How to Add Serial Numbers to PDF – Adobe Acrobat Document Cloud

Anuraag Singh | November 21st, 2018 | Office 365

As we know Portable Document Format helps a lot to save information in a secure way as a comparison to Work or another document file. Within PDF File we can apply different restriction such as Printing, Change the Document, Content Copying, Page Extraction, Commenting. The highlight, Signing, and Template Creation. Even we can apply different Password restriction, User level, and Owner level restriction

Also, a unique feature that helps knowns as “Bates Numbering” used to add serial numbers to PDF format. Since this feature helps the various organization to manage and indexing the pages in PDF format. This Sequencing of Document pages used for retrieval and identification easily.

With this sequencing features, we apply a unique number to one document or all the pages of the document. Not only we add a number with Adobe Tool, but we can also add Suffix and Prefix to add other meta-details to find document pages easily

How to Add Serial Numbers to PDF file?

In the below section, we discussed all the features in Acrobat Document File used in “Bates Numbering” steps wise so that according to scenarios, we can use the option included in Acrobat DC.

1. Open Adobe Acrobat Document Cloud Application and add the desired PDF File. Use “Organize Page” option to add serial numbers to PDF


2. Open “More option” to open “Bates Numbering” and select “Add Option”.

3. Now you can see all the option offered by Adobe DC while adding serial Number to pages such as::

a) Page Number, Date and Range options
b) Insert Bates number
c) Font Settings
d) Insert Date Bates

Numbering Features to Add Serial Numbers to PDF

In this features, the following option are available:

  • Number of Digits: Length of Number of Digits
  • Start Number: Starting Serial Number
  • Prefix: ADD Text or Number Before Serial Number
  • Suffix: ADD Text or Number After Serial Number

we can add, how Page number displayed in the document pages,

Appearance Option

With this option, you can change Position of the Serial Number within the PDF File. Different options such as:
“Left Header Text”, “Center Header Text”, “Right Header Text” to add Serial Number in Left, Right and Center Position of the Desired Pages.

Insert Date with Serial Number

Yes, you can also add “Date” Section with Sequence Number, You can use Date Convention Option to also change “Date Format”

Different Naming Convention Features available in Page Number and Date Format, according to the desired format, select the Desired Format.

While adding serial numbers to PDF File format, other options such as Page Number Format and Start Page Number available so that Bates numbering formats applies easily to find while searching pages.

Additional Features in Adobe Acrobat Document Cloud

After adding serial numbers to PDF using Bates Numbering features of Adobe DC, you can Save Space to using the appearance Options offers options such as “Shrink Document to avoid overwriting text and graphics” and “constant positions while printing

Different Documentation required different file formats and fonts setting according to work and also Page layout also important during documentation so we can use “Margin Setting” to change it.

Not only the Bates numbering features but also various Options are available for the user while working with PDF File format within Adobe Acrobat Document Cloud such in below image

In the above sections, we use Adobe Acrobat DC Software to add a serial number in PDF and other features. but in a various situation when Adobe DC is not available and if some restriction applied on the PDF File, then we can use “PDF Unlocker” software to remove printing / Copying / Editing / Extracting text and Owner Level Password Security. Even we can remove Signature restrictions with complete supports on 128 / 256 bit encrypted PDF File.


Bates numbering on PDF file plays an important role while inserting serial number PDF file and searching, retrieving information in secured Portable Document file used all over the world in Legal, Finance and Banking sectors. In the above section, we discussed all the features helps you out while working with Bates numbering to add serial numbers to PDF file