.
  8. Choose the contact field from here. For instance, select the name field if users have selected the name of the employee. Hit the OK button.
  9. Map all fields in the same way. Once the mapping of contacts fields and text is done, hit finish to begin the import procedure.

Step 3:- Export Contacts from Gmail vCard

  1. Sign in to Gmail contacts and select the export button.
  2. Select export as the vCard option and press export.
  3. Converting Gmail contacts into vCard.
  4. Finally, your contacts are exported to VCF extension.


In the above write-up, we discuss the query to import Excel file contacts to Android. We try to provide you with the best possible conversion solution, through which you can convert your Excel files in a few clicks.