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Know How to Extract & View Contacts from .bbb File

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Published On April 21st, 2022
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Nowadays, Smartphones have become a lifeline as it enables users to connect to business associates, family members, and clients. Along with this, Blackberry has always been considered a Business phone. With an increasing contacts list, you need to know the best way to open and view all information on your blackberry phone. In the following section, we will describe a proficient way to let users understand how to view contacts in the .bbb file. Before proceeding with this, first, you need to know what is BBB file format, how you can open that .bbb file.

Description of BBB File Format

BBB is a file extension of the backup file that has been created by the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. However, it is used to save all data including contacts, calendars, applications, etc., from the device. With the help of a Blackberry smartphone, users can easily sync, backup, and restore settings to preserve the data. Basically, the .bbb files are a mixture of different DAT files with a mapping solution to examine the file content indexing. In simple terms, the .bbb format file can be used by the Mac OS X edition of Desktop software. Moreover, it was a compressed version of the IPD format and also applicable for both Windows as well as Mac Operating systems.

Steps to View Contacts in .bbb File

If an accident encounter and your BlackBerry’s address book gets rid of from home or office, in that case, you can repair them with the help of the BlackBerry sync program and your desktop. But if you are going out from business or simply away from the desktop that the data is hosted on, a quick online solution is necessary.

  1. First of all, navigate to Gmail from your Web browser.
  2. Then, Register the account with Gmail and create a Google account.
  3. Check the Google account with an existing email address that you have provided during Gmail registration. An email with the confirmation link will have been sent to that email address.
  4. Now, you have to open the BlackBerry browser on the BlackBerry device.
  5. After this, click on the following link “Go to “m.google.com/sync”.
  6. Choose the “Download” option and get a prompt message to download the Google Sync app to your BlackBerry.
  7. Choose the “Run” option when the installation has finished launching the Google Sync.
  8. Navigate to “Sync Contacts” and click on the BlackBerry icon followed by the “Save” option.
  9. Finally, go to the BlackBerry button and select the option “Sync Now.” It will sync all contacts to the Gmail account. Whenever you want to access the contacts online, simply sync the contacts once again.

Tip: If you have already the Gmail profile, you do not need to register a new one and simply use the existing account. This will add any contact list in your Gmail to your smartphone.

Remember: If you have not synced your contacts with your Gmail account, you are unable to access them online and you have to sync manually using BlackBerry’s desktop sync software.

Hit & Trial Method to Open BBB file to View Contacts

  • Synchronized with MS Outlook and Outlook to vCard. But at a time, a single contact can sync.
  • Synchronized with Google and Google contacts to VCF file at a time.

Challenges Associated With Manual Method

The above-stated solution is very time-consuming and thus prone to failure. Moreover, these methods are not applicable in some situations. Henceforth, you can use an automated solution that helps to open and view all contacts in the Blackberry backup file along with different images.

Proficient Solution to Open & View Contacts in .bbb File

VCF File Viewer is a robust solution that can easily open BBB file contacts along with the images. In addition, it supports single as well as multiple .vcf files to open and view. It offers a search feature to sort all the VCF files according to users’ requirements like in alphabetical order, date, size and so on. It is capable enough to read the contact file and open it without installing any other environment. Additionally, it is incorporated with a simple and easy-to-use interface that makes it different across all types of applications.

The Bottom Line

In the above discussion, we have discussed various ways to open and view contacts in the .bbb file. Else, we have mentioned a third party tool i.e., the vCard viewer tool that helps to view single or multiple VCF data files without any data loss.