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How to rebuild PST file? Fix MS Outlook PST File Corruption Issues

Anuraag Singh | Modified: March 4, 2023|Outlook, PST, Recovery | 6 Minutes Reading

The user endeavors when the Outlook files are found corrupted. He starts seeking out how to rebuild the PST file. There are several reasons that can trigger Outlook PST files to be damage or lead to corruption. We have shown two mostly used methods to correct the PST files. Firstly check why these PST files get corrupted.

Hardware Related Issues

Damage in the Data Storage Device – Whenever your computer hard disk crashed down, loss of PST files increases, and this loss can also be permanent.

The problem in Network devices– PST files saved on Network Servers and while fetching information from a client computer machine, you might encounter network defect due to network linkages. If the network accessories are connected to those network links it will lead to causing corruption and inaccessible issues.

Sudden Power Shortage – During accessing the PST files, a power failure problem is faced by users, as a result, you may face PST file damage or corruption occurrence in the data.

Software related Issues

Recovery of File Systems – In most cases this is the prime contributor to the damaging of PST files. If you have noticed the damage in the system files, the chances increase that PST files too can corrupt at the same time. PST data files might be missed or overwritten during recovery.

Virus or Malware Attack – Outlook PST files also get attacked by various viruses which can make your PST data inaccessible and left damaged. But it is possible to recover your Outlook data from virus attacks, you just need to try an authentic solution for it.

File Size Exceed – If the file of PST file exceeds more than a certain limit. The inefficiency of processing of that file can cause corruption within it. You should keep your PST files small in size for better processing.

How to Rebuild PST File In Outlook Using Assured Solution

This solution, the SysTools Outlook PST Repair Tool has expertise in assisting the user in rebuilding the PST files in ready-to-use resultant files. It is an idol tool for novice user and Non-tech users. It can fix errors and other issues, and the software can rebuild PST files.

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  • Download and launch the Outlook Repair Utility from the Official Page then Click on the Add Files option to load PST files on the platform.

  • The user gets two option i.e. Search File in case the user doesn’t know the exact location of his PST files. The second is Select Files is the user is aware of the location of PST files.

  • Once the PST files are added to the tool, choose the scan mode from Quick Scan mode and Advance Scan mode. Use these modes according to the seriousness of the damage caused to PST files. It helps to rebuild PST file.

  • Select the Advanced Settings accordingly so you get the customized resultant files of your choice.

  • The solution gives six famous formats to choose from. Select the format of your choice. Then click on the Export button to start the process.

  • When the Export is complete you will receive the confirmation message showing the successful completion of the download process.
  • After the repairing is done on the PST files you will get the whole healthy files that are ready to use and restore on the system.

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Assured Solution will Deal PST file Issues and Fix Queries and Errors

  • An error has been found in the PST file
  • This File is not a Personal Folders File
  • Outlook unable to open the data file
  • Filename.PST has reached its maximum size limit
  • Outlook.PST file was not cleanly closed
  • Cannot start the Microsoft Outlook
  • Oversized PST file corruption issues detected
  • Filename.PST could not be found
  • Fix PST file error 0×8004010f which is corrupted
  • Outlook cannot start in Safe mode
  • Outlook PST Unreadable Email problem
  • Microsoft Outlook inbox repair tool not working solution

METHOD -2. Using ScanPST.exe Solution to Rebuild PST Files

The ScanPST.exe is the repair tool within Outlook that find out the existing error and the crash issues that occurred while sharing emails, issues of view settings, and incomplete import/export process. It can detect damage caused to the PST file. See how to rebuild PST file using this manual tool.

Execute Below Mentioned Steps to Run ScanPST

  • Exit the Outlook application.

Search for the ScanPST.exe program file either by searching by name or by locating in the program files.

  1. By Double-Clicking on the scan pst file, you would see the Inbox Repair Prompt on the screen.
  2. By clicking on the Browse tab navigate the PST file saved in the location of the drive.
  3. By clicking on the Start tab it will start the scanning process of PST files.
  4. All the probable errors detected will be recorded by the scanner.
  5. To repair the errors and issues scanned, click on the Repair tab.
  6. Restart Outlook application with the same profile that was used while repairing PST files.

Then Restart the Outlook program again using the same account profile and check if the errors are still there or have been rectified.

This way you know how to rebuild the PST file using the native solution. Nevertheless, this solution is not sufficient for repairing major issues. Because of the following loopholes.

  • Not capable to fix severely damaged files
  • Unable to repair and process large-sized files
  • It does not provide original Outlook data
  • Create number of empty folders that will create disorientation while managing the data

For better result and outcomes go for the Assured Solution that promise to retrieve the PST data no matter if the Outlook files are permanently deleted, corrupted, inaccessible, encrypted, or severely damaged. You can definitely rely on it.


Microsoft makes sure that you don’t lose the Outlook PST files but it doesn’t guarantee to repair and recover deleted data files or if they are corrupted due to any reason. We have given you the solution for how to rebuild the PST file. Users can use the assured solution for a promising result. To experience this solution try the free version of this utility. Share feedback on the official page and reach to experienced technical experts.