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How to Copy Gmail Contacts to Another Gmail Account?

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Published On February 28th, 2023
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This article talks about a simple approach to copy Gmail contacts to another Gmail account. The solution given here is 100% safe and actually working. Let’s start with a quick introduction to Gmail Contacts.

What are Google Contacts?

From the very starting, Google services have made our daily lives easy. Whether it professional or personal. Gmail Contacts is one such eminent services offered by Google. It is a free contact management tool available as a part of the business-oriented suite of Google Web Apps. Using this, contacts can be stored in groups, managed, and categorized as per different contact information. Moreover, Google Contacts can be used as central contacts that could be managed, edited, and accessed from multiple digital devices like mobile phones and operating systems without any sync issues.

Why Need to Export Contacts from Gmail Account to Another?

Today technology is driving our lives and no one can deny this fact. We all use different digital devices and so the Gmail accounts, some for personal use and others to accomplish our professional purposes. And this is the reason why users search queries like how to move google contacts to other Gmail profile. In order to resolve all the queries related to how to import contacts from one Gmail to another Gmail account, today we have come up with this step-by-step guide. So, here we go!

How to Copy Gmail Contacts to Another Gmail Account?

The complete process of importing Gmail contacts from Gmail account to another is divided in two major steps:

Step 1. Export Gmail Contacts from first Gmail Profile

  • First of all, login to your primary Gmail account from which you want to export your contacts.

login your acoount

  • Now, open Google Contacts via clicking on Google Apps icon and select Contacts option.

click on contacts icon

  • All the saved Gmail Contacts will be listed in the screen and now start selecting all the contacts you want to export to new Gmail account
  • Click on More icons button and select the Export option

select the more button

Note: You can directly hit the Export button also if you want to export all Gmail Contacts at once
  • Choose Google CSV from Export as section. Click Export

click on the Export button

  • You can choose vCard (for iOS Contacts) option also if the other Gmail account is configured in your iPhone or other iOS devices
  • Browse a destination location to save the exported CSV / vCard and click Save

click on save button

  • A Google Contacts CSV will start downloading to your system and let the download process completed successfully

Step 2. Import Output Gmail Contacts CSV to Another Gmail Account

  • After this, login to your another Gmail account in which you want to import the exported Google Contacts CSV

login Gmail account

  • Open Google Contacts and click on Import button to export Gmail contacts file to another Gmail account

click on the import button

  • Click on Select File button to import the resultant contact CSV or vCard file

Select File button

  • Navigate to the location where you have saved the exported Google Contacts CSV and click Open

Navigate the location

  • Click Import Option

how to copy contacts from one gmail account to another

  • Contact Importing process will begin right after this and let it finished.
  • Once its done, all the imported contacts will be synced with another Gmail account’s Contact list and you can access the imported contacts from this account directly.

imported contacts will be synced with another Gmail account’s

Additional Tip: You can configure the second Gmail account to your iPhone, Android or any other device and access the imported Gmail contacts from that device without any issue.

Important Tips:  Still Unable to copy contacts from one google account to another? There are times when users become unable to copy Gmail Contacts to another account through this method. This happens because the Google Contacts CSV exported above is not compatible to import to Gmail VCF. If this is happening with you then, it is suggested Excel to vCard Converter Software to convert CSV to VCF and then import the resultant vCard to Gmail Account.


How to copy Gmail Contacts to another Gmail account is one of the most common queries asked by several Gmail users. In this article, we have discussed one of the simplest solutions to transfer Gmail Contacts from account to another using PC. From now on, users will face no issue while moving contacts from one Gmail account to another Gmail account.