How to Migrate Zoho Mail to Outlook Express? – Know the Solution Here

Anuraag Singh | Last Modified: August 29th, 2020 | Zoho Mail

I have a Zoho email account and want to migrate to Outlook Express, but I don’t know the method if someone has an idea. Please let me know as I am not getting a method to migrate Zoho Mail to Outlook Express.

If you have the same query and are still looking for a way to transfer email from Zoho accounts to Outlook Express? Then you will receive the solution for your request here. In this blog, we will introduce the method that is helpful for migrating email from Zoho to Outlook Express application.

There is no direct solution to export data from Zoho Mail to Outlook Express. However, you don’t have to worry, you can do this task using some indirect workarounds. For this, you must first export Zoho emails as EML and then import them into Outlook Express. In the next section we will provide both methods step by step in detail.

Solution to Migrate Zoho Mail to Outlook Express

To quickly migrate emails from Zoho to Outlook Express, take the help of SysTools Zoho Mail Migration Tool. This software allows you to export Zoho Mail emails to EML file format that you can import into your Outlook Express application. With this tool, you can export all Zoho emails at the same time with all attachments. This is the well-designed that especially programmed to backup Zoho emails to the local hard drive and multiple email clients.

The process is divided into two parts, as mentioned above. Here you will first learn how to export emails from Zoho, and then proceed to the second step.

Steps to Export Zoho Emails to EML for Outlook Express

First, download the Zoho backup tool by clicking on the given button and then follow the give steps to complete the task to migrate Zoho Mail to Outlook Express.

Step 1. Run Zoho email backup wizard and login with the Zoho account.

zoho mail migration tool

Step 2. From the multiple email formats, select the EML.

zoho to outlook express migration via eml

Step 3. Browse for a destination where you want to save the exported file.

transfer emails from zoho mail account

Step 4. Select required folders and apply filter according to date.

select folders for zoho mail to outlook express migration

Step 5. Click on the Start and the process will start immediately.

migrate zoho mail to outlook express start

You will receive a confirmation message after the export process has been completed. Click OK and check the exported EML file from the selected location on your system.

Now it’s time to import EML email messages into the Outlook Express application to complete the Zoho to Outlook Express Migration.

Steps to Import EML Files to Outlook Express

Follow the below workarounds to import the EML files into the Outlook Express Application:

  1. Open Outlook Express, right click on Existing Inbox folder and click New Folder.
  2. Give a desired name to the newly created folder and click OK.

Note: You can skip the above 2 steps if you want to import EML files into your Existing Inbox folder.

  1. Now, go to the folder location on your system where you saved exported EML files. Select All EML files, drag all the selected EML files and drop them into the newly created folder.
  2. You can see the imported EML files in your Outlook Express application.

Additional Features of Zoho to Outlook Express Migration Tool

The software offers its users various useful functions to migrate Zoho emails to Outlook Express. Some of them are listed below:

  • Securely transfer all Zoho emails to EML file format for Outlook Express
  • Simplified and Understandable working of the tool for beginners
  • Capability to perform the Zoho to Gmail Migration through PST file
  • Offers 4 saving options: EML, MBOX, PST and MSG file format
  • Option to select and export certain Zoho email folders efficiently
  • Supports all Windows versions including latest Windows OS 10
  • User can perform Zoho Mail to Widows Live Mail Migration via EML file

The Final Verge

Zoho Mail undoubtedly offers its users several functions for managing their data. However, in some situations, users need to migrate Zoho Mail to Outlook Express. Here in the blog above, we explained the effective way to perform Zoho to Outlook Express migration by exporting Zoho emails to EML and then importing EML files into Outlook Express.