How To Merge Two Google Accounts? Let’s See

Anuraag Singh | June 11th, 2019 | Tips

“Hello, I am an Assistant Manager in the company, a few days ago my Manager assigned me a task to find a method to merge two Google accounts. We have to merge G Suite domains for our employees and don’t want to lose any data. I had looked everywhere on the Internet but didn’t find any solution to combine G Suite accounts. If anybody knows “how to merge g suite accounts” then please let me know as soon as possible. Thank You”

We are seeing these types of queries on many forums and our team decided to start looking for a foolproof method for merging Google accounts. If you are also facing similar kind of problem and looking for the method to merge G Suite domains, then you are at right place. Today in this blog post we are going to explain the best method to merge Google Apps account to another account / domain.

Foolproof Method to Merge Two Google Accounts

Merging Google Business Accounts manually can be a difficult task for any G Suite Users. Because the merging process includes combining G Suite Emails, Contacts, Calendars, and Google Drive data.

Google Says – “It isn’t currently possible to merge separate Google Accounts”

But we’ve found a tool for you to perform this task easily in few clicks. You can easily merge two G Suite accounts using SysTools G Suite Merge Tool. It is the best tool to merge Google account with another Google account. You can try this tool yourself by downloading the free trial version of the software. The G Suite Mail Merge tool is available in two editions – Free version and Purchased version. Demo Version of this tool will allow you to merge 50 items for 3 users. If you want to use the software without any limitation then you can buy the licensed version of the tool.

download tool to merge two google accounts

Advantages of Using G Suite Merge Tool

  • Allow to merge Google Apps accounts without any hassle.
  • Merging Google accounts is not possible without Admin Credentials.
  • It merges Google Apps Emails, Calendars, Contacts, Documents to another Google account.
  • Provides an option to Assign priority to user accounts.
  • Merge G Suite Domain data according to specific data using Date Filter.
  • This tool allows you to merge selective user data.
  • Multiple options for Source and Destination User Id mapping
  • The tool can merge Google accounts data a very high speed (40GB*/hour)
  • It also provides you Error Handlers and Auto-Detect failure functionalities.
Note – Before start merging Google Business accounts, make sure to fulfill all the pre-requisites. All the pre-requisite are very simple and easy to perform. You can read the pre-requisites from the official product website.

Step-by-Step Process to Merge Two Google Accounts

Following are the step-wise approach to merge G Suite account to another account / domain.

1. Download G Suite Merge Tool and Run the application as Administrator.

download the tool
2. After the tool is opened click on the Setup button at the left-hand side of the tool.

click on setup
3. Enter the Service Account Client Id and browse the P12 file path (created in pre-requisites). Click on the Save button to merge Google Apps account.

id and p12 path
4. Now, Enter the Source Admin Id and click on the Connect button for authentication.

source id
5. After authentication is finished, click on the Next button and enter Destination Admin ID. Click the Connect button for authentication of Destination account and then click the Next button to merge two Google accounts.

destination id
6. Select the types of the file from Preference Panel, which you wish to merge in two G Suite accounts.

choose the file type
7. Date Filter option allows you to apply the filter on the Select file types to be merged.

apply date filter
8. For Mapping Source and Destination users, enter the Destination Mail Box address.

merge two Google Accounts
9. G Suite Merge tool will now fetch all the users accounts associated with the Admin account.

fetch users
10. Now, you will get the list of users, select the user whose account you need to merge. You can also apply priority to the user account whose data needed to be merged first. Click on the Start button the start merging Google Business user's account
11. You can see the Merge report in the tool. This tool displays the progress report in Tile as well as List view.

list view
12. You can also download the Report file to your local system by clicking on the Save Report button.

save report

Note – After merging Google accounts you can log in into the destination account and check the Merged data yourself.

Final Verdict

In this blog, we have tried to explain a sound method to Merge Two Google accounts. We have carefully tested the software and we conclude that this software is safe for you. It doesn’t save the data or the credentials of the user’s accounts. Rest assured, Data integrity and security are preserved if we use this method. Download the free version of the software now, and merge G Suite accounts easily.