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How to Recover Deleted DVR Recordings DirecTV in a Professional Approach

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Published On January 25th, 2024
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It was the best day of your life…

Why wouldn’t it be?

Your son was performing in a live event. And the whole world will see his talent on live broadcast TV.

You recorded the event and saved it to keep it as a loving memory.

But one day… Accidentally you deleted an entire series of recordings in place of one show.

Any parent will be in an anxiety attack after this incident.

By the way, it is not an imaginary problem.

This was a real-time situation that was sent by one of the DirecTV users.

recover deleted DVR recordings DirecTV

In this situation, the user only seeks to find out how to recover deleted DirecTV DVR recordings?
Well, this post will inspect and recognize the reasons for the deletion. Along with all the possible potential solutions that can be used on how to retrieve deleted recordings from DVR DirecTV?

Reason for Recordings Deletion

  • Space Issues – When the HDD of DVR is likely to fill up, then the deletion of shows occurs on its own and it will not permit the new program  to record
    how to recover deleted DVR recordings DirecTV

(The instruction is given by DirecTV Genie DVR)

  • Automatic Deletion – The default setting is up to 30 days for automatic deletion unless DVR decisively deletes older recordings to make space on the hard drive.
  • Deleted by mistake – Being human errs is in our nature. As we have seen the same in the above-mentioned query.
  • Software updates – Sometimes newly updated software and DVR platforms do not comprehend properly. It results in incompatibility or conflict between them.
  • Hard drive failure – A longer span of time causes wear and tear within the hard drive. Also, sometimes external factors like temperature, humidity, and moisture impact adversely.

These reasons create scenarios where the user wants to know how to recover deleted DirecTV DVR recordings?

Precautionary Step to Recover Deleted DVR Recordings DirecTV

When the deletion of recordings occurs by any means, then the user must stop using the recorder instantly.

Otherwise, it will result in overwriting on previous recordings. And once the data is overwritten by new information then there are negligible chances to recover the recordings.

Now it’s time to move to a solution on how to recover deleted programs on DirecTV. Here all the possible solutions are mentioned.

Restart DirecTV Receiver Box

When the user restarts the main device, it will give fresh impetus to the DVR client. If the DVR is stuck due to any technical issues, it will reload the DVR processor and refresh the system.

There are two most prominent methods to reset the DirecTV box client.

Method#1. Rebooting of DirecTV DVR

When you are aware of fact that internal malfunctioning caused the deletion or disappearance of recordings.

The first thing that need to be done to recover deleted DirecTV DVR recordings is the rebooting of DirecTV DVR. Follow these steps:

Note – Avoid this step if the hard drive is making any sort of unusual sounds. In this case, the possibility of defects is more likely in the HDD of the DVR rather than in the DVR functioning.

  • Check for the red reset button. For most DirecTV DVRs, the reset button is located behind the small door on the front of the DVR box in the left corner.
  • You will see a small PUSH sign on it. Press there and it will open the panel. A card slot and a small red button can be seen inside.
  • Press the red button.
  • Now sit back and let the DVR do the rest of the configuration.

For a few DirecTV recipients and DVRs, the reset button is located beside it as in plain view.

Note- If the user is experiencing issues within the Genie Mini, then perform the above actions in the main Genie DirecTV DVR too.

Method#2. Re-plugging the Power Supply Cable

  1. Remove the DirecTV client power cord from the electrical outlet.
  2. Wait for 20-30 seconds and plug it back into the same designated place.
  3. Now press the Power button on receiver box and allow it to reboot.
  4. Press on the LIST button on the remote and check in the list of recorded shows OR by pressing MENU and selecting recordings
  5. Check if the deleted/missed/disappeared recordings are now displayed in the recordings or not.

Note – Do not perform Factory Resetting unless the user wants to remove the favourite shows, playlists and other customised preferences.

If the reboot is unable to bring back the deleted recordings, then most probably the hard drive of the DVR is corrupted by now.

What About DVR Recordings Recovery?

DVR Data Recovery Tool has ability to recover deleted recordings from DirecTV Genie.

The software is designed to recover deleted DirecTV DVR recordings from a corrupted, formatted hard drive. Even if the recordings are deleted by the user intentionally or accidentally, it will do the task. This tool can recover data from Toshiba external hard drive

Why is it an Idol Solution?

  • Support almost DVR brands like DirecTV, Spectrum, Verizon, etc.
  • Recover recordings from all kinds of deletion activities.
  • Effortlessly deals with Bad sectors in Drives and recover the data.
  • Restore video files that are corrupted due to power outages.
  • Recoup recordings infected due to software bugs and errors
  • Retrieve the programs’ recordings in case of internal hard drive corruption and failure.
  • It recovers shift deleted PDF files from hard drive

Wise Words

Irrespective of the brand, all equipment is vulnerable to software and hardware malfunctioning.
It is advised to always keep a backup of your adored recordings.

Wind Up

“To err is human” these lines by Alexander Pope reveal that human nature tends to make mistakes.
When a user deletes their DVR recordings by mistake or he regrets the intentional deletion after vanishment of his favorite shows. He leaves no stone unturned to find out how to recover DirecTV deleted DVR recordings. This post presented some solutions to rectify those omissions and faults.
The user should try every last option if the recordings are really precious to him. DVR data recovery is the Ace in the hole when nothing went right for the user.