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Learn How to Remove Attachments from Apple Mail Smartly

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Published On May 11th, 2023
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remove attachments from Apple Mail

In an attempt to free up storage space from our Apple mail accounts, we often end up deleting important email messages that we might later regret losing. Therefore, learning how to remove attachments from Apple Mail can be a good alternative. Large attachments of email messages usually take up a lot of storage space in the Apple mail server.

Often these attachments are of no use to the user and can be removed from the email message to reduce its size. In this way, we can keep all our Apple emails and also make ample space to send/receive new emails. Let’s find out both manual & automated solutions for the same.

How to Remove Attachments from Apple Mail Manually?

The manual solution is the most recommended one. So, let’s have a look at how this manual solution works. Also, we’re going to discuss about the drawbacks for the same as well.

  1. Log in to your Apple mail account.
  2. Open the email whose attachment you wish to remove. 
  3. Tap the Message tab and select Remove Attachments from the drop-down list. 

manual step

The attachment(s) from the selected message will be deleted. 

To learn hwo to remove attachments from Apple Mail in bulk at once, follow the below steps: 

  1. Open your Mac mail account.
  2. Select all the emails present in your mailbox by pressing Command + A keys. You can also select consecutive emails in batches by clicking on the emails while keeping the Shift key pressed. 
  3. Select the Message tab and then the Remove Attachments option.

This will delete all the attachments from the selected emails. Apart from the Inbox, you can also use this method to remove attachments from the mails present in the Sent, Draft and Trash folders.

A Word of Caution

It is to be noticed that attachments, once removed, cannot be retrieved by any means, so users are always advised to take the backup of their Apple mailbox before attempting any such operation of bulk deletion of emails or attachments.

Manual Method Limitations to Delete Attachments from Apple Mail

The manual method works fine if you have to remove attachments from a few email messages. It is, however, neither suitable nor recommended for removing attachments from a large number of Apple mails as there is a high risk of losing important data. Moreover, the manual process offers no option to save the removed attachments for later reference. This implies that attachments once removed, whether intentionally or accidentally, cannot be retrieved again.

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How to Delete Attachments from Apple Mail Using Automated Method?

As it is not at all advisable to risk the loss of your crucial data, experts always suggest you take the help of a professional solution to remove attachments from your email messages. The suggested MBOX Compress Tool comes with many unique functionalities that allow you to remove email attachments and optimize the speed and performance of your email client services.

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The trial version of the tool is available free of cost and allows users to compress/remove attachments from the first 15 email files.   

How to How to Remove Attachments from Apple Mail Step by Step?

As this is a Windows-based utility, we need to first import our Apple mails in the MBOX file format and then load the file into the MBOX Compress tool. Let us now follow these steps to learn how to work with this tool:

  1. Download, install, and run the software on your machine. The Welcome screen appears.
    launch tool
  2. Select the type of file— MBOX / MBX / MBS—from which you wish to remove attachments.
    select mbox
  3. Click on the appropriate option from the Add File(s) / Add Folder/ Search Files buttons.
    add files
  4. Choose either of the following options to delete attachments from your email files:
    1. Remove Attachments: Deletes all attachments from email files. Use this option only if you are sure that you won’t be needing these attachments ever again. 
    2. Remove and Save Attachments: Deletes attachments from the email files, but saves them in a separate folder on your local system. This is a safer option to choose as it allows you to revisit the removed attachments, if any such need arises in future.
      remove attachments from Apple Mail
  5. Click the Next button to proceed further. The Preview pane shows the structure and hierarchy of the selected files/folder containing the MBOX files.
    view hierarchy
  6. Click the Change button to set the destination path of the location where you would like to save your compressed MBOX files.
    set destination
  7. After setting all the options, click the Next button to start the file compression process.
    remove attachments from Apple Mail

A pop-up message appears indicating the successful completion of the process. Click the OK button to close the message box. This is how users can learn how to remove attachments from Apple Mail

The tool will automatically redirect you to the destination location selected by you. Here, you can find both your compressed email folder and the folder containing all the removed attachments.

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Unique Features of MBOX Compress Tool

  • Allow you to compress email files with or without file extensions
  • Provision to save the removed attachments in a separate folder  
  • Reduce the size of MBOX/MBS/MBX files by removing attachments 
  • Compress bulk MBOX files without any restrictions on size of uploaded files
  • Multiple filters allow you to compress only a few selected MBOX files
  • Compress and remove attachments as per the specified File format and File size
  • Date range filter to compress MBOX files from only the specified time period 
  • Support MBOX files generated by nearly all web services and email clients
  • Live progress report helps you to track the ongoing compression process
  • Work with all the editions of Windows OS and Windows Server

Solution For Selective Emails

In case you wish to how to delete attachments from Apple Mail for some specific emails, you can set the following filter options:

  • Date Range Filter: Select the Include Date Filter radio button to remove attachments from only a particular lot of emails sent/received within a specific time period. Choose Exclude Date Filter if you do not wish to apply this filter.
  • File Size/File Type Filter: You can also set filters for the removal of attachments as per their size and format. For instance, you can set that only PDF attachments more than 10MB should be removed.  


This blog covers one of the most searched topics of almost every Apple mail user: how to remove attachments from Apple Mail platform? Here, we have discussed multiple ways to answer this query. We have provided both manual and automated solutions using which you can easily remove attachments from your Apple emails.

You can choose any of these solutions as per your individual requirements; however, we will strongly suggest you to go with the automated tool as it will allow you to have a customized file compression experience without any fear of data loss.