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How to Delete CCTV Recording in CP Plus? 4 Different Ways

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Published On May 7th, 2024
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Most of the users think it is very difficult to delete camera recording in CP Plus. If you are one of them and want to delete CCTV recording in CP Plus camera,. Then, you are at an appropriate place. Here you will learn 4 methods to delete your camera recording from DVR.

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Is it Possible to Delete CP Plus Camera Recording?

Yes! Why not? if users own the security system, then they can do it on a daily basis. One more option is to choose the ‘SET Automatic option’ if you have no time to do this by yourself. It is available without any subscription cameras that let users record on free cloud storage.

Keep one thing in mind: you can’t overcome an incriminating video that’s not taken from your camera. The cause? The footage was taken on various devices and you can’t possibly get copies of all the cameras. In deleting footage, irrespective of storage type, users need access to the admin password that originates in the camera settings.

How to Delete CCTV Recording in CP Plus?

In this section, we will explain how to delete camera recording in CP Plus. So read it to learn 4 workarounds.

Workaround 1: How to Delete Camera Footage from SD Card

If you record videos of your camera on an SD card, then you can simply delete particular CCTV footage in CP Plus.

But first, you have to check the timestamp and size of your footage. If you want to erase few recordings, then take out your memory card from the camera, and erase your unused footage by using a card reader on your computer or laptop.

Workaround 2: How to Delete Camera Recording from DVR

  1. Attach your DVR to the computer.
  2. Sign in to the DVR and go to its Device Settings.
  3. Click on disk management option, and then you can format the computer to erase all your recording and footage.

Workaround 3: How to Delete CCTV Camera Footage from System

Few may choose to record IP cameras straight from their system than a dedicated DVR. If it’s a fact for you, follow the steps below on how to delete camera recordings in CP Plus.

  1. Attach your cameras to PC.
  2. Search the file on the system storage path.
  3. Choose and delete particular recordings.

Workaround 4: How to Delete CCTV Recording in CP Plus With Alternative Solution

If the above methods do not work for you, then you can use Data Wipe Services to delete particular CCTV footage in CP plus. We have experts and we provide flawless deleted services. We completely monitor regulatory compliances for data protection. Our skilled people execute delete as a service, utilizing data-wiping technologies chosen to meet the exclusive needs of our customers.

To avail of these services, you have to visit our office. We have an expert erasure team that follows values to wipe the CCTV recording in CP plus. Users no longer have to worry about safety and security, as they can select onsite or offsite data wiping.

What If you Mistakenly Delete CCTV Camera Footage?

So you don’t have to worry; we are always ready to help you with the help of the most professional and experienced experts. With this Hard Disk recovery Wizard, you can easily recover data files lost due to intentional or unintentional deletion.

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It performs a deep disk scan and recovers all deleted data in minutes. To avoid inconvenience, always mark deleted files in red after recovery. Therefore, it is the best tool to recover deleted DVR recordings from DirecTV.

  1. Download the hard disk recovery software.
  2. Select the Scan or Formatted Scan option.
  3. Then preview all the data files.
  4. Save all data files.

Final Verdict

Users must always be careful, doesn’t matter what sort of footage you have on your CP plus camera. Before deciding to donate or recycle it. We have answered this query on how to delete CCTV recording in CP plus. Keep this in mind: just removing footage from the recycle bin or trash does not remove it from your device. It means that its destination is available.

With the help of a hard drive data recovery application, you can quickly recover those files on your camera computer, or laptop. So be careful about your crucial recording choose any solution above and delete CP plus camera recording.