Learn to Download / Add Yahoo Email to Outlook 2016/2013/2010 in Various Ways

Anuraag Singh | April 11th, 2019 | Email Forensics

User Query 1: Hello all. I want to download Yahoo Mail to Outlook 2016 account. I am worried that my Yahoo Mail might get hacked anytime and then I will lose all my important emails for good. So I want to keep a copy of the data in my Outlook account before any accident happens. Please tell me how can I do that without any kind of data loss? Thanks.

User Query 2: I use both Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Yahoo Mail but these days, I have become totally dependent on Outlook. But I am also willing to keep Yahoo Mail as this is my oldest email id. All I want is to access my Yahoo emails from Outlook interface. Is this possible? Please provide with some effective methods for my problem.

Both Yahoo Mail and Outlook are popular email clients with their users spread all over the world. Due to some recent security issue with Yahoo Mail, many users prefer saving a copy of their Yahoo emails in MS Outlook. To help users with similar query, we are going to share some commonly used methods to download Yahoo mail to Outlook 2010 / 2013 / 2016. Continue reading to learn about the techniques in detail.

Want to Add Yahoo Email to Outlook 2016? Follow These Methods

The task of saving emails of Yahoo Mail can be done using manual and alternative method. The manual method involves configuring Yahoo Mail in Outlook with IMAP connection and in the alternate method, a professional tool is used to export email data.

Manual Method to Access Yahoo Email via Outlook 2013 / 2010

The manual technique requires configuring / connecting Yahoo Mail with Outlook and then dragging / forwarding the Yahoo email folders to MS Outlook. Perform these steps to download Yahoo emails by IMAP Server.

1. Open MS Outlook on your Windows.

2. Click on FileInfoAdd Account.

Add Account

3. Select “Manual setup or additional server types

Manual setup Option

4. “POP or IMAP” on consecutive pages.

POP or IMAP Option

5. Enter Yahoo user & server details

  • User First & Last Name (As entered at Yahoo Sign up)
  • Select Account Type: IMAP
  • Enter Incoming Server:
  • Enter Outgoing Server:
Yahoo user and Server details

6. Click on More Settings

  • Select Outgoing Server
    • Select My outgoing server requires authentication
    • Check for Use same settings as my incoming mail server
Outgoing server check
  • Enter below details in Advanced tab & click OK
    • Port numbers 993 & 465 for Incoming & Outgoing Server respectively
    • Check SSL encryption for both server
Port number and encryption details

7. Click on Next to check configuration setting.

Test Server configuration

8. Click on Finish and restart MS Outlook.

After successful Yahoo Outlook synchronization, you can drag and drop the email folders and forward Yahoo Mail to Outlook 2010.

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Limitations of Manual Method

The manual method we have just described can take a lot of time in synchronization. If the mailbox size of Yahoo Mail is large (which is true in case of most users), then it will take quite a long time to add Yahoo email to Outlook 2010. Besides, all the port numbers and other options have to placed properly. Otherwise, the configuration will remain unsuccessful and emails will not get downloaded. These are some of the commonly faced issues by the users when they choose to go for the native method.

Alternative Solution to Download Yahoo Mail to Outlook 2013 / 2010

Due to these limitations, more users are getting interested in applying the alternative technique for this purpose. Yahoo Mail Backup is a convenient tool that allows users to forward their data from Yahoo Mail into MS Outlook. With its help, Yahoo mailbox data can be saved in PST format and then moved to Outlook with the native import method of MS Outlook. Here is how you can save Yahoo emails to computer using this quick solution.

  • Start the software and gain access through Yahoo Mail credentials.
Yahoo login

  • Choose PST as target file format.
Select PST Format
  • Click on Browse to choose destination for saving backup.
Destination Browse
  • For selective data download, choose Apply Filter.
Apply filter
  • Click Start to begin download process.
Start Backup

As you can see, this software will download complete Yahoo mailbox emails in your system. To import this data in Outlook, you can take the help of Import/Export Wizard, a native feature offered by MS Outlook.

Bringing It All Together!!

These days, almost everyone has multiple email accounts. Yahoo Mail users may need to download Yahoo Mail to Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2010 and for that, they can take the help of this post. Here, both manual and alternative method have been described. If users want to skip the limitations of the manual technique, they can take help of the mentioned tool.