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How To Download Attachment From Outlook Using Python

Anuraag Singh | Modified: February 28, 2023|Outlook | 4 Minutes Reading

Want to know how to download attachments from Outlook using Python? Then, this blog states the perfect solution for the same. So, let’s begin to know the ultimate tactics to effectively download attachment from Outlook using Python script.

Sharing important files via email is one of the most quickest and secure ways of communication. However, it is not ideal if you are using your email account as permanent file storage. This is because your data might be lost permanently or you could exceed the storage limits.

Most of us receive thousands of emails with heavy attachments which leads to the increased size of the Outlook data file. Moreover, an oversized PST file may hamper the performance of the Outlook application. In worse cases, it might also lead to file corruption issues.

Therefore, it is suggested to download attachments from Outlook using Python. However, the sad part is that most of the users fail to follow the right solution. As a result, we have come up with this post to let you know the best tactics to effectively download attachment from Outlook using Python script.

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Download Attachment From Outlook 2013 Using Python Script

import win32com.client

Outlook = win32com.client.Dispatch("Outlook.Application").GetNamespace("MAPI") #Opens Microsoft Outlook
folder = Outlook.Folders[3] #N4 Invocie folder
subFolder = folder.Folders[5] #N4 Invoice subfolder
subFolderMessages = subFolder.Items #Invoice items object
message = subFolderMessages.GetFirst()

while True:
subFolderItemAttachments = message.Attachments
nbrOfAttachmentInMessage = subFolderItemAttachments.Count
x = 1
while x <= nbrOfAttachmentInMessage: attachment = subFolderItemAttachments.item(x) #Saves attachment to location attachment.SaveAsFile('C:\\Users\\kkim\\Desktop\\InvoiceOutlook' + '\\'+ str(attachment)) break message = subFolderMessages.GetNext()


In order to download attachment from Outlook using Python, you can use the aforementioned code as it will download any type of attachment of any file format. This includes .doc, .docx, .csv, .txt, .msg, .xlsx, etc. This Python script to download Outlook email attachments will help you to download attachments from MS Outlook and save them on your computer.

What if there are multiple attachments to be downloaded, is the above method a feasible solution?


Then what could be the ultimate solution to download bulk attachments?

Use SysTools Outlook Attachment Extractor – A One-Stop Solution

Knowing the fact that using Python script, one can save attachments one by one, which consumes a lot of time. Therefore, to download attachments from multiple emails at once, switch to Outlook Attachment Extractor software. It is the most powerful and reliable way to download all attachments from Outlook in a single go even without any data loss.

The utility renders amazing features wherein one can efficiently download attachment from Outlook using Python for PST, OST & BAK files. Besides this, there are various exceptional features such as an option to apply date-filter, include/exclude file types to download attachments, size filter option, etc.

For Windows OS Users:

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Simplified 4 Step Working to Instantly Download Attachment from Outlook

The below-listed steps are for Windows OS users only.

1:  Install and run the tool to download attachments from Outlook

2: To add an Outlook data file choose the options as per your requirements.

3: Once the file is added you will able to see the file in the software panel.

4: Avail customized filters as shown in the below image & click Extract

4: Once the task is over your attachments file placed at the destination folder location.

Concluding Thoughts

“How to download attachments from Outlook using Python” is one of the concerning queries seen among Outlook users these days. As a result, we have introduced a prompt solution in this article. With regards to the downsides associated with the Python script such as complicated steps, extracting a single attachment per Outlook email at once, etc.

It is highly suggested to avail third-party Outlook Attachment Extractor, which is the complete solution to tackle all those complex needs while downloading attachments from Outlook. Moreover, it is induced with mind-blowing features that ensure to a seamless download of multiple attachments from bulk emails.