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DD File Forensics and Analysis Using an Automated Software

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Published On June 7th, 2023
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DD File Forensics

DD File Forensics involves analysis of DD file or Disk Dump file which is used to create exact copies of the data present in a disk or a storage device which can be used for various purposes.

This article expands upon a specific purpose that the file is used for, DD Image File Forensics, more specifically, forensics of email data present on the file for which a user needs a superior professional tool like the one that is also talked about in this article.

Some Insights into DD Files

DD files or a disk dump file is a binary format file that is used to create an exact bit-by-bit copy of a storage device which can be used for DD Image Forensics. Various kinds of data is there in DD File. For example: the contents of the storage device , partition information of the storage device etc.

These are some basic pointers about the files format:

  • File Format: A DD file has a binary format containing an exact copy of the data storage device or the partition. It has all kinds of information such as file systems and sometimes deleted files as well. These properties make it very suitable for DD Image File Forensics.
  • Compression and Segmentation: DD represent a continuous image of the data in question.
  • Metadata and Case Information: DD files do not contain metadata related to the case. The DD image file is purpose built for capturing case related raw data for DD Image File forensics and only focuses on achieving that.
  • Software Compatibility: The DD files have a very simple file format which can be created easily. 

DD Files Forensics and Analysis

DD Image Forensics deals with the forensic investigation of the disk image following the data acquisition of the DD image files which matter the most in an investigative task and hence the experts need to do a very thorough and meaningful job.

There are various free tools available online for DD image File Forensics which can create and access the data on a DD file but those are deficient in analytical capabilities. Many experts recommend going with a professional tool because it helps in thorough analysis of evidence data. The superior software for DD image forensics suggested by the article is talked upon in further detail in the upcoming section. 

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A Professional Tool for DD Image Forensic Analysis

One of the most renowned and reliable email forensics software i.e. MailXaminer is an excellent application that is easy to use, functionally superior, very reliable and purpose built for DD File Forensics.The tool can perform detailed analysis of the disk images in DD files. It also supports a wide spectrum of file formats like PST, OST, MBOX, etc.

DD File Forensics Tool- Astonishing Features

Pre-Requisite: Keep in mind that the user needs to uncheck the “Only Loose Files”  option while uploading on the tool.

The features that highlight this tool above the rest in the market are:

  • Attachment Analysis: This application facilitates the examination of email attachments and other embedded data in an email which the investigators can use for the  analysis of DD image file forensics. This further solidifies the thorough evidence analysis of the tool. The software extracts data from disk image file precisely.
  • Keyword Search and Filtering: The application features a very rich and detailed filtering window by which the expert can fine tune the contents showing according to the scenario. The tool also has various searching techniques like General Search, Proximity Search, Regular Expression, Stem Search, Fuzzy Search, and Wildcard Search which are purposefully created for individual use cases which widen its user friendly capabilities in DD Image File Forensics.
  • Analysis Window: For DD Image Forensics, the analysis feature in the tool proves to be an excellent and intuitive feature. It implements the all important correlation of the scattered data. It contains features like link analysis, timeline analysis and word cloud. This enables the investigative experts to visually analyze the data like a mind map.
  • Reporting Capabilities: For any kind of forensic investigation, in this case, for DD Image Forensics, this tool has a very simple process of creating legally binding reports and exporting them. This is the final step of any forensic investigation and hence the process should be reliable and foolproof.


This article contains information on DD image files and DD Image forensics.We have also beaconed the importance of an automated and functionally superior software to navigate the evidence and to make it usable for forensic use-cases. The recommended application required for DD Image File Forensics is also discussed in detail to underline the already glowing reviews and testimonials.