How to Add Page Numbers in PDF File With or Without Adobe Acrobat?

Anuraag Singh | Last Modified: February 16th, 2021 | PDF Updates

Having multiple Adobe PDF documents with a large number of pages? Unable to handle it properly? Want to arrange it in a simple and organized way? No need to worry! You have reached the right place. Here, we have explained how to add page numbers in PDF file.

There are multiple users who have this query because PDF file without bates number is incomplete. However, bates numbering or stamping in PDF document is the smartest way of inserting a unique identification number on all pages of PDF file.

After adding page number to PDF files, the management of PDF documents becomes easier. It is clear that inserting bates number is really beneficial so, now the most obvious question is how to add serial numbers to PDF file. There is a number of methods available that one can try to insert page numbers to PDF file.

But, going for the perfect solution for the same is always a difficult task. Therefore, to make the choice easier, some best possible ways of doing the same are discussed in this blog. But before it, let us know, how this will help to organize the PDF documents in a fair manner.

Advantages of Adding Page Numbers to PDF Documents

Similar to other documents, PDF files also need to be managed in an organized manner. Placing page numbers on a PDF document provides many advantages to it. They are listed below:

  • Bates stamping in PDF sorts the pages in it sequentially.
  • It will become easy for the reader to keep track of their reading a PDF file.
  • Searching for any specific information becomes easy with page numbers.

These are some advantages due to which the users like you to include numbers of every page in a PDF document. Now we move on to learn how a page number is placed in PDF files and various methods to perform this task

How to Insert Page Numbers to Multiple PDF Files With Adobe Acrobat?

Follow the stepwise instruction mentioned below to add page numbers in PDF file:

  1. To begin the process, open Adobe Acrobat and desired PDF file in it to add page numbers
  2. After that, navigate to Tools >> Pages option
  3. Then, go for Header and Footer option in the Pages section. Click Add header and footer option
  4. Now, click on the Font Name from the drop-down list and select the desired font name from the list
  5. After that, click on the Font Size from the drop-down menu and choose the font size for the bates numbering in PDF files
  6. Next, you need to check the proper location to add page number in the Header & Footer text box
  7. Then, click on the Insert page number button and Adobe Acrobat will add page numbers to the PDF
  8. A preview of all formatting is provided in the preview window. If you are sure about your formatting, click on the OK button

Limitation: It requires Adobe Acrobat installation (full version) on the local machine. In addition, it is unable to put page numbers in encrypted PDF files/ restricted PDF files without a password.

How to Add Page Numbers in PDF File Without Adobe Acrobat?

  • Using Microsoft Word

Note: Microsoft Word will add page numbers automatically in a header, footer, or side margin of each all page automatically as per your choice.

  • To go with this method, you need to first convert PDF to Word with help of some free online application any free online software
  • After converting PDF to Word, you need to open the desired file in Microsoft Word. After that, go to the Insert tab and click on the Page Number option
  • Then, you can select the desired style either it is top of Page, or Bottom of Page, or Page Margin menu, based on your need
  • When the adding page number task process completed successfully, the page number will appear displayed on each page of the file
  • Now, just you need to press Esc key and lock it

Limitations to Put Page Numbers in PDF File via MS Word

  1. One cannot add bates number directly in PDF file
  2. Chances of modification in formatting during PDF to Word conversion
  3. The method has various phases that make it, time-consuming.

The Flawless Way to Add Page Numbers in PDF File

If a user is looking for a solution without any flaws or limitations, then try SysTools PDF Bates Number once. It is one such application that lets users add bates numbering to PDF documents easily. For example, location, font, size, style of page numbers.

The application does not require any extra installation on the local machine for numbering pages in a PDF file. A user can install and run this tool on any Windows OS version.

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Steps to Add Page Numbers to PDF With Acrobat

Step 1: Run the application and click on Add File(s)/Add Folder(s) button.

option to generate bates number in PDF

Step 2: After adding PDF files you can provide the ‘Document open’ password if the file has user-level security. Restricted PDFs DON’T require owner passwords. With this, you can choose to print the output PDFs by selecting the ‘Print’ radio-button. You can change the destination path for saving output PDF documents by clicking on ‘Change’. If you don’t want any encryption in your output PDF files, you can choose ‘Remove Encryption From PDF File(s)’. Click on Next.

add PDF files for page numbering

Step 3: Here you can select the format for page number/ bates number for pages only (01, 02, 03, 04, 05,……so on) or for the combination of files-pages (01-01, 01-02, 01-03…..02-01, 02-02, 02-03…..). Click on Next.

Step 4: Here you can provide additional settings. Click on Next.

add page numbers to pdf

Step 4: Watch the preview along with the summary of the bates format settings. Then, click on ‘Generate’ if satisfied with the preview.

add page numbers to pdf


Whenever a large number of pages in PDF file are used by the user, he or she think of managing it in an efficient and systematic manner. Now, the best way of doing the same is to add page numbers in PDF files. To perform the same task in a proper way, the user can traverse the blog on “How to Add Page Numbers in PDF File?”

People Also Ask!!

How do I Add Page Numbers to a PDF in Acrobat?

Steps to Numbers Pages in Acrobat PDF
1. Run Adobe Acrobat DC and open the PDF file.
2. Go to Tools and click on Organize Pages option.
3. Click on More () option, select Bates Numbering, and click on Add option.
4. Click Add Files and Add Folders to insert PDF documents. Then, Click on the OK button.
5. Select a header or footer field & click on Insert Bates Number option.
6. Enter the Page Number details like Prefix, Suffix, Number of digits, etc.
7. Click on the OK button. Again Click the OK button to number pages in the PDF file.