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Yahoo Email Forensics For Complete Mail Header Analysis

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Published On October 18th, 2023
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With the extended usage of the emailing, millions of users are part of multiple Web-based and desktop email clients. Being one of the popular emailing services, the possibility of culprit to be part of Yahoo is very high. Once the law enforcement investigators gets the authorization to make the investigation on sealed computer systems, email ids, etc. a thorough analysis has to be done using various strategies and methodologies. Thus, we will discuss about few methods to perform Yahoo email forensics and create Yahoo email backup to collect artifacts in order to analyze them in detail.

What Is The Need To Perform Yahoo Mail Forensics?

Yahoo email has a wide user base and thus, there have been multiple cases of criminal activities such as blackmailing, spam emails, etc. These cases usually have one party that claims another party for unethical practices such as abolishing their vital information through multiple spam messages. This creates a need to perform Yahoo email forensics to acquire concrete evidence that can support the claims of the victim.

This is just one example where the authorities need to perform Yahoo mail forensics, but there are many such cases of cybercrime including Yahoo mail and thus its need increases.

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How To Find Evidence By Yahoo Email Forensics?

To data found at the crime scene by the enforcement agencies is copied from the digital media device and then the analysis of the seized or acquired data takes place. In the analysis process, multiple artifacts are located and carving of evidence is performed which is to be presented to solve the case. This analysis process can be performed by following the below mentioned methods.

Method 1: Accumulate Data From Browser Artifacts

While accessing Yahoo Mail on the system using browsers, many artifacts are stored in various elements of browsers. Most importantly, cache, cookies, and history are best resources to find the evidences to collect browser relics. Date and time stamps can be collected from the history and cookies but the cache memory holds the most precious data components for Yahoo email forensics. Cache memory preserves web page elements to local disk and many emails read by suspect can be found in the cache folders. The location however depends on the Operating System and Browser. Location depending on the Browser and Operating Systems are mentioned below where you can perform Yahoo mail forensics and find crucial artifacts.

Cache Locations

Analyse Yahoo Email Header


Yahoo Email Viewer

Yahoo Email Backup

Other browser stores might only show details of visiting site. But, cache folders located in the above mentioned locations will show the actual matter available in the email message. One major disadvantage of these cached pages is it might not show messages from Sent folder by suspect. This is because the message is mere typed on the screen without needing storing it and then it is sent. Once the cache items are collected it can be viewed and parsed through forensics tools.

Method 2: Evaluate and Analyse Header For Yahoo Email Forensics

Yahoo mail header is another resource to collect the artifacts from. Email header comprises of the information related to origins and genuine contents of the emails. A deep analysis made on the elements like Message ID and DKIM can help you carve out many evidences.

How to Reach to The Headers of Yahoo Mail?

  • Log into Yahoo! Mail account with correct credentials.
  • Select the email whose header you want to view.
  • Expand “More” option available in the menu.
  • Click on “View Full Header”.
  • The header will be available for viewing.
  • Data from the header can be copied for further analysis.

Yahoo Mail Forensics

Automated Method To Perform Yahoo Email Forensics

In order to perform Yahoo mail forensics in bulk, it is better to create a backup of Yahoo emails in desktop email client file format so that the analysis becomes convenient. It will also end the requirement of logging in repetitively. The backup also terminates chances of making changes in the emails and the artifacts can be collected securely for investigation. But it is important to take the backup right away to avoid any manipulation done with the emails. Yahoo Backup tool can be utilized to backup Yahoo mails to various file formats like; PST, EML, MSG, or MBOX.

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The E-mailing system involves multiple components associated with sender and receiver client & server systems. These components along with scrutiny of emails origin can help to analyze cybercriminals’ emails. Collection of the emails and storing them in a secured manner using email backup tools like Yahoo email Backup can be the most important and primary stage of Yahoo email forensics. Once the emails in bulk are collected, their components can be explored in detail. Other artifacts can be accumulated through browser cache, headers, etc. The strategies enlightened above in the article can help to analyze the emails in bulk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How much storage space does Yahoo provide?

Ans. One of the most important features of Yahoo which attracts its users is that it provides a huge 1TB of cloud storage. 

Q.2 For how long you can keep Yahoo emails?

Ans. Yahoo emails of a user are available for access only if you are an active user. if you have been inactive for a period of twelve or more months then your data will be deleted from its server. 

Q.3 Are emails deleted from Yahoo permanently deleted?

Ans. No, emails deleted by a Yahoo user are not permanently deleted but are moved to the “Trash” folder.