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How to Merge Google Workspace Accounts Instantly?

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Ashwani Tiwari
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Published On April 26th, 2024
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Suddenly feels a requirement to merge Google Workspace accounts? Worry not! Google says that there is no direct way to merge and manage multiple Google Workspace accounts. But here in this article, you will be provided with the best-automated solution when you need the solution on how to merge Google Workspace accounts. So let’s get started with the blog and see how to eradicate the issue.

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User’s Scenarios to Merge Two Google Workspace Domains

We came across so many queries like this in which Google Workspace users are asking to merge 2 Google Workspace accounts. For migration of Google Workspace to another account, users need to know a perfect solution. If you’re also facing the related scenario then let us look at the quick steps to merge Google Apps accounts/domains.

Additional Benefits to Merge Google Workspace Accounts

What are the additional benefits of merging Google Workspace accounts? So let’s also keep an eye on the same

  • Managing a single or unified Google Workspace account is easier than managing multiple G Suite accounts.
  • Combining the two G Suite accounts can also minimize the cost of the organization. This will help the organizations to prefer one Google Workspace instead of two.
  • One Google Workspace account is preferable to adding users and domains to two different G Suite accounts in terms of scalability.
  • Users become annoyed trying to keep an eye on Teams and the many channels. This means that there is also an excessive likelihood of errors. However, monitoring the channels for individual accounts is a simple operation.

Merge Two Google Accounts to Instant Method

After discussing the quick steps. Let us know this method in detail. This G Suite Merger not only just smoothly merges 2 Google Workspace accounts but also provides you with various advanced features that help in the process.

Additionally, this software merges G Suite accounts without any errors.

It has a user-friendly interface which also helps its non-tech users to perform the merging process smoothly.

So, let us understand the working steps of this software in detail:

  • Step 1. Download and set up the tool on the system. Choose G Suite as the Source and Destination platform.provide source and destination
  • Step 2. Select the items that you want to migrate such as Email, Calendar, Contacts, and Documents. Make use of the Date filter to migrate the selective data.
    Select the items
  • Step 3. Complete and validate the Source G Suite account credentials. After the validation move to the Next.
    validate the Source G Suite account credentials
  • Step 4. Provide the destination Google Workspace account details in the Destination tab. Validate the details and then Next.
    Provide the destination Google Workspace account details
  • Step 5. Fetch the users into the automated tool. Perform mapping of both Source and Destination users and Next.
    add users option
  • Step 6. Lastly, hit on the Start Migration button to start the process.
     hit on the Start Migration button to merge Google Workspace accounts

How to Manually Merge Google Workspace Accounts

There is no such recommended manual solution if you are thinking of combining 2 Google Workspace accounts. Through Google Admin Console it is possible but it also has some Constraints. Let’s find out what are these manual steps.

  • Step 1- To begin, open the Google Admin Console and choose Data Migration.
  • Step 2- Select your migration choices, then press “Continue.”
  • Step 3- Fill in the necessary information, such as the connection protocol (Auto Select Recommended) and source migration (G Suite).
  • Step 4- Now, select the start date for migration.
  • Step 5- Select either the Junk Email or the Migrated Deleted Email option under Migration Options.
  • Step 6- Manage the users for individuals or groups of users for migration.
  • Step 7- Finish and create a CSV file for each user that has a destination ID, source ID, and source password.
  • Step 8- To combine two Google Workspace accounts, upload the recently generated CSV file and select the “Start migration” option.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method

  • The migration of calendars, contacts, and emails cannot be completed in parallel.
  • Calendars, contacts, and emails cannot be moved at the same time.
  • Migrating data from Google Drive to a destination Google Workspace account is not possible.
  • Not recommended for large-scale data migration due to timing complexity.
  • The way to transfer only selected data is not related to any option.
  • Account priority cannot be configured to migrate the most important accounts first.

Advanced Features of the Software

  • This software provides you with an advanced date filter to select the relevant data only.
  • This supports all data of G Suite accounts such as emails, calendars, and Documents
  • In-built option to set the priorities of the Google Workspace accounts.
  • Interfaceable dashboard to keep an eye on the process.
  • Creates two different reports: Detailed and Summary.
  • It is adept at handling run-time errors.
  • Able to complete the process of migration adequately.
  • This tool can work with multiple operating systems.


In this blog, we have tried to explain a sound method to merge Google Workspace accounts/domains. We have carefully tested the software and we conclude that this software is safe for you. It doesn’t save the data or the credentials of the user’s accounts. Rest assured, Data integrity and security are preserved if we use this method. Download the free version of the software now, and merge G Suite accounts easily

Therefore, we have included both the expert’s suggested solution and the manual for merging two G Suite accounts in one article. Nevertheless, integrating the many limitations into the manual approach. To get successful outcomes, it is advised to follow the expert’s recommended course of action.