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How to Compact PST File Without Opening Outlook?

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Published On January 22nd, 2024
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Overview: In this write-up, we will know how to compact PST file without opening Outlook email application. Stay with us for a while to learn the best and smart solution to this issue.

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular and commonly used email application. But, those who are using Outlook for a very long time are still going through many complexities. As they have numerous PST files. For them, the herculean task is to manage those PST properly.

Well, MS Outlook has tremendous and advanced functionalities, this is the reason that attracts ample users towards it.

Though MS Outlook has great performance, the main problem is with its file format. Outlook stored all its data in PST (Personal Storage Table) file format. However, the PST file has a certain file size limit. This file format stores the mailbox data to a certain extent. If it exceeds then it will cause various severe corruption issues. And this will degrade the performance of the Outlook application.

In this illuminating article, we will walk you towards the safe and secure way to shrink PST file without Outlook. But before this, we will discuss the challenges faced with big PST files and after that professional solutions to compact PST files outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007.

Main Issues with Big PST Files

The large size of a PST file may lead to multiple problematic circumstances. To correct this issue we have to find the best solution for how to compact Outlook PST files. In the below section we have outlined some of the major challenges which are faced by Outlook users:

  1. Huge Outlook Data File is Inaccessible: The file is inaccessible and shows an error message like “Your PST data file might have exceeded its maximum size limit”.
  2. Largest Files Corrupted or Damaged Easily: When the file size exceeds, then there are high chances of file corruption.

Different Solutions to Compact PST File

There are two solutions to do the task in an efficient manner. Both the methods are described below:

  1. Advanced Solution to compact PST File without opening Outlook
  2. Manual Approach (with Outlook)

Compact PST Files Without using Outlook – An Advanced Solution

Microsoft Outlook does not have the capability to crop the size of the PST file. Thus, users must use the advanced Outlook PST Splitter Tool to divide the PST data file. It does not need Outlook installation in your local system. It can easily compact PST file without using Outlook in a safe manner. Users can use this method as it is very simple to use because of its interface. The interface is so easy even non-technical users can use it without facing any difficulty.

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It supports both ANSI and UNICODE PST format. It is fully compatible with all versions of the Windows Operating System.

Step by Step Explanation of the Automated Software

  1. Before anything else, download and launch the tool. Click Add File to choose the Outlook data file and after that hit Open
  2. click on add file

  3. Subsequently, mouse click on Browse and select the desired location to save the resultant files
  4. compact pst file without opening outlook

  5. Following this, click Options, the software offers you multiple options. From there pick from the various available option.
  6. choose the option available here

  7. Click on Next. The software will now initiate the procedure.
  8. click on next

Highlighted Features of the Unremarkable Software

There are numerous features of the tool among all the available software in the market. In the following section, we are describing some of them

  • Compact by Size
  • It provides the facility to cut the size of the file by its size. You can provide the size in MB, GB, and TB to divide the large PST file into the desired size. The minimum size is 1MB and the maximum is 1TB.

  • Cut by Year
  • By this option, the tool allows the users to cut the oversized or huge PST files by year. Suppose if the user has chosen the year 2017 to 2020, you have 4 PST files separately. Each Outlook data file has data info. for a single year within it.

  • Compact by Email id
  • It also allows the option of breaking by Email id. Using this, you can truncate the files by single or multiple email id.

  • Divide by Category
  • You can apply value by picking any of the offered categories such as Mail, Task, Calendar, Contacts, Note, etc.

  • Split Outlook PST file By Date
  • In case users want to break PST by any specific date range there is an option available. You can select by date option. By there, select Date and Select Date Range to compact specific PST files within the provided Date ranges.

    How to Compact Outlook PST File – Manually

    1. First of all, Launch and start Outlook. After that, choose and delete unwanted data items.
    2. Then, tap on Folder List. Following this, right-click on selected Items folders and then choose Empty Folders
    3. Tap on File >> Info >> Account Settings
    4. From Account settings windows, press on Data files >> Outlook Data File >> Settings
    5. A personal folder will be displayed now, click on Compact Now
    6. After following the above steps the process will be starting on your system. Wait for some time till it gets complete.

    Most of the time the manual methods fail because of many reasons. Furthermore, they are time-consuming and take several hours to accomplish.

    Thus, to avoid this users must use the advanced utility discussed above.


    However, huge files can create severe issues for Outlook users. To conquer all the hindrances use the automated solution. The tool will resolve the issues within a few clicks. As we have already discussed, manual solutions have various complexities. For accurate results use automated software to compact PST file without opening Outlook.