Backup Office 365 Email Locally – Complete Solution

Aldrich Calvin | Last Modified: September 11th, 2020 | Office 365

What if you can backup Office 365 email locally on your computer? We are already aware of many procedures that may help you to store your emails somewhere safe and can restore it any time if needed. Many people are concerned about fulfilling the legal needs related to data retention, storing multiple backup copies, or don’t want to pay for an inactive Office 365 account knows the challenges here.

Generally, we don’t have much concern about our data because it is cloned on various data centers in a way to provide availability also in case of unexpected disasters. This means if one of the databases will crash then the other takes control so that all the services are running as usual and no data would be lost or corrupt.

But unfortunately, Office 365 does not have any built-in feature to granular backups and recovery purposes. Whereas Microsoft 100% guarantees of up time, there are still some administrators who advise creating brick-level mailbox backup copies anyhow.

What will happen if some Crucial Data Deleted?

What if you deleted some of your crucial emails unintentionally? The answer is: they should recover the data as soon as possible. If such a situation arises, Microsoft offers two features, which will help you to restore the deleted items they are: Deleted item and Single Item Recovery. But this will only work when the deleted items are not qualified by retention policies to be deleted before you decide to backup them so we recommend you to backup Office 365 email locally.

It looks like export your Outlook data to PST would be the last option. Well, thanks to that you can preserve your emails locally. But if some new data appears then you need to back up the whole data again. This may take a lot of time and effort as it is not automated.

Some Other Ways to Backup Office 365 Email Locally

If a user wants to backup a real copy and preserves it locally for an unlimited period than the user needs to use our automated solution. This backup solution will permit you to create Offline backup copies of every mailbox and then restore it into a single folder at your desired place.

Excited to know about how to backup Office 365 email locally? Here is the step-by-step procedure to do the conversion:

Working of an Automated Tool

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  • Enter the valid credentials of Office 365 account in the tool


  • Navigate the Export format option to choose the desire file format

Export Method

  • Browse the destination location for your resultant file



  • Click on the Start backup button to start the process

Start Backup


Additional Features of the Tool

  • Permits the user to transfer contacts and calendars to ICS and VCF file format.
  • Preserve the original structure of the original file and folder throughout the process.
  • Allow the user to delete the data from the server by using the delete after downloading option.
  • Enables you to backup up your Office 365 Outlook.
  • Additionally permits the user to pause and resume the ongoing process.
  • Guide you to import Office 365 Outlook.

Manual steps to Backup Office 365 Email Locally

Follow the upcoming steps to backup Office 365 data using the manual method.

Step 1: Assign eDiscovery Permission to the member(s)

  • Browse the link – ‘’ on your browser
  • Log in your Office 365 administrator to start the Office 365 email backup process
  • Navigate the permissions section from the Office 365 Security & Compliance page
  • Then select the eDiscovery Manager
  • Hit the Edit role group option under the eDiscovery Manager
  • Navigate the eDiscovery Administrator and hit the Edit to add member under Edit role group
  • In Choose eDiscovery Administrator, hit the +Add button
  • Enter the initials of the member name in the search bar and choose it by checking its adjacent checkbox
  • Hit the Done button when you added the member

Step 2: Search & Hold Content Place on Hold

  • Hit the Open button in eDiscovery case
  • It redirects to a new tab where you need to click on the Holds tab
  • Click on +Create in the window
  • Create a new hold wizard, provide a meaningful hold name such as Test_hold and add a Description. Then click on Next
  • Under choose Locations where you need to put content on hold and hit the Next button
  • Fill the keywords for hold under the Query Conditions section
  • At the end review all your settings under the Review your settings tab and hit the create this hold

Step 3: Download the eDiscovery Export Tool & Backup Office 365 Emails in PST

  • Go to More>>Export results
  • Under the Export result windows, hit the Export button
  • Navigate the Exports tab to view the list
  • Tap on Download results to set up the eDiscovery PST Export Tool. From the same window copy the Export key. It will be used in further process
  • Hit the Install button to initiate the downloading process
  • Wait till it is downloaded, paste the key and choose the location where you need to backup your Office 365 mailbox to PST format
  • Hit the Start button to export the searched content into PST format
  • The tool initiates downloading the data
  • Wait till the process is completed, a new window appears on your screen and then hit the close button


Users are searching for how to backup Office 365 email locally for a long time but unable to find any solution so we provide you the best solution for the same. Here we discuss two methods i.e. the manual method and the automated solution. As you can see the manual method is very lengthy and complicated to understand so we advise you to opt for the automated solution also for export PST file from Office 365.