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Want to Convert Excel to VCF for Android? Read This!

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So, you want to import contacts from excel file to android phone? But not getting an appropriate solution right? Well, that’s okay! In this article, we are going to introduce you to the best solution to convert Excel to VCF for Android to add contacts from Excel to Android.

excel to vcf for android

How to Convert Excel to Android Contacts?

Excel to vCard Converter is a powerful utility that converts all Excel sheet (.xls / .xlsx) contacts to Android supported vCard (VCF) file format. No matter if you are technically savvy or not, you can operate this software without any technical assistance due to its simple GUI.

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All the Excel files including XLT, XLSM, XLSB, XLTX, XLSX, ODS, TXT, SLK, DBF, TSV, DIF and others can be converted into Android contacts simply using this. The Excel to Android Converter software is successfully tested with 40000+ contacts and it converted all of them in a single go even without losing a single bit of information.

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Why Should You Use This Software to Convert Excel to VCF for Android?

Since there are multiple methods and software available in the online marketplace to import contacts from Excel files to Android phones then, why we are recommending you to use this software only? Because this software is trusted and tested by thousands of users. So, read what users have to say about this:

“I had a large Excel file with 21000+ contacts and due to some reasons, I was required to import contacts from Excel to Android phone. First, I downloaded the Demo version of Excel to Android Converter then, I purchased its Full Version. Trust me, this software converted all my Excel XLS contacts into a single vCard within a few minutes and I imported the vCard to my phone. This software is very easy to use and does not result in any kind of data loss while converting Excel to VCF for Android. So, everyone out there must give it a try at least!”

-Austin MacDonnell, Australia

“One of my friends suggested me to use this Converter tool to convert Excel to vCard for Android. And I am very satisfied with its work and excellent features. Thanks a lot to the whole developer team for designing such an innovative and handy software.”

-Max Freud, Germany

What Can Be Done Using This Software?

Convert All Excel File Types

The Excel to Android Converter software is capable to convert contacts from .xls, .xlsx and all other Excel file types to Android supported vCard. Moreover, it can be used to convert Excel files generated by all versions of MS Excel, including Microsoft Excel 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000.

excel to vcard for android

Preview Excel File contacts

Once you add an Excel file to the software, it will load the file and get a full view of saved Excel file contacts. All the contacts will be displayed in the table along with all the contact attributes.

Excel to Android Converter

Map Excel and vCard Fields

In order to synchronize contact fields properly, a field mapping option is also provided by the software. You can select an Excel contact field and match it with the respected vCard attribute according to your requirements.

export contacts from Excel to Android phone

Multiple vCard Versions

All the devices and applications support different vCard versions. So, the Excel to Android Converter software allows converting Excel contacts to vCard v2.1, v3.0, and v4.0. You can choose desired vCard version to export contacts from Excel to an Android phone.

import contacts from excel to android phone

Convert Unlimited Excel Contacts

The software to import contacts from Excel files to Android phones can convert multiple Excel spreadsheet contacts to Android VCF in a single attempt. So, it does not matter how many contacts are saved within your Excel file because it will convert Excel to VCF for Android in bulk.

Excel to Android Converter

Final Words

Excel spreadsheets are best to manage contacts information but, when it comes to accessing these contacts from other devices like Android phones, most of us find it difficult. This happens because Android devices do not provide an option to import Excel files instead of vCard. Hence, users need to convert Excel to VCF for Android. In this article, we have disclosed the simplest solution to export contacts from Excel to Android phones. From now import contacts from an Excel file to an Android phone will be no more a difficult task for users.