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How to Import Contacts from Text File to Android?

Jaspreet Singh | Modified: January 21, 2023|Excel | 4 Minutes Reading
Got a brand new smartphone and now want to import contacts from Text file to android? Don’t worry, it isn’t a tough task anymore. Don’t believe us? Read this article.

Our smartphones let us do so many things and ease of communication is one of the best specialties of our phones. All the people we often keep in touch with, are represented in our mobile contacts. And it becomes important that we do not lose these contacts while changing our phones or devices.

However, whenever we buy a new shiny smartphone, transferring contacts from some other platform to Android seems like a cumbersome and tedious task. Also, most of us don’t even know where to start, should we type each contact information manually or what?

Well, now it is easy to import contacts to an Android phone as all you have to do is save all your contacts into an Excel TXT file and then move text contacts file from to Android phone. In the subsequent section, we will explain how to import contacts from text files into Android with the help of a simple step-by-step approach.

Expert Solution to Import Contacts from Text File to Android

The Excel to VCF Converter Software allows users to convert excel sheet to vCard/VCF file with a few clicks. With the help of this program to convert excel contacts to vCard, users can safely and securely convert multiple files in Excel to vCard. It is an easy-to-use automated tool that is perfect for novice users. It does not require any skill or guidance to perform Excel data conversion.

This application you can map the Excel entry to the vcf field and specify the Excel entry to replace the desired vCard field. The utility is all self-contained and does XLS to vCard conversion efficiently. No third party applications such as Excel are required. The tool supports all latest Windows versions to convert Excel spreadsheets to vCard files, such as Win 11, Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, etc.

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Step by Step Guide to Import Contacts from Text File to Android

  • Download the automatic software on your Windows and Mac computer System
  • After that, choose the browse button to Select Excel data files

browse Excel Files

  • Navigate and add the Text file from your local system. Preview text file contacts along with entire contact fields. Click Next

Preview all Excel Files

  • Choose Excel Fields on the left side of the screen

map attributes

  • Now, select vCard v3.0 or v4.0 and check Allow to Import Empty Email Addresses, Create Single vCard for All Contacts options. Browse a location to save the resultant file

apply vCard version settings

  • All the Text file Contacts will start converting into vCard file format right after the moment and let the process get complete successfully.

Import Converted vCard to Android Contacts

Now that you have your vCard, you can easily import contacts from Excel to your phone with the help of the following instructions:

  • Connect your device with the system and configure your mobile. Select the contact i.e. VCF file and select the Send to option to move the address book to your device

Connect the device

  • Now remove the USB cable from the system and open the root of your Samsung mobile device. Open Settings and select Manage Contacts

select Manage Contacts

  • Select on the Import/Export

Select import options

  • In the next step, select Import vCard file from Samsung phone and click Import

import vCard files

  • Choose the destination to import from Excel to Samsung

choose the destination

  • Select VCF contact and click Done

click on done

  • Select the location where the VCF file should be imported. Pick the Phone Settings

Select the Phone Settings

  • Now, users can view foreign contacts in the contact list of their Samsung device.

contact list of their Samsung device

Final Words

After purchasing a new smartphone, sooner or later users ask how to import contacts to the smartphone. This is why we suggest you save all your contacts within an Excel file. And then import contacts from the text files into Android. If you do not know how to import contacts from text file to android. Then in this article, we have disclosed the complete procedure in a simple way without any hassle.