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Know How to Practically Transfer Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird

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Published On January 25th, 2024
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Many users try to transfer Yahoo mail to Thunderbird due to the issues held in the Yahoo mail. Are you among the group? If Yes, Go through the article to acquire the solution you were looking for.” 

The era of sharing information through the cloud includes an essential part performed by Yahoo mail. Yahoo mail has many users who use Yahoo email service for their day-to-day messaging and sharing data. And also the other facilities provided in the Yahoo Webmail account, attract users to make Yahoo as their primary mailing webmail client.

For all ups, there is a downside. In Yahoo mail there comes mailing issues and other situations when the user moves from Yahoo webmail service to another Email client. This may be because the user is done using Yahoo mail or some other reason to do so.

Come let’s have a look at the reasons for Yahoo mail users to access/transfer Yahoo mail to Thunderbird (another email client).

Table of Contents

    1. Why user Add Yahoo mail to Thunderbird?
    2. Add Yahoo email account to Thunderbird – Manually
    3. Automated method to Download all Yahoo emails to Thunderbird
    4. Conclusion and FAQ

Why does User Import Yahoo Mail into Thunderbird?

The Yahoo mail users prefer Thunderbird a better option over other email clients because it can work in offline mode & all emails in Thunderbird are stored locally. Thus, one can easily import and export emails in Mozilla Thunderbird.

Now, the reasons for adding a Yahoo email account to Thunderbird are mentioned below

  • Yahoo mail is not sending emails to other email clients
  • Emails are not received by Yahoo mail
  • Yahoo mail Down / Outage issue
  • Company shifting Email service from Yahoo to Thunderbird

After analyzing the above-mentioned issues in Yahoo mail, it is differentiated as some issues get the Yahoo user to become frustrated and move in search for another email client that resolves these issues from their life for a lifetime. Whereas, some reasons to import Yahoo mail into Thunderbird, include the professional touch over a company, where the company changes the webmail service and moves to another email client service.

As the reason for a Yahoo user or a group of Yahoo users to transfer Yahoo mail to Thunderbird is known, let’s move on to the segment where we find the methods on how to configure/add Yahoo emails to Thunderbird.

Methods to Transfer Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird

So, there are two methods provided for adding a Yahoo email account to Thunderbird and are mentioned below

    1. Manual Method
    2. Automated Method

Let’s start knowing each method in a descriptive manner

Manual Method: Add Yahoo Mail Account in Thunderbird

In the manual method, the emails in Yahoo mail are added to Thunderbird by linking the Yahoo mail with Thunderbird. So, the whole procedure processed in the manual method is performed below. But one thing to note is that configured Mozilla Thunderbird is needed to be installed on the local system for this import process to function

      • In Thunderbird, go to Tools (in Menu bar) >> Account Settings.
Tools >> Account Settings
      • In the opened window, select Account Actions and then, Add Mail Account.
Add mail account Option
      • Provide your Name, Yahoo address, and Password.

Click Connect to authenticate the Yahoo credentials.

Add Yahoo User credential
      • Then, choose POP account type or click Manual config.
Choose manual configuration

Note: Opt. Manual Config. to manually configure the server configuration.

Yahoo mail server details in Manual config
      • Select Done to Authenticate from yahoo webmail.
Select Done to add Yahoo mail to Thunderbird

Once the Authentication is done, the Yahoo email account is added to Thunderbird. Now move the emails from the yahoo mailbox folder to Thunderbird configured account.

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Limitations in Manually Adding Yahoo Email Account to Thunderbird

While the procedure of migrating Yahoo emails succeeds to Thunderbird, there come some downs that need to be noted once before taking up the method to process. The limits in the above method is mentioned below

  • Has lengthy process to transfer yahoo mail to Thunderbird account
  • User frustrated and tired of transferring emails to Thunderbird account

Now let’s check the next method and see if it overcome the limitation in the Manual method

Automated Method: Download Yahoo Emails & Import them to Thunderbird

This method is divided into two sub-methods which contribute to transfer Yahoo mail to Thunderbird and are mentioned below

  • Backup Yahoo emails
  • Import downloaded file to Thunderbird

Backup Yahoo Emails

To download Yahoo emails on the system, use the Yahoo Mail Backup tool. The software easily saves Yahoo emails on the local system providing attractive features and an outstanding user interface.

Download Tool Purchase Now

The simple steps performed to backup Yahoo emails on the local hard drive are performed below:

1. Initially, run the tool and log in with your Yahoo account to transfer yahoo mail to Thunderbird.

enter yahoo login credentials

2. Then, select Thunderbird MBOX format.

select email format as MBOX

3. Browse destination location.

browse location to save file

4. Finally, Hit on the Start button to transfer Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird file.

start download process

After the Yahoo emails are exported to the local hard drive, you can use the Thunderbird Import Wizard to import the emails into the Thunderbird configured account.

Import Downloaded File to Thunderbird

Now, access your account in the Thunderbird application and perform the import process to download all Yahoo emails to Thunderbird. So, to import the files follow and perform the below-shown points step by step

  • Go to Tools (Menu bar) >> Import/Export Tools >> Import MBOX file
  • Click Import MBOX file optionThen, choose Import directly one or more mbox files radio button
  • Choose option to import MBOX fileChoose mbox file from the system (Yahoo mail backup)
Browse MBOX file
  • The file will now view on the left plane as a new email folder.
Transferred Yahoo mail to Thunderbird


In this article, we have discussed Yahoo mail and its user’s reasons to move to Thunderbird. Also, the methods to download all Yahoo emails to Thunderbird are described. Limitations in the manual method lead to an efficient method. Moreover, this method easily transfer Yahoo mail to Thunderbird through an easy procedure along with a good user interface experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: Does Thunderbird work with Yahoo Mail?

Ans. Yes, Thunderbird is a desktop email client that can add any email account like Yahoo mail. Once you add Yahoo mail to Thunderbird, then you can easily access your Yahoo emails from the Thunderbird application.

Q.2: How do I Connect Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird?

Ans. Steps to Set up Yahoo on Thunderbird

  • Initially, open Thunderbird and go to the Tools menu.
  • Then, go to Account settings and select Add new account option from Account Actions.
  • Enter your name, Yahoo account address, and password. Also, click on Continue.
  • Finally, choose the IMAP option and click on the Done button.