Export PST file in Outlook Office 365 – Ultimate Solution

Aldrich Calvin | Last Modified: August 31st, 2020 | Office 365

As we know that Microsoft does not provide any direct method to export PST in Outlook Office 365. But what if there were a situation in which you need to export PST file in Outlook Office 365. How will you export your PST file in Outlook Office 365?

So in this write-up, we will explain all the possible methods to export the PST file in Outlook Office 365. Read throughout the article to know the best ways for this conversion.

Method1# Export PST file in Outlook Office 365 using PowerShell 

You need to follow all the given steps for exporting PST file in Outlook Office 365:

Step 1- Authorize the Connection to MS Exchange Server using PowerShell

  • Run the below command in PowerShell to export PST from Office 365 online

$UserCredential = Get-Credential

Now, fill your Office 365 account credentials in your Windows PowerShell Credential Request dialog box. A pop-up window will appear on your screen enter your username.

  • Then, run the command given below to export PST file in Outlook Office 365:

$Session = New-PSSession –ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange-ConnectionUriHttps:// $UserCredential –Authenticate Basic -AllowRedirection

  • Now, run the next command

Import-PSSession $Session

Points to Remember

  • While running all the above process makes sure that you have entered the correct credentials in Step 1, otherwise you will not be allowed to proceed further.
  • You are only allowed to attempt three limited open remote PowerShell connections to the Exchange Online organization for preventing (DoS) attacks.
  • Ensure that your account is enabling remote PowerShell which is used for connecting to Exchange.
  • To Export PST file in Outlook Office 365 it must be open between Office 365 and the local machine.

Step 2- Permit the Rights to Mailbox for Export using PowerShell

Example: access to mailbox.

Step 3- Launch Outlook for New Account

Now you need to open your Outlook as and make sure that the mailbox appears in the mailbox list on the left side.

Step 4- Check the Configuration Settings

Your Outlook might be ready to configure for downloading all the mails but for a limited time. Navigate the File menu and move on the Info page, then click on Account Settings. Choose your account and hit the Change button. Ensure that the Cached Exchange Mode is enabled i.e. it is checked and the Mail keeps Offline is set to All.

Tip: Reopen your Outlook to update all the recent changes in the application and follow the further steps to export the PST file in Outlook Office 365 using PowerShell.

Step 5- Convert Mailbox to PST by Import/Export Wizard by the following Steps:

  • Use Import/Export wizard to export mailbox to PST file. Navigate the File menu, hit Open & Export and then select Import/Export Option
  • Choose Export to a file from the list of options and hit the Next button
  • Now select Outlook Data file (.pst) from the options and click on Next button
  • Select your mailbox from the list of mailbox folder and hit the Next button.

Note: Make sure that the “Include Subfolders” checkbox is checked.

  • Provide a new name for the file and storage location where you want to preserve your PST file
  • Choose ‘Do not export duplicate items’ or ‘Replace duplicates with items exported’. Then hit the Finish button to complete the process
  • Wait till the Outlook permits to specify the password for PST file, give an appropriate password or leave it blank if the policy enables you to proceed further
  • Wait till the Outlook stops displaying the progress of the procedure and grant controls

Step 6- Verify the Procedure is Accomplished or Not

For verifying the procedure is accomplished you need to check the size of the server and compare it to the exported PST size by following the given steps:

  • Choose Data file properties from the options by right-clicking on the mailbox in the right pane
  • Now, hit the Folder Size button in the General Tab
  • A Folder Size window will appear on your screen, Tap on the Server Data tab and notify the value from the Total Size
  • Verify the file properties of the PST file. Make sure that the size is comparable to the total size and the PST file can appear up to 10% larger in Size.

Step 7- After the Exporting Process Completes

When the process is completed, remove all the previous assigned permissions using PowerShell.

Step 8- Exit the PowerShell Session

You can close the PowerShell session after the permissions are removed by the following command:

 “Remove-PSSession $Session

Another Comprehensive Way to Export PST file in Outlook Office 365

As the above method is complicated and confusing the database administrator, it is better to use the automated solution for exporting PST file in Outlook Office 365 by using the following method:

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  • Fill the valid credentials of your Office 365 account to the software


  • Go to the PST Export format option to select the desired file format

PST File format

  • Locate the location of your resultant file


  • Hit the Start Backup button to initiate the process

Start Backup

Additional Features of the Tool

  • Allow the user to convert contacts and calendars to ICS and VCF file format.
  • Save the original structure of the file and folder during the conversion process.
  • Additionally, provide an option to delete the data from the server after downloading it.
  • One can also backup their Office 365 Outlook.
  • Permit you to Download Office 365 Calender to ICS file format.
  • Authenticate the user to pause and resume the running process.

Final Words

This article is for the users who are searching for export PST file in Outlook Office 365 Mac without any data loss. Here we explain both the possible ways to export PST from Office 365 in a trouble-free manner. The automated tool is designed in such a way that even non-technical guys can also able to use it. One can download the demo version of the tool at free of cost.