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Find Out How to Automatically Detach Outlook Attachments Quickly

Anuraag Singh | Modified: February 27, 2023|Outlook | 6 Minutes Reading

Hi, folks! Recently, I caught up in a strange situation that my Outlook PST is getting large in size, which is continuously decreasing the performance speed of my Outlook. So, all what I want to do is detach Outlook attachments from various emails and save them separately in a new folder (but, don’t want to use Outlook detach attachments rule). After that, I’ll delete all my emails as all the crucial database is saved within the attached files. Well, I’ve searched a lot for its solutions to automatically detach attachments Outlook but, didn’t find anything. Can somebody please suggest any solution to detach all attachments Outlook?”

The attached files are the most crucial component of incoming email messages but, these files are what make an email bigger. Email services like IMAP Outlook account with Exchange Server imposes a size limit on the mailbox and due to excessively large email attachments sometimes the defined limit gets exceeded. Detaching attachments in Outlook and saving them in a separate folder can reduce the mailbox size and enhance the performance of the Outlook application.

But, who has this much time to save each attachment individually from a large number of email messages? Therefore, in this article, we will show you some simple techniques to automatically detach attachments Outlook mailbox. So, let’s begin now!

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Method 1. Automatically Detach Outlook Attachments from One Email

In order to detach all attachments of Outlook from one email follow the steps given below:

  • Launch the Microsoft Outlook application and open the desired email message from which you want to detach attachments
  • Click on the File tab and select Save Attachments >> All Attachments for detaching attachments in Outlook
  • In case, if you have opened the email message in its own menu then, click on File >> Save Attachments
  • Select all the attachments you want to detach and save
  • Hit the OK button to automatically detach attachments Outlook
  • Select a saving location in your hard drive
  • Click on OK to detach all attachments Outlook

Method 2. Automatically Detach Attachments Outlook from Multiple Emails

If you have multiple email messages with several attached files and you want to Outlook detach attachments manually then, this also can be done simply. In order to detach email attachments from Outlook, it is recommended to enable all the macros in Outlook. Below is how to do this:

  • For detaching attachments in Outlook first, open the Outlook mailbox with multiple emails and click on File >> Options

  • In the left window of Options, click on the Trust Centre
  • Now, in the Trust Centre wizard, click on Trust Centre Settings
  • Another wizard will pop up. Here, click on Macro Settings >> OK so that you can automatically detach attachments to Outlook
  • After all this, navigate to the My Document folder and create a new folder with the OLAttachments name
  • Choose multiple email messages to detach the Outlook attachments by holding the Ctrl key
  • Now, in Outlook press the Alt and F11 keys simultaneously to open VBA as VBA detach Outlook attachments
  • Click on Insert >> Module
  • After that copy, the following code and paste it into the VBA Editor and replace sSaveFolder = “C:\Users\admin\Downloads\Outlook Attachments with your folder location
  • Save this script in VBA to automatically detach attachments to Outlook and close VBA
  • Click on Mail >> Rules and choose to Manage Rules & Alerts… option
  • Hit the New Rule… button to detach Outlook attachments and click on Apply rule on messages I receive the option of Start from a blank rule section. Click on Next >> Next and press the Yes button

  • In Rules, the wizard chooses the Run a script option from Step 1 to make Outlook detach attachments and click on a Script from the Step 2

  • Choose the previously created script and click on OK >> Next >> Next to detach the Outlook attachments

  • This will take you back to the New Rules window. Here, enter a rule name in Step 1 and check all desired options from Step 2. Click on Finish to automatically detach Outlook attachments

  • After doing so, all the Outlook email attachments will get saved in the defined folder location along with the incoming emails.

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Undoubtedly the aforementioned manual method is quite a tedious approach. Therefore, most of the users start looking out for a suitable technique to automatically detach attachments Outlook quickly.

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  • Facilitates saving attachments from the desired mailbox items
  • Avail Date filter option to extract attachments based on the specified date range
  • Renders advanced naming convention patterns to save the detached attachments
  • Make use of the Size filter option to precisely detach attachments according to file size


How can I automatically detach attachments Outlook has become a common query on the Internet today. Considering this, we have come up with this technical guide. Here, we have disclosed two different solutions to detach the Outlook attachments in a simple manner. However, if you are finding manual methods complex to detach all attachments to Outlook then, you can go for the third-party tool recommended above. The software is completely safe and automatically detaches Outlook attachments in a couple of clicks.