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Yandex Mail to Outlook – In-Depth Explanation of Techniques

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For moving Yandex mail to Outlook, there are not a lot of methods to apply and access the emails in Outlook. Yandex, as you all know, is the largest search engine in Russia and is highly used by people all over the world.

A number of products are developed by it one of which is Yandex mail. Many users have their account on Yandex & have been using it for long.

The data is stored on the cloud, like other webmail services like Gmail, Microsoft 365, etc.

Nowadays, the query “add Yandex to Outlook” has been the latest talk among users. Even though Yandex is a great company and provides amazing email services, data stored on cloud is never safe.

Outlook, on the other hand, is the most preferred email client to store a backup of a user’s data. The data can be stored in an Outlook data file which can later be accessed in Outlook.

But what are the ways export the data? Well, that’s what we are here for. Let’s get going to the methods for the same!

Useful Solutions for Exporting Yandex Mail to Outlook

After researching, we found out that there is only one manual method which can be applied for the transfer but it requires technical expertise and some time.

This method uses configuration steps after which the data can be synced and accessed in Outlook desktop app.

However, if you are not inclined towards any sort of technicality, don’t worry.

To make the procedure easier for you, we will be discussing a solution that the experts have recommended & is the easiest of all to understand.

Manual Method to Add Yandex to Outlook Via Configuration

For configuration, follow the given steps:

1. Launch MS Outlook and click on the File

2. Go to the Info option and hit Account Settings Click on the Add Account option.


3. Choose the New button and press Select Email Account from the E-mail tab and hit Next.

4. Mark the Manually configure server settings or select additional server types option and press Next.

5. In the window that appears, you have to choose the POP or IMAP option and click on the Next button to move Yandex Mail to Outlook.

6. Enter the details asked in the POP and IMAP settings like your name and email address.

7. Choose the Account type as POP or IMAP.

8. In the Incoming mail server, enter pop.yandex.com or imap.yandex.com and type smtp.yandex.com in the Outgoing mail server.

9. Now, enter the user name and the password for your account.

10. Navigate to the More Settings tab and click on the Ongoing server Here, mark the My outgoing server requires authentication and Use same settings as my incoming mail server options.

11. To add Yandex to Outlook, choose the Advanced tab and fill in the Incoming server POP3 as 110 and IMAP as 143. Select the Outgoing server as standard: 25.

12. After that, hit the Next button and test the configuration by sending one email. When successful, click on the Finish button to complete the configuration.

Note: These steps will take up some time to complete but the time taken for synchronization is not guaranteed. Also, one wrong step can lead to errors which causes data loss or users may have to perform the entire operation again.

Transferring Yandex Mail to Outlook Using Expert’s Recommendation

Experts recommend using the IMAP Backup Tool which is a highly advanced software yet, has a simple user-interface which is easy enough to understand even by the non-tech users.

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Before moving to the steps, let’s first understand why this tool is a better option at moving data files. Below listed points explain how this tool is beneficial:

  • The software provides export options like PST, EML. HTML, PDF, MBOX, EMLX, MSG, etc.
  • You can delete the data after exporting it via Delete after Download option
  • Add Yandex to Outlook by exporting emails in bulk or selectively applying Date-filter
  • Use the Naming Convention options such as Subject, Subject + Date etc. to rename files
  • Folder structure is maintained during and after the transfer procedure
  • Use the Split PST Option to split large PST files in smaller parts
  • It is also possible to create a single Outlook data file after exporting it locally

How to Use the Tool for Exporting Emails?

1. Install the software and choose Yandex mail from the given list to move Yandex mail to Outlook. Enter the credentials for your account.

ldif file

2. Click on the PST option as your export type and click on the Advance Settings to use the features given.

select PST

3. In the PST Settings, change the Split PST After sizes as per GB or MB to divide the large files. Go to the Date-Filter section and set the dates for selecting the required time period. Hit Save.


4. Mark the Maintain Folder Hierarchy & Delete after Download Hit Change to pick a destination.


5. Tap on Start Backup to complete the procedure.


After saving the data locally, you can use Outlook’s Import/Export Wizard to import these emails into Outlook application.


For those who want to move Yandex mail to Outlook, this article gives all the details for the same. The methods explained here are successful and can be used for bulk transfer as well.

Manually, however, you will be required to have a certain level of technical expertise without which the procedure can be confusing to perform. Which is why the software is explained for a quick and painless operation.